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Did I Get the Job? How you Ask if they have made a Decision yet

Have you submitted your resume for a position and haven't heard back yet? Or did you already interview and are simply waiting on a call back? Waiting on a potential employer to call you back can be nerve-racking. You may just want to pick up the phone and ask them, "Did I get the job?" This article will help you make that awkward call or write that email to determine whether or not they have made a decision.

Waiting for a call is never fun.

Waiting for a call is never fun.

You Submitted Your Resume...Now What?

If you recently submitted an application or your resume to a potential employer, you are probably wondering when you will hear back from them. With today's job market, you may not hear back on an application for weeks, but do not fret. You probably submitted your application online or through email. If you responded to a job post online, you should first check whether or not that posting is still online. If it is, it is possible that the employer is still receiving applications and has not made a decision yet.

If it has been two weeks since you submitted your resume and you feel like you are qualified for the position, you can contact the employer via phone or email to check on the status of your application. A common way to ask this difficult question is by saying, "Hello. My name is ______ ________. I recently applied to _________ position at your company and am wondering what the status of my application is." Make sure to state your first and last name as well as the complete position title in order to be specific. They will probably tell you what stage of the application process they are in (i.e. still accepting applications, selecting applicants, interviewing, etc.). Once they let you know the process, it is polite to thank them and say when you will be available for an interview.

If you sent your inquiry through email, you may respond by attaching supplemental documents like your references, cover letter or recommendation letter. Attaching these documents may help you in your job search by showing potential employers that you care about this position and are not applying to every position available online.


You Already Interviewed

If you were called in for an interview at a company, they probably gave you an estimated date of when they will contact you about the position. You may have not gotten this information, in which case, you should wait at least a week and a half before attempting to contact them about your application.

If you interviewed and were told they would call you on a specific date, but your phone never rang, you may want to contact them. Calling is somewhat better than sending an email in this case, because it takes up less of your potential employer's time. When you call, state your name and say, "I interviewed for the ________ position and was wondering if you have made a decision yet." They will usually give you an update on their schedule and often tell you when you will hear back. Remember to thank them and stay professional as you wish them well and wait for their call in the future.

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Brittany Kennedy (author) from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on November 15, 2011:

Thank you, Derdrie! Hopefully it comes in handy to someone waiting for that important call.

Derdriu on November 10, 2011:

BrittanyTodd: This is helpful, practical, useful information which is clear, concise and convenient. It is important not to get emotional about job hunting, and setting up routines based on tips such as these helps control the emotions by focusing on the professional way to seek and get a job.

Thank you, etc.!


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