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Delcampe auctions: an Ebay alternative


Delcampe auctions: an Ebay alternative for collectibles

Delcampe is a european auction site similar to Ebay. Delcampe is an amazing alternative to Ebay if you buy or sell stamps, coins, paper money, postcards and various collectibles. Delcampe charge no basic listing fees and much lower final value fees on completed sales. Delcampe is not one of those so called Ebay alternative site that bites the dust within a year or so. They have been around since more than 10 years.

Intro photo: Vintage cigarette cards from my collection

Delcampe fees

Fees on Delcampe are cheaper than Ebay fees

On Delcampe there is no registration fees, no buying fees and no basic listing fees.

If you sell an item, Delcampe will charge you the following FVF (Final Value Fee):

Under 750.00 USD/month 5.50% of the monthly sales amount

750.00 USD - 1499.99 USD/month 5.00% x (sales amount - 750 USD) + 41.25 USD

1500.00 USD - 7499.99 USD/month 4.50% x (sales amount - 1500 USD) + 78.75 USD

7500.00 USD - 14999.99 USD/month 3.00% x (sales amount - 7400 USD) + 348.75 USD

15000.00 USD and beyond/month 2.00% x (sales amount - 15000 USD) + 573.75 USD

For a small fee you can add many options to your listings: Last-minute extension, Anonymous sale, Reserve price Sub-title, Bold title, Color border, Color background, Your item on top of a list of items, Your item on top of lists of categories,Your item on the homepage.

For all the details on fees see Delcampe Help section

Main Delcampe collectibles categories

Old photos, postcards, stamps, coins and banknotes, vintage collectibles, beer coasters, blotters, antiquarian books, comic books, vintage prints, magazines, memorabilia, vintage linen... you will find everything for your collections on Delcampe!

Thumbnail image: Beer coasters by Fanfreluche

  • Books,comics and magazines
    Books,comics and magazines for sale on Delcampe
  • Coins and banknotes
    Coins, banknotes, notgeld, tokens for sale on Delcampe
  • Old papers
    Autographs, blotters, chromos, manuscripts, bookplates, vintage calendars, advertising, historical documents and more for sale on Delcampe
  • Other collections
    Photography, art and antiquities, jewels, games and toys for sale on Delcampe
  • Phonecards
    Phonecards for sale on Delcampe
  • Pins
    Disney pins, Olympics pins, vintage pins and more on Delcampe
  • Postcards
    Postcards for sale on delcampe
  • Stamps
    Stamps, FDC, maxicards,proofs for sale on Delcampe

Positive points about buying and selling on Delcampe

  1. No insertion fees
  2. lower FVF than Ebay
  3. Access to the huge European market: many European avoid Ebay, but love Delcampe. So you get a nice chunk of new buyers and sellers
  4. More than 21 000 000 lots available: most of them in the small collectibles such as stamps, postcards, coins, banknotes etc.
  5. Find collectibles not often seen on the North American market: really, you will find something!

Negative points about buying or selling on Delcampe auctions

  1. No RSS feed available to promote your items over the web. This is a huge problem. Delcampe still expect you to use Iframe and only offer this option.
  2. No way to weed out sellers that don't accept online payment such as paypal or moneybookers. Even in advance search you cannot choose "show only sellers accepting paypal". So you waste time looking at items that you won't buy because the seller don't take the form of payment you want to use.
  3. Sellers charging extra fees when you pay via PayPal: this is a rampant on Delcampe, mostly when dealing with European sellers, particularly in France. It could be annoying because it is not always up front (see next point)
  4. Sellers Terms and conditions are not visible on the main page: you need to click tabs to read all informations. I feel this is not the best for both buyers and sellers.
  5. No way to block sellers who don't ship to your country. Not even in advance search.
Romanichels sur la route d'Octeville

Romanichels sur la route d'Octeville

Delcampe contest

Delcampe runs a lot of contests with many cool prizes. In their newest contest you can win this rare postcard depicting Gypsies:

"Romanichels sur la route d'Octeville"

Enter the latest Delcampe contest here, or check for the past winners

Delcampe auctions 10th anniversary party

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Questions about Delcampe

Glad you dropped by! Have you ever visited Delcampe? Are you a Delcamper?

Rose Jones on August 01, 2013:

@Gypzeerose: Update - I also listed your site as related on my new lens: my eBay business. Pinned to my ebay, etc. board.

Rose Jones on November 25, 2012:

Interesting, indeed. Pinned to my "cool ways to make money board."

sherioz on April 11, 2012:

The cons seem to outweigh the plusses on Delcamper. Even though it is appealing to be able to work through Europe rather than the USA. I think I'll wait awhile before I go online to try to deal some of the stuff I've collected over the years.

John Dyhouse from UK on April 01, 2012:

Always happy to find new alternatives to Ebay, will look into this site - thanks

CruiseReady from East Central Florida on December 28, 2011:

Thank you for highlighting this alternative to eBay... I often see comments and questions from people looking for another auction site. Now I know where to send them for certain collectors items!

Pat Moire from West Village, New York City on November 22, 2011:

I will try Delcampe for buyig and selling. Thanks.

Paul from Liverpool, England on November 19, 2011:

Especially useful given eBay's drop in favour: Angel Blessed

chiakisato on November 18, 2011:

Very interesting to me !Thank you for sharing!

letsgoduke on June 14, 2011:

Wow, never heard of this, definitely will check it out. Cool lens, thanks!

robinrags on June 13, 2011:

Great lens ... thanks!

Paul from Liverpool, England on March 31, 2011:

Delcampe is a new one on me - well described

Blackspaniel1 on March 06, 2011:

I was unaware of this. I did find a nice Australian site that is similar to eBay.

LillyQueen on March 06, 2011:

Thanks for posting this, im going to check it out more.

Bus Stop Toy Shop on March 03, 2011:

I hadn't come across Delcampe before, but it looks really interesting. I'm going to check it out a bit more when I get the chance.

anonymous on July 31, 2010:

I have found that Delcampe is so much better than eBay for finding & buying the stamps & other philatelic items I want. It's not very often that I can't find what I'm after, someone will have it up for sale on Delcampe for sure. By the way I just published a new philatelic lens, it features many stamps I've bought off Delcampe. You can find it here Football Philately - Football Stamps from around the World

anonymous on July 10, 2010:

Delcampe ?! Simply - the Be s t !!!!!

anonymous on September 05, 2009:

Seems you aren't alone in rating Delcampe as a good alternative to eBay for stamp collectors:

Delcampe Tempts British Stamp Collectors Away From eBay

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