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Digital Products to Monetize an Site

My name is Faiz Karim. I love writing. I wanted to find a platform where I could share my information with people and fulfill my desire.


Sell Your Digital Products

You've created a blog or a website (see the differences between the two). You want to monetize these with digital products, and then I present to you the best products to sell on your site.

First, I will explain the reasons that should push you to create digital products to sell them later. I will then show you how to come up with the idea and then some interesting examples of how to make money with your products.

Article Summary:

  1. Why create digital products?
  2. Find an idea to create digital products
  3. Examples of digital products for sale

a. Create training

b. Sell an eBook

c. Create a premium member area

d. Create blocked content

e. Applications, plugins, and themes

f. Sell your website

4. Sell Your Digital Products

Why Create Digital Products?

For me, there are two main reasons for creating digital products. You own your product (you don't depend on anyone) and you have control over your profitability.

To create a digital product is to own a product that can sell forever. We create it once, and it can sell for as long as it is relevant. The ideal is therefore to create digital products that are sustainable, that does not go out of date.

The big advantage is that you own your digital products. So you can manage your bottom line. If we compare it to the classic pattern of trading a physical product, you have to buy the raw material, assemble the product, store it, ship it ... There are a lot of phases that destroy the margin.

A digital product usually does not have this constraint, once it is created, we store it on a server and we can sell it endlessly without any additional costs. The investment can be at the beginning, and then you get your investment back by selling it. This is THE best way to make a site profitable and create passive income on the internet.

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Find An Idea To Create Digital Products

You certainly have an area of ​​expertise that can turn into digital products. Let me give you a simple example, you are a golfer and you have a good level, why not create training available for everyone so that others can learn to play. Training of this type is very interesting because it will still be valid in five years.

How to find an idea for digital products? There is only one thing that matters: finding a need, forgetting everything else. When you find a need, by creating digital products that meet it you are sure to sell it. The second point is the demand, is it important, competitive, and sustainable.

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I invite you to consult my article to find an idea for a website; you can adapt the techniques to find ideas for digital products. To check the volume of demand and competition, use Google Keyword Planner or Ubbersuggest. To check if the demand is stable over time, if it decreases/increases or if it is seasonal, you can use Google Trends.

Examples Of Digital Products For Sale

Below, I present several ideas for creating digital products to sell on your blog/website. There are others, I took the most common ones that will bring you good profitability.

Create Training

Definitely the most interesting digital products for sale. Indeed, the prices can be very important (more than 1000 $). You just have to create your training once and create the content around it to make it known.

If the subject is sustainable over time, like golf, you get passive and regular income. Once it is created, all you have to do is upload it to dedicated sites and promote it.

Sell An Ebook

A digital product regularly put forward. Almost all blogs/websites that want to do web marketing offer an eBook. Usually, the goal is to acquire emails for their newsletter list (see the best tools for creating a newsletter).

But there are also many eBooks that are sold. The most famous store is undoubtedly that of Amazon (Kindle). But you can sell your eBook directly on your website. Just see the number of topics that are accessible.

The advantage is that you don't have to show yourself off, you can keep it short and fast, you can even delegate your writing entirely with web editors. Once it's set up, you just have to promote it. Also, updating an eBook is very easy, because it is writing. I will let you consult the article to create a digital book.

Create A Premium Member Area

Your digital products in this case are your premium content, your top quality. This is only accessible to premium members. It is therefore a subscription that is paid periodically by your visitors (week, month, quarter, year, etc.).

It is therefore a regular income that comes in, it is a format that is highly sought after in order to stabilize turnover, to have a medium / long term vision. Since it is periodic, you know how much income you will have in that period of time. Then calculate the change in the number of customers.

This is a business model used by news sites, you must have noticed it leaves access to the top of their best articles and then asks you to subscribe to read more.

Create Blocked Content

This method may be similar to the previous one in mind, but it is not a subscription. This is a spontaneous release. For example, the magic recipe to sell your product for sure. You will whet the curiosity of your readers. On your blog/website, you can expose this famous method.

The goal is therefore to create your article like a puzzle and the centerpiece is the content that is blocked. To unblock it, the visitor must therefore pay for this release to obtain the information. The latter must be of real quality and bring real added value to the item and to the customer.

Applications, Plugins, And Themes

If you know a bit about programming, you can create both downloadable and paid items. Just look at the success of smartphone apps, website themes, or plugins/scripts.

The main problem you will encounter is that you have to regularly update your creations to keep them up to date. You can delegate the creation to programmers, but then you will need to have a solid budget.

Sell Your Website

This is a solution that should not be underestimated. Site creators have specialized in this theme. Let me give you an example, we can create an online store and develop its notoriety, we launch the machine in a way. However the subject does not interest us at all, but there was room on the market.

Once the site is up and running and the numbers spinning, you sell it. He will easily find a buyer because we sell a turnkey store where everything is already in place, supplier, customer, reputation, seniority ... Very often, it is the drop shipping method that is used. Depending on the results, the prices may be high. It's like looking for a buyer for a business.

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Sell Your Digital Products

Now you have to sell your digital products. This deserves a full article, so I present to you the classic strategy for making your first sales.

The basis of all is content creation. Creating a niche site around the theme of your digital products is a great way to attract traffic. Creating a persona will allow you to find the target customer for your digital products, and therefore create the content that will attract them.

Once you have attracted your visitors, you will have to highlight your products on your site and find the right arguments to sell them. In particular, you will need to write a landing page (a sales page).

Above all, you will need to determine the price of your digital products; indeed, it is relatively complicated to determine these, because the products are not physical. But it is important not to sell off your work. I advise you to use the psychological price method which allows you to find the ideal price that your visitors will be willing to pay.

The greater the need that is being met, the higher the price can be. For example, if you make your potential buyer earn $ 1,000 very quickly, they can easily spend $ 200, which is only 20% of the price. Some sectors have no value, such as health, so the psychological price calculation is very interesting.

You will also use studying the statistics of your pages to determine the right formula, for example, conversion rate by price, also use A / B testing to find the best formula to improve sales of your digital products.

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