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Crowdfund Buzz Reviews Business Banking

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Business Banking is Sometimes Boring but Always Essential


What Crowdfunding Taught Me About Commercial Banking

Crowdfunding is becoming the quintessential form of startup funding by providing the capital a new business needs to reach its full potential. That's because crowdfunding has proven itself a legitimate method for companies to raise significant amounts of capital. It is easier and less expensive than virtually any other method. It is available to millions of companies and determine the fate or fortune of a company rather quickly. So when Crowdfund Buzz reviews business banking it is best to sit up and pay attention.

Directly tied to this exciting (and perhaps unnerving) reality is the necessity to watch cash flow with the unswerving attention of a hawk. Reward crowdfunding is rife with spectacular startup failures that all came down to negative cash flow. The Coolest Cooler is perhaps the best example of this while the runner-up prize goes to The Pebble Watch. Pebble is a case study on achieving so much and getting so far only to drive the company into the ground because of a lack of attention to the bottom line.

This is where most commercial banks come up short putting the business at a front-line disadvantage when it comes to finances. This article - Crowdfund Buzz reviews business banking - was not written casually and the subject matter not taken lightly.

Mirror, mirror on the wall which is the fairest bank of them all?

"Crowdfund Buzz reviews business banks" would not be a complete article if we didn't cover bank fees. Banks are addicted to fees for the fast, easy income they generate. The fee structures of most commercial bank accounts are largely the same; minimum balance of thousands of dollars to avoid monthly fees, punishing NSF fees and sometimes steep wire transfer fees just to name a few. There is one bank that stands out for lower fees overall and no minimum balance requirements. Keep reading to find out who it is.

We've worked with lots of banks over the years including the giants such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, US Bank, etc. as well as local and regional banks such as Kearney Bank, Investors Bank, Keystone and others. The little guys give you far superior service in the branch or over the phone. This is very nice but of little value to the entrepreneur who's always in the thick of things and needs rapid results to any given activity, banking included.

Conversely, the titans in the banking world mean well and provide adequate in-branch/on-phone service but lean very heavily on their online presence and their investments in tech do a lot of the heavy lifting. Online banking with a little bank is often painful if you're already spoiled by the powerful features you get from a big bank.

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One thing all of these banks have in common is a lack of essential at-a-glance tools businesses need to gain an instant grasp of overall business health.

Then Novo Bank came on the scene and changed everything, Novo is a bank built from the ground up to cater to entrepreneurs and startups although anyone in the SMB space will love all the unique features such as:

* Built-in invoicing and payments

* At-a-glance monthly inflows and outflows easily switching to QTD, YTD and other views.

* Tight integration with many popular platforms like QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Paychex, Zapier, Slack, Stripe, Square and many others.

Spoiler alert: Novo is the business bank with very fair fees or no fees at all.

When Crowdfund Buzz reviews business banking you can be confident in our findings.

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