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Creating that Once-in-a-Lifetime Video Resume

Video resume helps to market your portfolio to prospective employers.

Video resume helps to market your portfolio to prospective employers.

Video resume? What is it?

For all those who are not conversant with the concept of video resume—it is an impactful form of resume which brings a job application to life. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for job seekers to break the shackles and move toward reaching the peak of their career. Having said that, if you fail to use the right method to create a video resume, it may unfortunately present you as a laughing stock. So beware!

How is it a boon for you?

A properly crafted video resume is your passport to the most prominent job opportunities out there. In today's cut-throat job competition, you can be easily vexed and challenged to get your foot in the door. But with a video resume, winning a job interview could be as easy as pie. The modern, innovative resume format is the need of the time where most companies are conducting online interviews and job seekers are focusing on digital ways to impress recruiters. It is also a good way to stand out in a crowded competition.

An American product marketer and digital strategist once created a video resume to apply for a job opening at Google. The visual resume had fetched him an interview at the world's biggest search engine, but unfortunately not the job. However, what the video resume did for him was just phenomenal. Efforts never go waste, they say. He had picked up some 400,000 unique visits to his website at the time and landed around 80 job interviews from leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Besides, he was successful in attracting global media attention, much to the benefit of his career growth.

Wasn't that exciting? Of course, it was!

In this digital world, a video profile could be a great addition to any employment seeker's toolkit. It is a strategic way to put your best foot forward when applying for your dream job. Furthermore, it blesses you with a fine platform to display your personality and market your skills, which cannot be conveyed as impressively through a print resume or cover letter.

Wireless lavalier microphone is a great option for on-the-go video recording.

Wireless lavalier microphone is a great option for on-the-go video recording.

How should I gear up?

Clamp light, microphone, and camera—these are the three necessary gadgets that you need to be ready with before you shoot your video resume.

Microphone: It is indispensable to use the right type of microphone that can produce clear audio recording to go a long way in the process. A condenser microphone is good for smartphones while lavalier and shotgun microphones are excellent buys for DSLRs or camcorders.

Clamp light: It is very important to have your face nicely lit up and the room highlighted to make a convincing impact on the recruiter through your video profile. One or two clamp lights with incandescent bulb could do the job for you. In order to soften the light, you can use a white curtain for diffusion. If you have a slightly higher budget, you could use an LED light controller or a ring light to up the game.

Camera: If you want to put up a real hard-hitting and imposing video resume for web recruiters, you must use a quality digital HD camera. A DigiBeta camera won't help you to attract many eyes. Consider using a DV camcorder or an HDV camera instead.

Free or affordable video resume editing software or apps may come in handy.

Free or affordable video resume editing software or apps may come in handy.

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How do I make one?

These are some of the must-read tips you need to produce a video resume that gets results. They could help you to create curiosity in the recruiter to find out more about you.

Taking the first step: Recruiters of top companies have confessed that video resumes of up to a minute have super impressed them. So make your best, trimmed down script that fits itself well in those two valuable minutes worth gold dust. Pick up a good outfit, preferably with light colors, to wear a formal look. Study the type of audience you would address and jot down the highlights of your profile.

Differentiating from the traditional pattern: How would you benefit if your video resume gives out the same details in the same way as your traditional print resume gives? Don't just verbalize the content on paper; keep in mind that you will be attaching your print resume to the job application anyway. Talk out the real crux of your portfolio by presenting your job-relevant skill sets and experiences in the video resume. You can also talk about your passions and special interests that relate to the applied job profile.

Getting the technicalities right: Make sure that you have a plain, soothing background (not necessarily white) so that the camera focuses well on you. Take notice of the sunlight (if shooting during the day), additive lighting (if any), unwanted shadows, and poor light as these might affect the functionality of your camera lens and eventually the video quality.

Allow sufficient headroom for the top section of the frame and change shots from full length to medium close-up (side angles also add good effects) wherever possible. Sound confident, stay relaxed, and offer a nice standing posture in front of the camera. Remember, good video editing will make a difference.

Got it? That's great!

The best thing about video resume is that you can refine and remake it a thousand times until you have perfected it to give an eye-popping, eye-catching experience to your potential employer. Guess you are all prepared to hit the record button. Happy recording!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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