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Cosmic Sand Gypsy

Cosmic Sand Gypsy


Cosmic Sand Gypsy

The Arts is the most expressive form of communication that humans understand. The shading and colors of a picture, the moving lines in the body of a dancer, or the fluid harmonies of a song reach a depth that simple conversation never can. A piece of art creates a reason and the most persuasive tool of mankind since arts and culture began 30,000 years ago. Different countries languages that use words, do not express as well as visual image dose in of one’s culture.

One of my own studies is 85% of the people I met do not like their job for most waking hours of their lives. The most common thread to being great in any field or area, is investing 10,000 hours. I'm lucky to send 80,000 hours invested in the art and entertainment and love it. The downside of an artist, it is the lowest paid field in the nation and chances of making it, is that of a freshly hatched sea turtle. This doses not frighten my daughter one bit from becoming an artist, her art work is beyond mine, when I was her age.

I let my website pass away and now doing a re construction of a new one for sand painting and my eco village in Belize. Redesign my life after traveling the world many time over, it time to settle for myself and daughter sake. One of my natural talents is hiring people smarter than myself. One of my dreams on the dream list is make film documentaries.


In the end, all the sculpture, championship, films, museums and all the healthy self-expressive life, dose not compare to loving what you do in any field? Its called hard play for me as an artist for, the success part came from the desire, attitude, focus and natural talent, talent being the least important of the four. Every thing major produced in my life was all imagined, first. Like reaching for the stars from the unlimited spiritual unknown and what ever I can come down to earth, then achieved it. Your based knowledge is the known within your ego self conscious.


Artist out there, lets share some thoughts.


Castlepaloma (author) from Blue rocks Nova Scotia , Canada on November 27, 2010:

Thank you,

your kind.

pennyofheaven from New Zealand on November 27, 2010:

Your title captured my attention and I like your hub immensely. Thanks!

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