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Do These 3 things Before Blogging

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A blog is an online journal. You just do not keep the information to yourself like you do when you write one. I made this mistake when I started blogging here. In the last issue, I discussed what is needed before you start. Sadly, those same steps I skipped over. I did not consider my own advice. So I just started over. I found my niche and deleted a lot of the things I wrote about for my pleasure. I analyzed the audience for my niche, and I decided I wanted to do it both for both the money and the passion.

When you have a mind to start a blog, you made a significant step. It is especially useful when you have an online shop or anything similar. You want to promote your website. Now, when it comes to starting a blog, the first thing I will like to talk about is Confidence. I remember when I first started. I was shy, but when I kept doing it, my confidence continued growing. Now, I do it efficiently.

Another I want to discuss briefly is performance. You use this to help be sure that your business performs well. Nowadays, that is pretty easy with these phones. I built a site through Wix. I downloaded the app to my phone and was blogging from my phone. Google has little bots that crawl websites to see if they are updated. So you want a blog to be sure that your site performs well.

Let's say that you want to go beyond your site. You have gained the respect of many CEOs that see how well you are doing for your business. You know what it is, you have it in the right order, and you make sure people could read it. They will figure that you specialize in blogging and that your business is running smoothly. As a response, they offer you a job. In this article, I will reveal the essential things you must do before putting it into action. You must find a niche, analyze your audience, and decide if you want to monetize it or just do it because you love it.


Find Your Niche

Great!!!!!! You have the idea to start a blog. Now lets put it into action, find a niche to support it. Doing this helps you and it helps others. You could gain more followers when your blog becomes known for a certain thing. Personally, I am always doing it. I go on different blogging sites to see the platforms. The best one I have seen is Facebook. Yes, I consider Facebook a blogging site. More people blog there than anything.

That's where I and many more practice. Facebook has been around for sometime but blogging is everywhere. Facebook just expanded to more than just a blogging site. Years ago it was never this easy. History has proven that technology's evolution made it this way. People blog from their phone. Sometimes they schedule updates instead of sitting at a computer. What's important when it comes to a niche is keeping it simple. Find a niche first before anything.

Analyze Your Audience

Now that you have a niche analyze the audience that will be interested in it. This rule applies to all writers. Be thorough in how you should target. First, learn their language. If you are writing or giving a speech, be sure that they understand you. For example, a speaker is sure to have the correct body language when he gives a speech. You want to please those you are talking to as well as yourself.

Doing this takes a lot of research. You could get all of the information that you need on websites. Do frequent brainstorming. When I blog, I am sometimes up late nights doing it. If I am not in front of a computer, I use my phone. Everything that you need to have a successful blog is right there, and it has been there. Sad that many in this world have not used it right.

Living or Just a Hobby?

When I was faced to make this decision it wasn't easy. I wanted the money but did not want that to be in the drivers seat. I wanted my passion to be in it. I had to learn to balance the two as I made the decision to monetize my blog. Instead of passion,make it a job. It is proven that bloggers generate much money. When you decide this make sure that you are realistic about it. Blogging does bring you much profit but you have to work your way to it.

In doing this understand these. If the blog site is free that’s good but they have rules. If you violate, you’re deleted.Secondly, create a website that helps your blog shine. On it, youd generate money. So you want to be perfecting it. You attract more and they will entice owners to put on it.


Now that you have it all figured out, set it up. Setting one up is easy. Some make it so complicated. What you want to do first is to choose the platform. There are many out there. WordPress is the most popular one to use. Websites all over the world use WordPress. WordPress creates dynamic content and makes sure it is published. They have the plugins that you need so that your blog will succeed. One of the features is a must-have for any blog. It is Yoast SEO.

Yoast Seo is a WordPress #1 plugin. With this, you get more visitors from all over the web. You are sure to optimize your work correctly with this tool. Yoast will help you to be sure that you have the keyword you need. So an SEO you want to learn. Your work will be on search engines. You could set all things up according to your preferences. Do this right, and you will get more traffic and more expertise.

Now you wonder about the cash. I must admit I had an issue when it came to paying when I first started. I wanted it done right, but finances stopped me. Even when I had the money to do it, now, I came to understand that it is worth it. If you are not careful, this could discourage and stop you. They offer a free trial but if you want the features you need, pay the money. In the next issue, I will discuss keeping an editorial calendar, imagery, and daily size adjustments.

Stay creative when doing any of this. Write these blog posts with the intent to capture the minds of the readers. Get their attention, convert it, and keep it, but it is only going to happen if your blog stays consistent. Starting your blog with a joke is a great start. You could do it with a statistic or a personal story too. Make sure these different methods connect to the post. Lastly, keep them short and simple. If you follow these, nothing will go wrong with your blog. So don't complicate your blog. I am sure that many are talented and creative like I am but stick to one thing. Don't confuse yourself by doing multiple things. Whatever you choose, be sure that you are passionate about it. If your viewers see that you are serious they will be serious about it themselves.

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