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Content Making Ideas That Bloggers Should Follow

Bhavik is a blogger and Digital Marketer. He present his knowledge in writing so everyone can learn something new.

Content Making Ideas

Content Making Ideas


Do you know about the bloggers who are doing very well in their blogging journey? Do you love to play with the words and present your ideas? Still, you are confused about how to get success in this online world?

Many of the people are just going to start their career in Blogging.

Bloggers like me and you, play with words, we make content but still, we ignore some techniques that can help us to grow more in this blogging journey.

Content making is the thing that considers the interests of the blogger, but yes there are some tips and tricks that you need to check to get the right audience to whom you are creating your blog.

As per the industry experts, your headline is everything that attracts readers to know more in detail about your blog.

Considering this, 6 important techniques will assist you to create outstanding content and help you as a blogger to promote it to your audience as wide as possible.

Apply All SEO Tricks

Many of you know about Search Engine Optimization, yes it is one of the best tips to rank your blog or website high in the search engine. It will help you to grow your business if you do it with perfection.

So below are some of the points that will help all the bloggers to get a high ranking in the Google Search Results.

Blog Headline:

A well-written and catchy headline attracts more audience towards your content. So search for the latest trends and make your headline as per that and add keywords in your headline too. Make sure your headline is unique. While keywords in the headline can generate high traffic.

Keyword Stuffing:

Writing a quality blog post is very important, but first, you have to focus on the keywords that you want to target that are related to your business. Include keywords in your piece of content as well as in the headline too. If you do that your blog post will be seen on the top of the search engine results. Try long-tail keywords for high success.

Meta Description:

The headline describes the blog but to go in-depth about your blog you need to create a meta description for your particular blog post. In this part, you have to provide brief information about your article. Also, you can include your targeted keywords in the meta description too.


Yes, link building is the most important part of your SEO efforts. It will help to rank your blog based on particular searches. Also, including links to other resources can help people to find useful information from other websites too.

Focus More On Quality

One thought that comes to your mind that, with one single post you are getting high traffic so what if you create more content and post regularly?

Here one thing you should take care that creating content regularly is not simple, mind it.

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You have to search for everything that is trending and apply your brain to write.

If your main mission is to get high traffic on your blogs then, select your option to write quality content.

High-quality content is necessary for you and it is valuable to keep you focused on your marketing efforts.

If your content is high quality then people will share it with everyone, whereas, if your content is of low quality it will be difficult for you to get enough audience.

So, yes it is beneficial for you to know the importance of the quality content and apply it to all your entire content, don't think how long it will take just to sit and write.

Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing Ideas

Length Of The Content

It was the trend earlier when people would love to read content that is 400-500 words.

But this content can't get many shares, likes, or views.

So I think you don't need to be like that, right? Nowadays the desires of people are different and they need every solution only in one place.

Google also gives more importance to the blog which has more than 1500 words.

So the reason why everyone loves to read the long content is that they get a full package of information at one place for the particular topic that they are looking for.

Another reason is, if your content is long, then people will spend more time on your blog and which can result in a business deal too.

So focus on writing a long blog with full sort of information for the topic that you are selecting.

Proper Formatting

Remember don't fill your blog with words that have no meaning, you have to focus on formatting first and maintain the level of professionalism in your blog.

Formatting your blog requires that your engagement rate will increase and people love to read your content for a long period.

What does formatting mean? you have to focus on the white space, the mindset of the readers is different they love to read the content with proper stop.

Also, it is compulsory to include some images, graphics, and videos to attract readers more to your content.

Don't overload your blog with images because it will distract the minds of the readers and they will not complete it fully.

Content Making Ideas

Content Making Ideas

Provide Solution To Your Readers

This tip works but not every time. Sometimes you should do this when you write a blog post.

Search for the trending topics writes blogs with all solutions for that particular topic.

Yes, I have seen sometimes people look for solutions to solve the problems that they face.

Considering this you should try to become a helpful hand. Provide information that you know about and your readers don't. Just write it down and post it.

This will fill the car of readers with the fuel if they find the solution in your content and they will be happy all the time.

Always Keep Your Readers In First Place

Your blog is the creation that you write to share some knowledge, you love your written blog so much, so you post your blog just for you? No right?

So for you, it is a clear picture that you are writing to provide useful information to your readers.

So try to write as per the reader's point of view, focus on what they like and what they don't because you are writing your blog for readers only.

Research about the latest trends, cover all the important points which can help your readers and they find it very useful once they're gonna read it.

Plan the audience that you want to target well, their location, and the type of content that they love to read.

By doing this you will get ideas about creating the best masterpiece for your readers and you can easily drive high traffic on your blog.

Final Words

Writing quality content is very important nowadays and on the other hand, it is difficult to write. But yes if you gather information about everything that is running in the market it will be a great help for all bloggers.

Above mentioned are some basic tips I have mentioned that will help you to gain more popularity of your content. Put your efforts, start writing and give your best every time.

© 2021 Bhavik Dhanvani

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