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What Is Complex Buying Behavior?

Complex buying behavior is crucial

Complex buying behavior is crucial

What is Complex Buying Behavior?

As the name suggests this is a type of consumer behavior that is very complex in nature. It doesn’t involve on the spot buying but rather one that takes time and thinking before the actual purchase is made. It normally involves a very rigorous and detailed involvement by the buyer of the product. One other thing to note about this type of buyer behavior is the fact that a number of products which more or less serve the same purpose are competing for the attention of the buyer. The buyer has to make a choice on whether he/she should purchase product X or Y.

In complex buying behavior the commodity displays many features and characteristics like;

  • Expensive, a lot of money must be paid by the purchaser to acquire the product.
  • Purchase is made once in a while i.e a lot of time passes before the consumer buys the commodity again.
  • Very risky because of the high price tag involved. If the item fails to function or serve its intended purpose, the buyer incurs losses.

Complex buyer behavior will therefore call for careful and well thought purchasing. The buyer must put into consideration many factors before he purchases the product. He/she has to know the positive and the negative part of the product. The consumer also has to ascertain whether the product suits his needs and after that is when a purchasing decision can be made.


Examples of Products that Exhibit Complex Buying Behavior

  • Shopping for a computer or laptop
  • Buying of a television set
  • Purchase of a microwave
  • Purchasing a fridge
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Linda on May 27, 2012:

I found what I needed to know:)

Irob from St. Charles on February 29, 2012:

Very good start, but kind of leaves me wanting to know more. what is the psychology behind these decisions? I think more detailed examples would help, and the details that make a decision complex. I just bought a new microwave and there was nothing complex about that, just get new one, it wasn't worth making it complex.

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