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Detailed Strategy For Successful Facebook Marketing

Mansurat is a freelance writer. She writes on finance, business and development.


Define Facebook Marketing Objectives


The big mistake businesses make is rushing to create a following on Facebook without defining what the goals of the platform will be. Proper marketing is calculative and strategic. Before creating that page or that group, ask yourself a couple of questions. Will the platform be geared towards brand awareness? Bonding with customers? Facilitating sales? Or what exactly?

The reason this is necessary is because the tone of the messages that would be passed to your audience will be completely dependent on the goal. Take for example, the goal is facilitating sales. The posts will need to be engaging, informative and accurate in a way that the trust of customers is won. Also, rushing to advertising products at the start may be damaging to your brand reputation depending on the kind of products that would be sold.

So, the products that would be sold should be considered as well as the people who would be buying. The kind of bond that will facilitate buy decisions needs to be mapped out as well. All this must be done even before creating a page or group as it will serve as a guide.

Identify Your Audience


If your products are for kids then target would be parents. To get parents to patronize you, the messages passed across should make parents believe that indeed you have their best interest at heart. Posts will need to be very engaging and thoughtful while sharing tips that revolve around parenting and relates to your product.

For a male and female audience, a middle ground would be essential. You would need to come up with stories that resonate with both genders while reminding them of your services at the same time.

Study your audience like you would study a child of yours. Never underestimate the fine little details. Know their strengths and weaknesses. This way, communication will be effective as you would know how to compose stories and messages that they can relate to.



Branding is the next delicate step after identifying your audience and defining your marketing goals. From your cover photo to profile photo, post images, stories and stickers, everything should pass a message. Have your brand motives ingrained in everything in every way possible. Colors are an effective way of doing this. A brand for kids will be better off using bright colors than dull ones.

Consistency is also very important. The messaging should be consistent. The tone of your posts, the replies, colors of images and logos should remain consistent. Whenever changes are to be made, it should be well thought out and done at the accurate time.

Organic Vs Paid Advertising

Growing an audience will require a lot. Once your page has been created, you now have to do the work of getting followers. Facebook has proven to be a little tougher than Instagram when it comes to growing your followers organically. However, it is not impossible. The only difference is organic reach tends to be way slower.

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Again, you have to decide which you would be going with. If your budget doesn’t seem to support running ads just yet, you can still grow organically. Start by inviting your friends and Facebook acquaintances to like your page. Ask your friends and family to invite their friends and family. Don’t wait to have lots of followers, start sharing engaging posts immediately. Share your posts to groups and ask your followers to share. It may take a while but with time, your page will start appearing to Facebook users and you would get followers organically.

Where money is not the problem but time, running adverts will do the trick. Decide on what your daily, weekly or monthly advertising budget will be. You may find it easier if you hire a copy writing expert and Facebook advert specialist to help in managing your adverts to get the best results with your budget. The beauty of Facebook adverts is that it is cheap and quite easy to run.

Content Marketing


The power of content marketing cannot be estimated. Research shows that brands that focus on sharing helpful content with their audience tend to have more buyers and followers than brands that focus on sales-like content. And that’s where the magic lies.

Focus on sharing very valuable information with your audience that relates to your niche. Help them solve simple problems at no cost. Be strategic about what you share.

Engagement and Analytics


When starting out newly on Facebook, always try to reply comments that deserve replies. Remember, the small audience you have now will be the magnet that attracts others to your page or group. Allow your audience get the feel that they can relate with your brand easily.

Analytics would help you understand what is working and what is not. This is important if you are combining organic and paid reach to your target. With proper analysis you would know what is serving you right and what is not.


Facebook marketing is undeniably a cheap and easy way to reach your audience fast. In order to be successful at this, you would need to implement strategies that serve to grow your brand.

What’s your experience with Facebook marketing? Are you crushing your goals? What part of this article did you find helpful?

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