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Challenges of Succession Planning

Benazir Marjan intends to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


Challenges of Succession Planning

Succession planning is a concept, where a company has a plan for a future leader if it appears the question of replace. It could be for any reason; the person may leave or may pass away. Any unpredictable situation may happen. Therefore, every company must have their succession planning so that they will not fall in danger or uncertain situation in future. It is also known as ‘Replacement Planning.’

Basically, succession planning is both strategic and economic necessity. A business has versatile domain to consider and accept challenges to move on. This succession planning is also a very challenging issue as replacing a leader is not matter of joke. There are so many challenges to consider. One by one is describing bellow:

1. While brainstorming with succession planning, the HR department could bias with some person to promote. Biasness is a human nature. It comes automatically, no matter how much professional a person is. It is a challenge to overcome bigotry by maintaining exact rationale while preparing the succession plan for a company.

2. Sometimes HR department delays for preparing the succession planning. In a consequence when it comes urgent to replace any personnel, they do hurry for selection. In this way sometimes proper valuation is not done and the right person is not placed at the right position in the right time. It hampers a company’s regular functions and defers the activities as well.

3. Succession planning for a big company or enterprise is really very challenging. There would be lots of selection process for different departments. If the rules and guidelines are not properly followed, then it creates a misleading decision which outcomes a dangerous effect for the company in future.

4. Sometimes, poor communication with all departments and employees creates problem. All individuals, the departments and employees should get aware of this planning. If they are not aware of this policy they may react with any sudden implication of prior planning.

5. Once in a while seniors may have some tendencies to dominate others. This is a big challenge regarding the issue. In some cases, succession planning may fail to execute in appropriate way due to senior’s influential power.

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6. Sometimes past performance records may not enough to judge any personnel for a higher position or post. If there is a departmental shift towards a better position than HR needs to qualify the competencies more strictly so that the person would able to understand and finish his responsibilities an efficient and effective way.

7. Succession planning needs to be updated or reviewed at least twice in a year. It is a dynamic process, any lacking in proper renovated information and employee performance will hinder the required promotional process. If the right person could not position in the right place, the company will suffer in the long run.

8. Sometimes, there could be some shortcomings in strategies of succession planning. An ideal strategic plan and a course of measures could be formulated to achieve the desired goal.

9. In some cases, the roles in the succession plans are not well defined. It is a major challenge for the concern. If respected persons don’t know what is their duties and responsibilities it results in a succession plan that is little connected to overall organization’s positive output and growth.

10. Even though Succession planning is under HRM department, still it is also a part of the company as a whole. If there is no correlation between the HR department and company’s Board of Directors, senior managers and other functional areas then there would be very chance for the succession planning to fail. Thus, strong correlation among the particular departments of companies is also a big challenge for the above discussed concern.

This business world is always very challenging. We have to compete in every moment to survive. Succession Planning is a critical concept in HRM. The HR department along with the whole company has to work in a regular basis to reach to the maximum success that might possible. Perhaps, it may be very hard to overcome all of the challenges described above. But, 100% effort can ensure the best results of it. Finally, having very weighted consequences of effective succession planning, every organization and business enterprises should try their best to deal with these summons which will ensure a better future for the company as a whole.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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