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Career Opportunities in Accounting

Benazir Marjan intends to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


Career Opportunities in Accounting

Accounting is the process where all financial information and transactions are recorded and analyzed.

As we know that accounting plays a vital role in an organization or in a company. It keeps all records of revenue, expenditure, profit, loss, inventory, assets, transactions with other companies and customers, clients, suppliers, bank loans, repayment of those loans, amount of interest and also all other monetary actions those are done in a company or in an organization. Without accounting department it is almost impossible to run a business. It ensures whether a business is going in a profitable way or not. The ultimate objective of a business is to earn profit. Therefore, without keeping exact records of all financial information and settlements there is no meaning of doing any business at all.

As the subject and its implication in the field life are very important for any kind of business, it naturally gives us a sign about the bright career opportunities in this relevant field.

First, all organizations are bound to have their accounting department where accountants and accounting graduates are needed. So, from a very generic point of view accounting graduates have some natural market demand all over the world. The world economy is based on businesses and different financial institutions. Without financial institutions, an economy will not able to move on. Banks and other financial institutions provide loan against a certain interest rate. Small and large business entrepreneurs start their business with these loans. They got established with time by earning more profit which raises a country’s GDP. Higher GDP creates a strong profile of a country before the whole world. This is how banks and financial institutions play an essential role in economic growth of a country and these organizations needs to keep all banking and financial records very strictly to move on. As a consequence, professional accountants, certified chartered accountants and accounting graduates all are very important to run all activities in these banks and financial institutions. All of these explained needs of works create good career opportunities for accounting students.

Second, any kind of other institutions like schools, colleges, universities, corporations, insurance companies, event management companies, all kinds of private, government and semi government institutions have the same need to keep all kinds of financial records. As a result, again accounting students get more opportunities to get a job for relevant post ensuring a better set of circumstances.

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Third, Degree and knowledge in accounting could help a person for any kind of entrepreneur start in business. He may come up with his own accounting firm. Even, he could manage the accounts of his own business. It gives enough confidence due to a person’s knowledge in relevant field.

Fourth, auditing is a demanding portion in accounting career. The internal employees done and settle all financial transactions and update them. Auditors are the external accountants who judge the reliability and verifiability of the works of internal employees. Auditors will confirm whether the companies are showing the true and accurate information in their financial statements or not. Therefore, degree and knowledge in accounting will also throw a chance of being auditors which also offers a better career options for professional graduates in accounting.

Fifth, There are tax accountants who ensures that companies are paying taxes according to their revenue and profit. Therefore, students can specialized them on tax accounting and work as tax accountant as well.

Sixth, Teaching profession also needs good accounting graduates for satisfactory performance of teaching in relevant field. In schools, colleges and universities everywhere there is a demand for quality accounting teachers who can deliver the best accounting knowledge to their students. Today’s teachers will gift the society for tomorrows. Thus, quality accounting graduates will be always a priority in teaching profession as well, which paves their path for more chances to build their career.

Finally, as accounting is a very demanding subject and it has a stable growth and career opportunities all over the world, thus accounting job holds very good remuneration. People are also able to works as chief financial officer or vice president, controller or director, mid level accounting managers, financial analysts and also accounting clerks or assistants. It is highly regarded profession with job security and advanced opportunities. Hard work and passion of an accountant towards his work will ensure a golden era in his life with time. But, yes nothing comes so easy in our life. Here is also the same. No matter how much opportunities in accounting career, a candidate needs to do lot of hard work and struggle indeed to reach to the final position or destination.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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