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Can You Believe in Success With No Support in Business?

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Firstly, we have to understand what a business is? And why do we need support? It is a surprising factor that most of us do not understand the concept of business when we try to start it. Some think I will learn as it goes by because I am a person who has seen a lot, so this is a thing for me. Also, when a couple starts the business, they believe and depend on each other and conclude I do not have to worry about anything because my partner is here without even checking whether the partner will commit fully to the business. Going into business with many assumptions in any form will not help run the business or even grow the business become impossible. But people with no basic understanding like this believe in success until they face complete failure.

The support that you will need to set up a business are:

  • Finance
  • Planning help.
  • To share the issues in business
  • Advice
  • Collaboration

When you are ready to start a business, ensure that at least a little help like the above you will need; if not, you will face many difficulties and lose what you have in your hands too. Some of us start a business without giving deep thought; even though they do not have anything to lose, they will work every minute of the day they have got and do not get any money from it. The reason behind that is running a business is not fun; you need to put time, and great thoughts into it, bring it forward and take it off the ground. Besides, you need to develop a talent to attract people to support you and work with you; sadly, some do not even have that.


All that said, I have heard people out there started as a small business from scratch, maybe from the street, and slowly developed into a big one. Then, in the end, they set as a massive business from it and got recognition, money, and a role model for the generation. So how did they do it? In general, we all believe that we can succeed if we have the support only, so let me tell you how these people grew. When a single person starts a business sitting on the street, everyone who looks at the person will have a chat with this individual, and it becomes a habit, so it goes on like that in the meantime the chatters want something, so they try to offer their small free help to this individual.

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The individual may be producing some food, and the chatters offer to take that around and start to sell; who knows, there may be people who become interested in the food, and then they decide to offer a little space to do all the cooking and sell it out from there. So, there will be a chance the little business will start to progress, so the owner saves all the money that comes from the company then decides to hire one or two people to work in the business. So, people who work in the industry become anxious to make some good money start to work hard, which results in the business growing. Finally, this person grows up to build a hotel and establish a big company.

It is an example related to food making and supplying, that does not mean that all types of businesses can become successful in the same way. Now let me talk about writing many types like articles, eBooks, books, stories, and posts to websites will not achieve like that. If I compare the food business and writing business, the people who like to join you will be in different categories and quickly get helpers in the food industry. Whereas in the writing industry, it is not that easy to find people to join you to work, which means you will be left alone to do the work unless you are an extravert. If you are an extrovert, things will change easily; you will go out and talk to people about the work that will attract people to join you; the only thing you have to do is choose the people who have the same knowledge as you so that you two can share that. In that way, you can grow your business.

I mean about support is you do not have to get an expert in your industry but ensure that someone who has the desire and dedication to helping you has to be a person close to you and whom you can trust with their support. Support is beneficial when speaking your mind without fear about what you do to discuss with them. That gives you emotional happiness when you run a business; there is no need to get support in your work if you cannot, but you must have someone to tell what you do also get some feedback about what you are doing.

Moreover, accepting what you do from any of your close ones will give you happiness and motivation. You will get a state of mind that you have to make yourself and others around you happy. Besides, it will make you believe in what you do eventually, making others believe in you. We all know that feeling in us gives success. Say you are an older mum trying to do a business, but your kids near you constantly underrate you, saying that you will never be successful. Of course, you are a person who lived your life with lots of experience and failures; you will try to forget that underestimation as quickly as possible, but that still has a side effect on you.

Therefore, we need to remember that success comes after many failures, discouragement, and disbelief. Still, the essential thing here is to ignore everything and live our lives with dedication and hard work, leading to self-belief and success. In addition, if we can do what we do without depending on others for anything gives you the most significant success, and you end up as their role model.

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