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Can You Be the Leader? Do You Have Leadership Skills?

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Everyone aspires to be a leader, and they believe it is easy when they see people in positions of leadership. Most of them will back down after they've tried it because they can't handle the leadership work and responsibilities. All seems simple as long as you do not work on it yourself; it is only when you try it out that you will know if you are up for the job.


Owning your personal goal is one of the ideals you should have before or after you enter the world of leadership. If you really know what you're here for? Have you got one? If you think you don't need it to be a leader because others will do the work for you, think again. Read on to learn why it is one of the most valuable skills you'll ever need, not only for leadership but for life.


Rumi tells a story about a king telling his prince that it is time for him to go out into the world and complete one mission that the king assigned to him. The prince travels the world, and after a long time has passed, the king decides that he must go in search of him. When the king discovers the prince, he tells him of all the great things he has achieved. “Have you done the one thing I asked you to do?” the king asks. “No,” says the prince. “Well, then, it's as though you've done nothing,” the king concludes.

The king is a representation of God, the Universe, or whatever belief system you hold. We are represented by the prince. We were all put on this earth for a reason. It is our duty to decide what the aim is. Our purpose in life never changes; the paths we take can change, but our goal remains the same. After Tom died, I had to find out what I wanted to do with my life. “To help people, both personally and professionally, in discovering the life they were placed on this earth to live, and in having a strong vision of what they will want, so they can plan their lives around that vision,” I realized. You must have a good view of your personal mission and vision. Once you've grasped those concepts, you can focus on your leadership mission and vision.

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The reason you're doing what you're doing as a leader is your leadership intent. Even if all you're doing is managing yourself, you need to know what your leadership intent is. You will always need a team in every area of your life. And if you're a stay-at-home parent, you'll need help from others. It's true that "it takes a village to raise a boy," and it's also true for adults. You can then build a mission for your team once you've determined your leadership purpose. I'd like you to think about your personal objective for a moment, and then consider what your leadership purpose is. Let's imagine you're a real estate agent who works alone, with no employees, team, or other agents in your business. The people on your team will then be those who will help you run your real estate company. Your family, colleagues, mortgage agents, home inspectors, cleaners, handymen, and everyone else you employ to assist your clients.


You will become a better LEADER if you are transparent about what your leadership aim is, and your team will notice and appreciate why you make those decisions and requests. They'll even know how to better assist you. When you explore your intent, you will find that it is something you enjoy doing every day and that you do without even thinking about it. My daughter is an excellent example. She mentioned during our conversation that she had no idea what her "purpose" was. (Does this sound familiar?) In the few hours I'd been with her, I'd already seen her fulfill her mission several times. She stepped in to assist her brother when he needed assistance putting together a new project. Her aunt had called for assistance with a logistical problem. She kept a four-inch binder with all the doctor and test results in it while her father was sick so she could keep track of what was going on. She was helping me with my classes today. I questioned her about these occurrences. She quickly understood that she was placed on this planet to assist others in solving problems and to act as a project manager.


Now take some time to consider what your personal mission is. So, what is the intention of your leadership? Then what is the goal of your group? A team goal that everyone contributes to would result in buy-in from all parties involved. Once a team goal has been established, each member can receive a written copy, which will serve as a reminder to everyone as to why they are performing each task. You may also have a written project intent, which will help people understand why this project is relevant.

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