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Call Center Job Final Interview

Raymond has been a blogger, a Social Media Associate, a Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Representative, Assistant TL.

Final Interview Questions

During the Final Interview, the interviewer is usually the account manager or the head of the department where you will (possibly) be assigned. The main goal of the interviewer is to go deeper into your personality and evaluate your potentials.

As far as I can remember these were the questions asked to me:

What are your principles in life?

- I would always say, “We only have one life. So we should live it right and do our best in everything we do.”

Do you always depend on your parents when making big decisions in life? Or how do your parents affect you when it comes to decision-making for yourself?

- “I was raised by a single-mom and I love and respect her and I know that she loves and respects me too. She has always been a major influence to me especially when making major decisions in life. But of course now that I have come of age, she also respects the fact that I already have the ability to discern what is right or wrong for me.”

You may also receive questions that would measure your Customer service skills:

Always remember that the key to success in a call center position is not only your customer service skills but most importantly your ability to communicate well.

“Tell me about a situation in your previous jobs when you had to deal with demands from an unreasonable customer.”

- There was one time when I had to deal with a customer who demanded for a replacement despite the fact that his item is no longer within the return period. In times like that, I believe that it is necessary to stay calm and professional and let the customer know that you understand the whole situation and how he feels. I politely explained to him that we could not process a replacement but we can process an in-warranty repair. I believe that an effective customer service agent does not need to compromise the company’s policy to meet customer satisfaction.

“Tell me about a time when you went the extra mile for a customer.”

Tip : Show how you proactively develop the relationship with the customer, make the extra effort to listen and understand the customer and give high priority to meet the customer’s needs.

"Way back in my previous call center company, I was working for an account that handles Technical Support for a digital camera. For How-to inquiries, we were supposed to just refer customers to the online interactive tutorial. However, there was this customer who was in her 80’s who badly needed help with some settings in her camera. I thought it would be too rude of me to just say “Okay log on to this website and you’ll get the support that you need.” So, what I did, I stayed on the phone for over an hour to walk her through with her camera settings. And it was worth it, because it always feels good to be of help. Also, she even spoke with my supervisor to give me Kudos."

“Describe a situation when you had to calm down a very angry customer and uses foul language.”

Tip: When answering this question, try to describe your ability to handle negative customers without being intimidated or getting upset.

"Yes, I’ve had a few experiences with irate customers. In times like that, I believe that it is necessary to stay calm and professional and let the customer know that you understand the whole situation and how he feels. If he/she begins saying foul words, in a clear but calm way, I would say, “It would be better that we handle this situation on a professional level. I will do my best to fix this issue but I need you to stay calm. I can handle your problem but I might not be able to handle your foul language. I might be force to end this conversation if you continue to yell foul words at me.”

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Learning Skills

Call center positions often require the successful candidate to undergo both product and technical training. In a call center interview you will be asked questions that would explore your ability to learn and apply new information quickly and willingly.

“Tell me about a time you were able to learn something complex in a short time period.”

"Learning new things is never a problem for me. I believe that I am a fast learner because I am optimistic and open-minded. I think these are major factors in order for one to learn very easily. When you are open-minded, you are open to changes and you are open to new things as a result, you are very trainable. Before I entered the call center industry, I had no idea about American Culture. I had no idea on how they live their typical days. I had no idea on how they think. But keeping an open mind and positive attitude helped a lot.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I'd be glad to help.

Sample Job Interview

Sample Job Interview

More Tips


Your competency in communicating effectively and your listening skills will be assessed as you interact with the interviewer. Make sure you speak clearly and concisely, choosing your words with care and using correct grammar. Listen carefully to questions during the call center interview and ask for further clarification if you do not properly understand a question.

During the call center interview expect questions that explore your motivation to work in the call center and your commitment to staying in the position, such as:

“What do you enjoy about working in a call center?”

“Why have you chosen a career in this industry?”

“What does a call center mean to you?”

These seemingly harmless questions are ways for your prospective employer to gauge how serious you are, and what your commitment to the job will be.

Note: A simple and precise answer will do. You may say, “A call center is a company that handles customer care or customer service via telephone.”

They might add, “What do you know about the BPO Industry?”

You can say,

“BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is common among big companies nowadays. Basically it’s about linking of two companies in which the other company serves as the service provider and the other one is the client. One example is a call center company that provides customer service to the customers of their client.”

For example, Sayks is a call center that handles customer care for Kodyak company. In other words, when the customers dial the Kodyak Customer care phone number, the Sayks employees are the ones handling the calls.

On my next post I will try to cover more tips on getting a job at a call center and how screening continues even throughout the training stage. Please stay tuned. Thank you.


Harvy on December 15, 2012:

@je iBM i've came a cross a forum and read about final interviews questions regarding call centers and they said that giving an answer like "you applied for a post because you wanted to improve your communication" doesn't give u a slightest chance of landing the job. anyways, are you still on the look for a job at CC industry??

Hannah on November 24, 2012:

Too bad I just read this article and my initial and final interviews were done last Wednesday and Thursday but fortunately, my answers were kinda right. Your article is very informative. Thanks :)

je IBM on October 24, 2012:


She asked me things like. "why don't you get a job that's more related on your course of study?" then I reply at her saying that I wanna have a career in a call center industry because I want to improve my communication skills.. bla bla bla.. Then she asked me, "why did you take that course of study if you want to have a career in call center, why didn't you just take AB Communications perhaps".. etc etc.. It was like a defense. Plus the interviewer is very intimidating.

Harvy on October 23, 2012:

@je IBM what are those "defense-like-questions" can you give us some examples on that??

je IBM on October 23, 2012:

hi, i applied at IBM for a CSR job post. I passed the initial interview and the examination. But sadly, i failed in the final interview =(. The interviewer was very intimidating that she got to my nerves while asking "defense-like-questions". All I can say is prepare for the questions that the interviewer might ask. This article helps a lot. Thanks.

tWoface on October 20, 2012:

We haven't heard anything from the Author of this blog, is he still active??

Iam planning to go to cebu and apply for a job as a CSR but i think im not that ready for the job. my English grammar is not that perfect and i think i don't have enough confidence to attend an interview but my diction is very good (i think) Ahaha :)

Hope you can provide us more information and tips regarding on this topic.. Thank you so much and god bless!

vince on October 19, 2012:

guys hope you pray for me for my job interview

Anonymous on October 06, 2012:

I am now ready to apply and enter the world of Call Center Industry..:)

ernest on October 04, 2012:

thanks it help me a lot but i need more more practice so i could speak much better please help me more tips pa po

pamela on September 24, 2012:

thank you for spending your time to post these important tips and information specially on those seeking for a job and want to be a call center agent...thank you...:)

lourdee mae manayan on September 19, 2012:

thanks for sharing,,

christa on September 06, 2012:

i hope it could help me for my final interview today at converys cebu... im eager to have this job. Hope i can make it.....

jing on August 24, 2012:

it helps a lot.. thank you.

-iaMygo on August 14, 2012:

:. a very nice blog... its really help a lot..... thank you!!

carolle on July 06, 2012:

sir mon convergys always ask their applicants for reference person and if i know any employee from their company, is it ok if i will mention you but unfortunately, i dont know your full name. if its ok would you please message me at my facebook or tweeter.

Sourav adhikary on July 02, 2012:

Thanks for ur advice sir,

Sourav adhikary on July 02, 2012:

Thanks for ur advice sir, on June 28, 2012:

thnk's 4 the poems we hve to learn about this tips. and i think to try to applyed as call center agent someday

dimiz on June 21, 2012:

tnx for the information i learned a lot i hope i can work in this industry jejeje thank you so much more power to you!!!

rhizz on June 07, 2012:

Hi kuya mon...thank u so much for this informative blog of urs... I learned a lot from this.. Hope to pass my cc interviews...god bless poh...

Archiel Anciano on June 06, 2012:

Thanks for the very nice tips, i think it made me more confident to try and apply as callcenter agent someday :) hope to read and learn more, keep posting :).

kunga sherpa on May 28, 2012:

thanks to website because ti help me to get job ii call center

journey21 on May 28, 2012:

thanks for the tips.. really learned a lot..

migs on May 26, 2012:

ayp sir kapag na hire po ako dahil sa mga tips nyo ibabalandra ko ditong idol kita, YM2x nalng po pag bakante ho kayo ^^ salamat po, mabuhay si sir mon! mabuhay! hehe xD

Jay Blue on May 24, 2012:

Dude! this is exactly what im looking for! X) ... i applied a lot of call center company already but i always got stucked up on the FINAL interview,, i hope this will help me on my FINAL INTERVIEW today at TELEPERFORMANCE.. wish me luck blogger ! :)

cheche on May 24, 2012:

hi your article is really nice indeed and it is a very big help,I'm applying for call center and my interview is tomorrow.I will keep in my mind all of the tips that you shared.

chris on May 23, 2012:


thanks alot to your tipz. It help me a lot not only but also the others. Please ad me on fb i tried to ad but im bl0cked. Here's my fb

shoti on May 15, 2012:

wow this is really helpful!

lm on May 15, 2012:

tnx a lot for all the tips that u have posted helps me a lot...

joan on May 09, 2012:

the article really helped was really nice!

-TEI on May 09, 2012:

Woah! I realy enjoy reading this blog. it inspire me a lot!! dakal a salamat.

dyzen archeo on April 30, 2012:

oh sir can you add me on my facebook? if its okay with thanks...

dyzen archeo on April 30, 2012:

Thank you for the nice tips... it helps me a lot, especially now that i am having second thought in applying to a call center agency.... nice work may God bless you as you blessed unemployed workers with your knowledge.. once again thank you.

tintin on April 27, 2012:

hello... how i wish i could be like you... hayyyzzzz...

xabyle on April 10, 2012:

Im so unprepared!! But thanks for this awsome thread it would surely help. I have ds friend of mine who wants to apply & she wants me to go w/ her, since its summer, y shouldn't i give it a try?! My gawd! theres n0 other time than tomorrow.. Im supposed 2 b a 3rd year student nxt skulyear,but if given a chance to pass.. Still planning f do i need to continue studying or just do shifting between my schedules. Woah im very excited. It wout be my first time! ^^

neil mark balbuena on April 07, 2012:

It really nice to read some of the guide question and tips for a person who is planning to apply for a call center agent like me... it helps a lot of me when I read some of your articles...thank you for spreading your knowledge..

rhapsody makaeran on March 20, 2012:

hey. thanks a lot! :))

nosferatu666 on March 18, 2012:

Very informative!

monique_denys on March 11, 2012:

hai mon..nice actually planning to apply at convergys for they have an upcoming job fair here in our city...more tips please....GOD Speed!!!

KHiMiBABE on February 23, 2012:

hi good morning I will have my final interview tomorrow this is my first time I'm a little bit nervous, if the interviewer ask me why is costumer always right I don't know how to answer them correctly. Can you help me?I badly need this job.

nirmal on February 21, 2012:

thank you sir for providing me such a needful guidence towards my interview as i gonna use the same technique's which is provided by you in the website for my interview tommorow in the morning .

sanneflores from Philippines on February 20, 2012:

hoping for more ways of acing an application on a call center companies.. : )

sherfy on February 09, 2012:

hi.. thanks a lot for this very useful si

Jobless on February 03, 2012:

I have also the same question pano hindi kabahan? I find questions easy pero bakit ganun can't control my nervous...:(sana makapasa na.. God bless us job hunters! And thanks also to the owner of this blog this is very helpful specially for no call center experience.. Kudos!

ler-ann on February 03, 2012:

hi mon..

pano ba hnd ipakita na hnd ka talaga kinakabahn?huhhhhhhhh.....pero naktulong po ito para khit papano mging confident...sana mas mapalawak mo pa ito...salamat...sana matanngap ako sa inaaplyan ko ngaunm...

Angel on January 06, 2012:

what is the key for the passing the final interview.

Justine on December 21, 2011:

Since you taken the time to provide this information, I'm taking the time to say thanks. Very useful for my interview preparation for the call centre job tomorrow.

MBS on December 06, 2011:

I'm still an applicant and I want to work in a call center because I believe it will help me to develop my skills and discover another one. I like the way you give tips. God bless to the job seekers.

wellaMae on November 19, 2011:

Mashallah!!! wow! really helped me a day is my final interview @ Convergys Bacolod, and i could say that this is amazing,totally great that can help me pass my interview.Give an accurate hint for further information about what being a call center representative is.....Thankkxx ......more power and Godbless....Keep it up!!

wellaMae on November 19, 2011:

Mashallah!!! wow! really helped me a day is my final interview @ Convergys Bacolod, and i could say that this is amazing,totally great that can help me pass my interview.Give an accurate hint for further information about what being a call center representative is.....Thankkxx ......more power and Godbless....Keep it up!!

trisha on November 16, 2011:

i applied many times in call center industry but unfortunately i was not able to pass the interview.. because when i got nervous i dont know what to say.

SimbaShan on November 05, 2011:

Hi guys,

I had a telephone interview a few days ago for a travel insurance company..just when I thought I messed up as I felt I was stuttering and this my answers unclear the woman asked for a face to face compentecy based interview...i've been reciting nearly every question on the internet thats competency based!

I have another telephone interview on tuesday for another role, I think I will be far more confident this time around!

jh0ns on October 01, 2011:


I think the best way before applying in a call center must be well "prepared" otherwise "failed" so its just a waste of (TME) time,money,effort...!hope everyone here will update the result of their interview so that we may know if they already got the job...tnx!

More power...!

jh0ns on October 01, 2011:

Hi to everyone...we all want to work at call center knowing that this is the most demand job today,requires a medium educational gives a better salary,social,uniform free "you can customise your own style"most of call center employees is goodlooking,,for me it's a kind of job that you can simply be proud of know guys,i also experienced applying at call centers but i failed so many i stopped and find another job which is easy to have...currently im still employed and received a good salary and benifits as well,but i'm not happy and contented cause i deserved more than know what i'm doing during my free time...?i do have a lot of research about call center interview questions and a hint answer preparing my self next year for a call center career...all i can say guys is that,don't be jerk when choosing your career path,just be patient and know your strenghts and weaknesses for your aimed career be optimistic at all times cause everything goes better through the way,i'm associate I.T graduate,gudluck to all of us...and more power to our mentor!

mitchdelfin on September 29, 2011:

Hi mon,

thanks for the tips, its really help us a lot on how to pass the interview.. i hope i can use this tips on my interview by monday.. :)

shenz on September 09, 2011:

i got a lot of idea on how to deal with the possible questions in applying as a call center agent.. im a bit nervous because im not that fluent in english, but i really want to be hire not just because of the sallary, i also want to develop my skills in speaking english and how wish na "kaya ko.. hehe " tnx soo much .. ^.^

cherry fleur on August 11, 2011:

i had learned a lot from your tips they will surely help me in applying in a call center thanks!!!!!!!!!!

froch from Tychy on July 15, 2011:

Do not be nervouse ;-) peacefull mind is one of the most important abilities in this occupation. Companyes are employing people with strong and energetic character. Good place on work market for stressed ones are myth. This is brutal but...this is truth :-/

Imelda on July 15, 2011:

Hi Guys ,I find it hard to memorize your name. this is all I can say , thanks for all your advice and tips.

It so happened that I'am about to be interviewed in a call center ,maybe next week, I feel so nervous , actually I don't know what to answer to all their questions.

All your tips will surely be of help for a first timer call center agent applicant like me. Thanks.

ruth on July 15, 2011:

next month is my final interview my gosh im so scared..

joana on July 14, 2011:

hi... i always wanted to apply in a call center company but when the interview comes I don't know what to do coz' im scared going to the interview because they might ask me some questions that i don't know or i might answer it in a wrong grammar..what should i do???

arjean on July 13, 2011:

thanks for your tips and i learn from that.i actually want to work in a call center thats why i read some tips how to pass in the interview coz normally we get nervous talking about interview and then again we forget what gonna speak back to the interviewer.

froch from Tychy on July 07, 2011:

They are not requiring 100% perfect diction, but person who has it can be sure that job is on.

Concerning experience: It is well welcome but many firms are recruiting unexperienced people. It depends of the market at all.

manny on July 05, 2011:

i appreciate it a lot, being a future call center applicant.Are they looking for a perfect grammar and diction ? what if that person had no experience at all ? but willing to be part of call center industry ? would it be advisable to him/her to just quit? Are the interviewer perfectionist with regards to the grammar and clarity of words? just asking !

froch from Tychy on July 01, 2011:

Heh, nice hub. Thank you for writing it. As a ex-callcenter worker I'm similar with it ;-)

presx on June 15, 2011:

nice tips for all the failed member of CALL CENTER, like me, it's help me to gain confidence again. tnx!

dhalia on June 06, 2011:

nice words.. i learned a lot from this blog. :) godbless!

ruth on May 31, 2011:

hi mon,thank you for the tips.can you recommend a good call center training school and will provide a job assistance???i am not confident with my grammar and i think i need a training first.please help me :) ty

laleine arenas on May 30, 2011:

This is really helpful especially for people like me..hope soon i can be an agent too with the help of reading and practicing all of your tips and guides..

jhay-ar on May 27, 2011:

thanks mon... ur awesome, JO because of this :)))

cons on May 20, 2011:

it really helps a lot..tnxs!cons

Gen on May 11, 2011:

up for this...really helps..i will have my final interview this afternoon in CVG..wish me luck ^_~

Rolly on May 11, 2011:

thnx for all the tips..;)

glai on April 27, 2011:

im gly mother of two kids i really want to work as a call center agent i apply once but i failed i really need your help because im not yet confidence with my grammar and computer skills.i need ti support my husband because our child is growing and i know u can help me to gain my confidence.........pls

ryan opilas on April 26, 2011:

assemelated a lot of Ideas thanks bro

don on April 26, 2011:

wow! I've learned a lot from that.. thank you so much..

josh on April 07, 2011:

hello everyone

I've learn a lot from this hub!

thanks for sharing it with us

hope i can use all of it

for my interview by tomorrow

wish me luck!!

and all of those who wants to enter

this kind of industry call center

thanks Mon

harledward oliver on March 25, 2011:

thank you very much for all of this tips, a very practical tips. God Bless you...

juan alvin gabagat on March 24, 2011:

i always failed interview for call center!... but im not loosing hope,just try again and again,aq naman ung tao na "just go on" hehe.

it helps a lot ur blog....thank you,from our heart.

lea on March 24, 2011:

this is the most professional tips i've ever read. Thanks a lot!

robin on March 09, 2011:

steezy tips

arnel alia on March 04, 2011:

i had a lot of research about preparing for interviews for call center agent..

but this one really helps me a lot..

from initial to final interview..

i couldnt speak english automatically but soon i can make it..

we can do it..

just believe we can make it.. hoorayyy! :))

myra on March 02, 2011:

ei.this is the first time i saw about your tips.....but it really helps me a lot..i am a fresh graduate and thinking to apply in a call center for now,,i am just preparing..and thankyou so much for the tips.good job!

Mark on February 22, 2011:

thank you so much !!! im so tired applying as a csr but when i read this.... WOW !!! hahah ang galing moh ang laki ng tulong tlga promise !!

cleo on February 20, 2011:

thnx kuya, hope that i can pass my interview tomorrow..God Bless:)

kaye on February 12, 2011:

hi mon.. i have problems on pronouncing words particularly letter F, maybe because i'm wearing braces. Will i still get hired??

Soul Gain on February 11, 2011:

nice tip.. i think i will now try to apply in a call center..^^

bikolmaldita on February 08, 2011:

thank u soooo much!

awesome. :DD

ungas on February 07, 2011:

many thanks! call centers here I come! :D

Kaede on February 02, 2011:

Astig! galing! thank you so much Mon!

Dexter c. Endera on January 24, 2011:

i learned a alot for this tips

thank you for sharing this to us

Leila on January 23, 2011:

I really appreciate your effort to help other people who wants to land in a call center job. I'm a call center agent too. I'm having difficulties when it comes to grammar thing. My trainer told me I have a good accent and modulated voice but the problem is my grammar. I hope you can help me.

Myscha_johan on January 22, 2011:

Thanks for the helpful ideas! Godbless..

dagz on January 13, 2011:

hi.. i just had my exam yesterday at conevergys.. i think everything went well naman.. except for the language assessment.. kc on my case.. nauna yung final interview.. i passed the finbal interview.. pero after ko dun sa language assesment sabe sakin i have to wait for their call nlang daw... does it mean i failed?? nalilito kc ako.. first time ko nagapply sa call center.. is there a chance na tatawagan pa ko o sinasabe nlang nila yun???

jennny on November 25, 2010:

hi mon.... im about to have my validation inteview tommorow, thank you for your advice.. i hope you could also post about tips on surviving a phone interview,. thanks a lot!!

Mon on November 24, 2010:

hi paolo! no problem. break a leg!

i will be in Convergys San Lazaro too next month!

paolo on November 24, 2010:

hi mon...i enjoy reading in ur article...and i learnes a lot too...your a big help for everyone..i hope i can pass my interview tommorow at convergys san lazaro...tnx and godbless...

Telemarketing Services on November 19, 2010:

Good Communication and Listening Skills

Understanding Individual Differences of Customers

Language Abilities of Agents

Computer Literacy

Agents need to be always mindful of the fact that no matter how difficult existing customers may be, it is easier to maintain them than attracting new ones.

jayjen on November 13, 2010:

hi i hope that it will help me to pass my interview on monday..gosh this will be my third call center interview. hoping that i will pass the interview this time.. thank you for the tips, i know my english is not as good as others but atleast i learn from my mistakes. once again thank you and more power to you..godbless!

scarlet on November 12, 2010:

this can really help me with my final interview!! thanks for the wonderful tips! God bless!

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