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CV format for those without good grades/ extensive knowledge

CV’s can be challenging to write at times, especially for those who may not have the greatest grades or skills in a particular work sector. Although it would be beneficial to have good grades and extensive knowledge in a specific work sector, these are not mandatory for most jobs, they’re just preferred.

The first stage is the personal statement. Now this can be tricky for those without a clear career path or knowledge in a particular job role however you can still use this area to present yourself as a keen worker towards any opportunity. Start by stating your current goal, whether that be completing college or any other further education or if it’s to enter a specific work industry it’s important to show that you are at least planning one step ahead instead of being completely clueless. Then you can go on to present yourself as a desirable worker. You can mention that you’re excited to begin employment or tailor the sentence towards a particular role e.g. if you are seeking a job role involving customer service, say that you can’t wait to develop your communication and customer service skills.

The second stage is key skills. Now this can be a challenging section as those without experience or knowledge will believe they have no skills, however the skills you have may be more transferable than you think. A good example of a general skill is teamwork. Mention you’re comfortable and confident when working in a team; considering most job roles require some level of teamwork and co-worker communication this is a great skill to have. Other skills can be as simple as good time management. Mention that you have a great record with being on time, whether that be to lessons in school or further education or a previous job. There are many general skills that employers will want, despite them not being as desirable as an extensive knowledge into a specific task or field they’re still good to mention.

The third stage is achievements. This can once again also be challenging for those who don’t have much experience however these achievements can be similar to the transferable key skills, having one hundred percent attendance and being on time is a great achievement that employers will want from their employees. You can also include any achievements you’re proud of outside of a work perspective e.g. martial arts belt or helping with charity or volunteer

work. This just shows that you do something productive with your time that you’re passionate about and proud of.

The next stage is training and qualifications which is self-explanatory. Just be truthful about your grades and any training your currently involved in e.g. online course etc.

The following stage is just education, so just state your secondary/high school experience, any college or university education you’ve been involved in if any and must state the start and end dates of all of them. It should also be mentioned to put them in chronological order so place the most recent first.

The next two stages are also quite self-explanatory. These are the employment history section and the work experience section. Obviously if you have no experience then just state you have had no experience currently but usually in school students are offered a short period of time to gain some work experience for a week or so. You can just ask a shop/employer of your choice if they’d be willing to hire you for free service for work experience. Most employers will accept as it’s free work for them so it’s a win-win for both parties.

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The final section is hobbies and interests. This section is important for showing the employer what kind of person you are and can also help for certain roles e.g. if I’m applying for a games testing role and I mention I enjoy playing video games in my spare time then that already shows I’m passionate about that industry. Be careful not to mention things that could however create a bad image e.g. if you enjoy going out for a drink on weekends then just say that you enjoy socialising with friends instead, it creates a more professional image.

This is how I have created my CV and how the company that helped me develop my career told me to structure it, so I hope it can be put to good use and will prove to be as effective as it was for me.

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