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Curate Your Work-From-Home Office for Optimum Productivity

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Your Dining Table May Function as a Work Table but It Can Only Do So Much

I am a minimalist and I believe in using one object for a variety of purposes

When I started working from home, using the dining table seems to be alright. I set-up my laptop, paper or and some books used for work and I can work. I do my meetings there and everything seemed to work perfectly fine.

The dining table doubling as an office table is a win-win for me. Not until I finish my first month working at home.

Disadvantages of working on the dining table

1. You will start to have backaches because of sitting on the dining chair for so long. Dining chairs can only function optimally for the duration of eating a meal. Sitting on it for a minimum of two hours gives so much stress on the back. How much more if it is extended to eight hours?

2. It's a hassle having to evacuate your laptop with all its cords and all other paraphernalia come lunchtime and your family has to use the table for lunch.

3. You will gain weight for having direct access to the kitchen.


Your Bed Is for You to Rest and Not to Work

Having failed on working the dining table, I transferred working in our room. Wow! During the first two days, I thought I was finally savoring those work-from-home stories that I usually read wherein they work on their beds while still in their pajamas. But it was just another expectation vs. reality.

The bed is so relaxing that I ended up watching YouTube, scrolling Facebook, or guess what -- sleeping! I got over quota on sleeping and relaxation while under quota for the tasks that I am supposed to do.


Don’t Scrimp. You Really Need a Small Home Office

I finally gave up and decided to tame my brain who is always convincing me to save. It's now a choice between being productive or saving money. I may save money but if I can't deliver my job properly, I may lose it.

The dining table is not the same as a work desk. If you don't believe me try measuring their dimensions. And if the dining table just can't make it, how much more working in bed? Your mind is well-versed. It knows that the dining table is for eating and the bed is for sleeping. So give your mind the signal that it should start working.

Find a small area that you can transform into a home office. For me, I had an area just outside our room. I invested a little bit of money -- the money that I saved on gas for not driving to the office and bought the following:

  • A small work desk - a desk specifically for work does wonder. When you are there, your mind knows that it's time to work;
  • A chair similar to your office chair - an ergonomic chair similar to what is in your office will enable you to concentrate on your work for longer hours;
  • Lumbar pillows - used for extra support. You will love the feel of memory foam on your back;
  • Laptop stand - prevents strain on your eyes and wrists. At first, I don't know that there is such a thing until I usually see it featured on blogs. I bought one and have loved it since;
  • Whiteboard - for me to write my goals, targets, and "to do" lists and have a visual reminder every day

You Are a Professional So Have a Home Office to Look Professional and Work Professional

Working from home is just a change of work venue. It doesn't mean that you finally detached from your office self. Even if you work from home you should delineate family and personal matters from work matters. And the best way to do it is to have a home office.

So, look into your budget for extra money or begin saving to start curating your home office soon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Olivia Marlene

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