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CSCS card case study mock exam and questions free for the CSCS test. UK.


CSCS card free case study mock test and example questions.

Since April 2012, the CSCS examination / test has incorporated the 'behavioural case study questions'.

There are 50 questions to each cscs test. 12 questions are within the case study section whilst the other 38 are usualy health and safety related.

The idea of the behavioural questions are to indicate a persons reaction to possible dangers that may occur whilst working or visiting a construction site.

The health, safety and environment test lasts for 45 minutes. The case study questions are usually first section to be completed. The remainder 38 CSCS ( Construction Skills Certification Scheme ) questions are multiple choice with a selection of 4 possible answers.

Ensure that the question is full understood prior to answering as some of the questions will require multiple answers. Trick questions are also mingled in with the usual common sense type questions.

To acquire any level of cscs card from labourer to professional and qualified construction operative, the outlay of the exam are similar with 12 case study questions and 38 health and safety.

Setting Out Film - IMPORTANT

The setting out film is what the 12 behavioural study questions are based upon. It is imperative for all people wishing to take the CSCS examination to watch this short eleven minute film prior to taking the exam.

The film offers expert advice on what will be required by prospective employers from a health and safety aspect.

Free link to a mock exam for the CSCS test.

The Exam Itself

The 12 case study questions are divided into three sections. Each section has four multiple choice questions.

Each applicant will follow a female or male fictional character around a construction site on their own screen. As certain safety concerns arise at various times, questions will be asked on what the character should do to ensure personal safety as well as the safety of everyone around the area.

Once the question has been answered, there is no going back, you cannot change your mind.

The bank of health and safety questions available for the test is estimated to be over 80,000. This ensures that no two exams will be the same.

The questions below are examples and samples of what may be asked in the cscs exam. Although the questions are very similar to the core sections in the examination, this is more of a visual stimulation and observation test.


Mock Questions

Answers at foot of page. David is the fictional character in these scenarios.

1) David is an agency worker and has just arrived on site. There is no one to be seen and he cannot find the site office. What should he do?

a) Go home and complain to the agency

b) Go back to his vehicle and try again later

c) Walk around the site until he can find someone and ask them where the site office is

d) Wait at the site entrance until he can attract someone attention.

2) The site manager manager tells David to sign in and report to the area where he is meant to begin work. What should David do?

a) Exactly as he has been told

b) Ask for a site induction

c) Ask a college about the site rules and regulations.

d) Go and find the site toilet and welfare facilities.


3) Once David has began to work, he discovers that a ladder is to short to reach the level he requires. What should he do?

a) Seek out an alternative ladder

b) Ask his nearest colleague for a longer ladder.

c) Ask the site manager for a longer ladder.

d) Put some bricks under the ladder to add the extra length required.

4) During the course of the day, David cuts his finger. What should he do?

a) Put some tape on it and continue with his work.

b) Get treatment from a first aider on site.

c) Complain to the agency and sue the company.

d) Get a plaster and report the incident after the days work has finished.


5) Whilst working, David sees' that some children have wandered onto the building site. What should he do?

a) Ignore them as they are not his children.

b) Shout at them and make them leave.

c) Lead them to safety then inform the site manager

d) Lead them to safety then call their parents

6) A delivery has just arrived. The driver asks David to help back him into an unloading area. Should David...?

a) Say no as he is not qualified to back him in.

b) Oblige and help the driver back in his lorry

c) Just ignore him

d) Tell the driver just to unload the vehicle where it is.

Free link to: Free condensed CSCS exam revision notes.

7) David is given a power tool with an adapter / converter. What is the first thing he should do?

a) Turn it on and see if it works.

b) Check the leads to see if there is any damage to them.

c) Ask a colleague to help him use the electric tool.

d) Put on rubber gloves.

8) David's dust mask has been torn whilst working. He should...?

a) Work on without it.

b) Tape it up and carry on regardless.

c) Stop work and ask the site foreman for another face mask.

d) Stop work and ask the person next to him for another face mask.

9) During the site induction, David got a bit confused and did not understand a certain topic. What should David do?

a) Ask a work colleague about it.

b) Not bother as he already knows most of it.

c) Ask for immediate clarification on the subject.

d) Ask once his task has started.

10) The site induction requires David to wear certain types of PPE. He cannot find any. What should he do?

a) Begin his work as the PPE will be given to him later.

b) Ask for the PPE before begging work from colleagues.

c) Ask for the PPE before beginning work from his supervisor.

d) Implement PPE from other materials.


1) Answer is D

2) Answer is B

3) Answer is C

4) Answer is B

5) Answer is C

6) Answer is A

7) Answer is B

8) Answer is C

9) Answer is C

10) Answers is C


In the year between 2012 - 203, there were 133 fatalities on British worksites.

Over 1 million injuries were recorded including paralysation, blindness, and loss of limbs.

The health and safety executive enforces regulations rigorously. Companies and individual tradesmen can be fined if safety regulations are broken.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is to be supplied by the employer to all workers and is a legal requirement. Self employed personnel must supply their own PPE.

The majority of accidents occur when falling from a height. Free link to working at height mock test.

CSCS Mock exam questions and answers.

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