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CB Engine Review 2022 (Finding the Right Clickbank Product to Sell

What is CB Engine?

Okay, so I am on the assumption that you know what Clickbank is and how people are making money out of it. If you don't know, that's fine. Because I will cover Clickbank in another article to further clarify how its a versatile tool for many affiliate marketers. So, what is CB Engine?

CB engine is literally an analysis tool which provides with detailed reports, Numeral data and various metrics that are actually not shown in the Clickbank website or even in their analyses dashboard. A lot of people on Clickbank rely on information that is taken from CB engine, its a much smarter and resourceful way of dealing with your hop links.

Now there are two main reasons why Clickbank doesn't disclose this information straightway. One of the reasons is MONEY and other being VENDER SATISFACTION. The first reason is quite obvious, you can just go to there website and see that a paid membership of $27 (might change in the future) is required to sign up. And nearly all the people who go the website have been directed from the Clickbank portal. The second reason is the core of the logic, which is to satisfy the vendors who are promoting their product on the Clickbank site. It is also to minimalize market saturation and promote market diversity, hence why you see new offers every other day.

CB Engine

CB Engine

What are the Pros and Cons?

Pros: I think the pros are pretty obvious to even an amateur affiliate marketer. This tool gives an insight on the high's and the low's of product metrics. Not only that but it also provides the user with all sorts of third party tools for better estimation and analyses.

Cons: There's not much to say here except that the site has a very back dated layout, almost as if their was no try on to improving it aesthetically. Many different analytical tools have appeared on the scene but CB Engine has not put any effort in advancing and developing its tools.

CB Engine Main Tool Set

CB Engine Calculators: So in this category we have a series of different calculators for all sort of purposes.

Refund Calculator - A calculation of the refund rate of the product

Reverse Commission Calculator - Calculation of the sale price based on the amount earned of the product and the commission rate.

Commission Calculator: This determines the amount the affiliate or vendor should earn from a sale.

Affiliate Hoplink Generator - Generate a Hoplink for any Clickbank product.

Sales Link Generator - To generate the vendors sales link to the Clickbank order page.

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CB Engine Plugin: This page gives information on how to place the Clickbank marketplace on your own website with PHP script which can be placed on your directory site. But be sure to register with a company which has PHP settings activated on it.

CB Bookmark Manager: Bookmark manager is basically self explanatory. It keeps all the records of your Clickbank products that you are most willing to promote or track. It has a very classical layout and is user friendly.

CB Vendor Database: This shows all the products from different vendors with all sorts of filters and metric analysis.

CB Product Database: This is were you can search the products by category and see all the details of the products.

CB Member Account: Simple account details in were you can change your personal preferences and mange your payment options.


From all the information that I have gathered, I say why not. It should help you tremendously on your journey to affiliate marketing. Not only that, but it will help to maximize your sales potential. The tools that it will provide for you is a priceless support for your business endeavor. If you find this review helpful, then please read my other articles on business, as they might help you to find other alternatives to passive income and remote working.

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