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Business Tips From the Youngest Billionaire According to Forbes

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Nowadays, the Kardashian-Jenners own an empire and high-end brands pay up to $1.000.000 to the Kardashian-Jenners so that their products will get featured in their social media accounts. We do not give them the credits they deserve and that is why we should remind ourselves of how hard they really work and that they are sharing some real values. If nothing else, we can all learn something from their business tips.


Do not dwell on sadness over your problems, search for a solution instead
Overstressing over our problems do not solve them, but may make them even worse. Neither does denying them. Instead we should find out the answer for what is bothering us [be it an illness or an embarrassing problem]. After we have taken our medication, we can as well turn it into a business thing. The best example for this case is Kris Jenner. For a couple of months she had to deal with a certain condition when she worked out or laughed a little too much. Too embarrassed to ask the doctor for a receipt she kept on hiding it or excusing herself. When the doctor showed Kriss this was a normal problem, the Momager decided to turn it into a business thing. Kriss created the special tools for all the women who suffered from the same problem and never had to worry again about it.

Success is not selfish.
I have fallen into the trap of thinking that if I have a certain project in mind I should not tell others about it, nor show them how I am going to make it a reality. When I started keeping up with the Kardashians I realized I got it all wrong. The reason my projects did not come to life or did not have the success I expected, it was because I did not cooperate with other people. The Kardashian-Jenner family taught me to motivate people to work hard, to work for their dreams. Their success would be my success too. Their success would not ever overshined mine. We cannot work alone. We will always need somebody else, who is specialized in another field or who has all the right connections with other people, so they can help us and we can help them. And this was the best business tip I learned from the Kardashians.


Take business meetings seriously.
Acting professionally, even though you may have never done something like that before, it is half the way of winning the business proposition. Fake it until you make it is a good mantra. Kim Kardashian is a perfectionist when it comes to business events and she would never miss an important meeting or photoshoot or appearance. Once she got a bad rush all over her body, a genetic disease for which you do nothing. Kim was so devastated she almost missed a photoshoot appointment because of it. Sometimes you just can’t shut the door to an opportunity that may never come again and that is exactly why she showed up to that photoshoot. Kim may have taken won her fame because of her infamous tape, but there are people who perform on those kinds of videos for a living. They are not famous and that is because that is how they do business. Kim took it a step further, she turned the whole tape thing on her favor. It is just good business in the end, isn’t it?

Do not take too much on your plate.
There are times we get so obsessed over what we are doing that we become delusional and think we can take care of everything. Things add up though and it will come a moment when you cannot handle all of the responsibilities anymore. If wecannot keep up with all the work anymore, we will try to do a little of this and a little of that and inevitably we will fail. Multitasking is a delusional state in my opinion. It reminds me of Kris, the famous Momager. She is brilliant at what she does, no doubt. But there was this one time when she began managing all the sisters that she lost track of the bookings she made for them, of the events Kris would have to show up and she could no longer be present at family dinners because she was working too much. We cannot focus on lots of things in a given moment. Instead I choose to focus on one project at a time and do that right. If I make a promise, I make sure to keep that one promise before I make others. I encourage you to do so when managing every little aspect of your life.

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Do not forget where you come from.
We may have been blessed with fame and money over the years, but we all have a past of struggling to reach to this place, as everyone else has. Reminding ourselves where we come from and how hard we worked, it is a way of reminding ourselves to never take anything for granted. When Kylie and Kendall Jenner were teenagers and just beginning to get advantage of their fortune, Bruce took them at a local place where poor people have built their homes, working hard every day so they could eat a decent dinner at night. It took a whole day of living those people’s lives, so Kendall and Kylie would appreciate more what they have and be more helpful to the society. Kylie Jenner uses her application to feature artists that do not get the appreciation they deserve. She has also created this huge campaign of #iammorethan, where she motivates her fans to share their stories of the unfortunate events these people have overcome so they can help motivate others to overcome their own struggles. Not a single voice goes unheard in the Kardashian-Jenner world.


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Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on November 01, 2019:

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If you want to physically work in another country, well you will have to apply your CV and data, and then if chosen they'll interview you by Skype or other methods, and if hired, you'll have to move there.

Martin da Bryt on October 29, 2019:

How can someone get a job outside his country. And make a good money

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