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7 Business Ideas for Women Who Want to Make a Difference

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1) Sell Personalized Items

If you enjoy creating or making custom products—such as greeting cards, clothing, or other accessories—you can make extra money on Etsy by selling them.

You'll have to create an account with Etsy and start a seller's account (it's free), upload pictures of your creations, and start taking orders.

You can choose your prices for your items, but Etsy has its commission system in place, so you'll need to consider that when setting up your shop and pricing your goods.

For instance, if you decide to sell custom stickers for about $4 each (for five sticker sheets), you'll earn about $4 per item sold – giving you $20 total from one order! On top of that, you'll receive between 20% and 30% of every sale you make.

However, be aware that Etsy will take 3.5% of your earnings at checkout, and payment processing fees may apply depending on what type of credit card processor you use. Still interested? Check out our thorough guide to starting an Etsy store here.

2) Start an E-Commerce Site

An e-commerce site allows you to reach customers worldwide and gives you access to limitless inventory.

While many assume e-commerce only applies to larger companies, it's a great way for any small business or entrepreneur with an idea—no matter how niche—to take their company global.

Products can include anything from clothing, consumer electronics, or food items. The biggest benefit of starting an e-commerce site is that it costs little compared to other online business ideas.

This makes it a viable option for first-time entrepreneurs who may not have much capital to invest.

However, there are some drawbacks to running an e-commerce store. You will need high-quality images of your products and services (which requires both time and money) and SEO knowledge if you want your store to rank on search engines like Google.

It also takes longer than most traditional business ideas to start making sales. New customers will need time to find your website through search engines or social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

That said, once you have made sales, they tend to be more profitable than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses because you don't have overhead costs like rent or staff salaries.


3) Create Your Product Line

One of the most effective ways women can make money from home is by creating their product line.

It's not just about beauty, however. Any product you develop—from health and wellness items to arts and crafts projects to collections like Beanie Babies—can create an income stream online or off.

Here are some things you should consider before diving in. Find out if there's already a demand for your type of product. Are there similar products on store shelves? Is anyone else selling it?

If so, how successful is that business? Have any other women tried selling products with little success? Doing thorough research will help ensure your business's success because you won't have blind spots on what customers want.

Be prepared to work hard. Creating a product takes time and effort. You may need to experiment with different ingredients or manufacturing processes until you get something right.

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And once you do, you'll still need to be committed enough to promote your products regularly through social media and other marketing channels. Consider outsourcing production.

Some aspects of making your product aren't worth doing yourself. For example, if you're creating candles, buying pre-made candle wicks might be easier (and cheaper) instead of making them yourself.

Or maybe someone else can make bath bombs while you focus on packaging them up into sets. Hiring freelancers could save time and energy while allowing more room for experimentation.


4) Launch an Online Course

An online course can be extremely lucrative. For example, you could start an online yoga class and charge people to view it. Or maybe you want to create an online training program that teaches people how to build social capital?

If your services are in demand, don't be surprised if your offers garner $10,000 or more.

Whatever idea you have in mind, there's likely a platform out there that allows you to get paid for it—even if you're an entry-level expert with no outside help.

Check out one of these sites to get started: Udemy Teachable Skillshare CreativeLive By doing so; you can create a passive income stream from something that doesn't require much effort.

It's not easy to start with affiliate marketing. Still, once you find an area that works for you, it will continue working over time.

With time, affiliates create strong bonds with their audience and convert them into loyal customers who trust their advice because they have proven themselves as experts in their field of interest.

Building such trust is key when building an affiliate business from scratch and why it is so important to take some time to plan before starting anything else when starting up an affiliate marketing business; otherwise, things may go wrong even before they begin!

5) Become a Corporate Trainer

Before we begin, it's important to note that there is nothing morally wrong with being a corporate trainer.

Although some may argue that corporate trainers are doing nothing more than teaching men and women how to work faster and make more money, even in their spare time, at minimum wage -- there is no shame in working multiple jobs and earning extra income while you can.

Many of us need two or three jobs to get by month-to-month. While it's not glamorous, corporate training can be rewarding if you're passionate about your field and enjoy training others.

Not only will you likely earn more than most entry-level positions, but you'll also have a chance to network with other professionals who share similar interests. To learn more about becoming a corporate trainer, read our post Hubpages here.


6) Promote Healthy Lifestyles

The importance of health cannot be overstated. Studies show that people with healthier lifestyles have a higher income, live longer, and have a better quality of life.

A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean drastic changes or avoiding all foods you enjoy; it simply means having a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Work to improve your health by promoting exercise, sleep, and nutrition. You'll be happier, more productive, and likely see financial benefits down the road because you made small but positive steps toward improving your lifestyle today.

To help inspire those changes in your life, try some of these different business ideas:
-Run an organized fitness program: If you like working out on your own, consider starting a business that helps others get fit.

Consider teaching fitness classes in parks or gymnasiums. When looking into licensing requirements and costs, check if there are any requirements specific to running these classes where you live.

While some states don't require certification for group fitness instructors who aren't teaching classes in accredited facilities (like gyms), other states do require certification from organizations like Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) or National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).

Some local governments may also permit businesses that teach in public areas.


7) Offer Health Consultations

You may be surprised at how much you enjoy consulting other women on their health and wellness.

You can charge by the hour or offer special packages as well. Either way, your clients will appreciate your in-depth knowledge of female health and any information you can share about how different foods and activities impact our bodies.

You may even want to take additional classes on nutritional science or other related topics to make yourself an even more valuable resource! If you're more of a doer than a thinker, becoming an expert at sharing health advice could be one of your best business ideas.

And if you have experience with blogging or social media marketing, that's another great option for offering your services.


That's my list of ideas. I want to be clear that there are no guarantees that any of these will work, but each one was born out of market demand, and they align with my core values.

The reality is that there is only so much you can do in life. This includes time, money, and energy. And if you don't prioritize correctly, you end up doing nothing or next-to-nothing because it becomes overwhelming or your priorities shift over time (which they almost certainly will).

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