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Best Revenue Sharing Site for Writers

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Alfred Joseph has been working with writing challenged clients for over six months. He provides ghostwriting and online coaching.


Over time, I have come across a lot of platforms and websites where you can monetize your written content basically by selling it for a one-time payment, which can be amazing or not so amazing depending on the said payment

There are other ways to monetize your written content without selling them, which I'm going to cover in this article. The technique I speak of is called the Revenue sharing. In this method, the writer receives a certain percentage (usually from 50%-80%) of ads revenue and Amazon associates.

The benefit of writing for a revenue sharing site

  • In the long run, writing for a revenue sharing site will reap you more than what you will earn from a one-time payment site.
  • Your potential earnings are unlimited: as your content continues to generate views and ads revenue, you will continue earning from that content.
  • If your content continues to attract visitors and generate ads revenue even after payment, you will receive multiple payments for that content.
  • There are thousands of websites registered in Google today, and if you just get started with your website it won't just pop up on Google front page, and many people won't be aware of it then writing for a revenue sharing site would be a great way to earn from your writing while you slowly build your website

Revenue sharing site


Comparison between revenue sharing sites and one-time payment sites

Comparison between revenue sharing sites and one-time payment sites

Revenue sharing siteOne time payment site

Your potential earnings are unlimited

As the name implies you receive a one-time payment which limits your earnings to the amount they pay you

You receive multiple payments from a particular content as long as it continues to attract visitors and generate ads revenue.

You receive a one-time payment for your content

You can increase your earnings by promoting your content to your social media page.

Promoting your content won't increase your earnings.

In the long run, writing for revenue sharing site will earn you more money but can be very frustrating at the initial stage.

Earnings are swift but limited.

Revenue sharing sites monetize your content for you while you retain every legal right to that content.

One time payment site buys content and retains the legal rights to that content.

Revenue sharing website

Many revenue sharing sites have shut their doors to business following the Google Implemented changes in 2010 and 2011 to reduce the ranking and impact of content farms, while others are no longer accepting guest writers.

Below are some of the list of sites that are currently accepting guest writers in 2020.


Hub-pages has been the home for many writers to write about their passions and share original in-depth useful and media-rich articles and has been in existence since 2006. They generally accept content that can be considered to be family-friendly and pay their writers 60% of the money generated from ads network and Amazon associates through PayPal wallet once they reach the minimum threshold of $50.

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Medium Is quite different from other revenue sharing sites. They accept all stories and ideas that can be considered to be compelling and pay their writer's a percentage a medium member spend in reading their content. This percentage is calculated based on the reading time of medium members.


Publish0X is a crypto powered Blogging site that anyone can join to earn cryptocurrency. The website is a crypto agnostic publishing platform that is very similar to Medium. On this platform, both the author and the reader receive cryptocurrency from the site. The platform gives you tokens to tip the writers and also keep for yourself for reading. You are to decide how much of the tip you will give to the author for writing the article and how much you’ll keep for yourself when you read the article. It's a bit difficult to become a blogger for Publish0X. Authors are required to apply to become a writer and provide a sample post for the site to review. The platform focuses more on crypto posts, and this is important you write about them. If accepted, you will be notified by an email. You also have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency when you become an Ambassador.


Answeree is a question and answer site for anyone who wants to join. The site is looking for people who can write and answer questions precisely and concisely without grammar errors and also earn money for asking a question or answering an already asked question by another member. Questions you ask can either be voted up or down depending on how other members relate to It, and your answers will be rated. For each rating you receive you earn a point for it which is visible to other members


Knoji is a popular review & consumer informative site dedicated to providing advice, comparisons, and answers about a range of e-commerce topics. They accept curated content about a product or brand. You can also write an article to answer the questions people are asking on knoji. The amount you earn depends on the article’s SEO rank. The higher your article rank, the more you get paid.

In knoji, you earn money from two different sources

  • You earn from the traffic your articles receive
  • And from the activity bonus, it receives depending on where your article rank on search engines.

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Farrah Young from Lagos, Nigeria on June 24, 2020:

Great research. I hadn't heard of some of these.

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