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Best Answers to Commonly Asked Interview Questions


The first one

Note: The word “Me” below refers to the person being interviewed.

1.Interviewer: Sell me this pen.

Me: Sir, which company’s pen do you use?

Interviewer: XYZ company.

Me: Sir, this is a pen of my company. We have recently introduced it in the market. You should use it. It’s very good.

Interviewer: Prove it!

Me: Sir what is the normal life of the refill of a pen if used frequently?

Interviewer: It’s about 7 days.

Me: And our pen works for 2 months when used in the same frequency.

Interviewer: Okay! what is it’s cost?

Me: It costs 4 times the cost of your pen.

Interviewer: Then why should I buy an expensive pen?

Me: Because it will be economical to you. Let me break out the math here. If you use your pen frequently then how many refills you have to change within a period of 2 months.

Interviewer: about 8 or 9.

Me: And what is the cost of each refill of your pen?

Interviewer: About rs. 5.

Me: So the total cost of refills become Rs. 40–45 for 2 months, right?

Interviewer: Right!

Me: Now our pen’s single refill works for 2 months straight without getting exhausted. And the price of our pen’s one refill is 4 times that of your pen’s refill and that is 5 multiplied by 4, that is Rs. 20. So, your expenses on refills for 2 months will reduce to less than half! It’s like a long term investment which is extremely beneficial for you.

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Interviewer: Alright, But how do I know that your pen’s refill will work for 2 months?

Me: Sir, this is a sample pen I am giving you for free. Take this and see by yourself. If you get satisfied by it, order the whole carton of it.

Interviewer: Why the whole carton?

Me: Because our pen’s ink does not dry for 5 years. So there is no harm in keeping the stock. Who knows that in future because of inflation, our company may increase the price of the pens. So it’s a win win situation for you to order the stock.

The second one

2.Interviewer: You have 10 minutes to impress me.

Me: Okay sir. Can I do anything in this period to impress you?

Interviewer: Yes, but in limits.

Me: Sure, sir. Let switch positions. Me being the interviewer and you being the candidate. Is that okay?

Interviewer: Okay.

(Time left: 9 minutes).

Me: You have 8 minutes to impress me Mr. XYZ!

Interviewer: (confused) Alright. **Thinks for about 2 minutes and then starts to tell me about his academic accomplishments**.

Me: No, no. That I have seen in your resume. Impress me with something out of the box.

Interviewer: (Thinks for rest of the time. Probably is not able to give a satisfactory answer).

Me: Time up! Sir let’s switch positions again.

Interviewer: Alright!

Me: Sir, just 1 minute is left from your given time of 10 minutes and I want to say something to you in this time. I just wanted to show you that how hard is it to impress someone in 10 minutes by thinking outside the box and that too when you are in such a stressful situation and can do things in limits only. I asked you to impress me in 8 minutes and you were unable to do that despite you being the person in power and having no fear or limitations on you.

(Times up!).


Pay special attention to time management (1+8+1) here.

The third one

3.Interviewer: Sign on this paper.

Me: *Signs on the paper with a pencil*

Interviewer: Give me back the paper?

Me: *Erases the sign with the eraser and then returns the paper*

Interviewer: Why did you erase that?

Me: You could have taken advantage of my sign on a blank paper.

Interviewer: Okay, now sign on that paper with a pen.

Me: *Signs on that paper with a pen*

Interviewer: Now give me that paper.

Me: *Tears off the part of paper that is signed and gives the remaining paper to the interviewer.

Interviewer: Why did you tear that off?

Me: You could have taken advantage of my sign on a blank paper.

Interviewer: Okay, now sign on the paper with a pen but don’t tear it off.

Me: *Signs with a pen*

Interviewer: Now give me the paper(With an evil smile).

Me: Okay sir! *Cuts my sign with multiple lines and hands the paper to the interviewer*.

Interviewer: If you have to leave me high and dry by not giving me the signed paper, why did you do it in the first place itself?

Me: Sir whatever I did solves my two purpose.

A. I followed your orders (As you asked me to sign the paper which I did).

B. I saved myself from getting rejected based on the fact that I gave a blank paper to a stranger with my sign on it.

Interviewer: But you didn’t follow my one order. I asked you to hand me the paper which you handed me after removing the sign.

Me: Yes, I did follow your that order too. I handed you the paper. You never asked about handing you the SIGNED paper! Even if you might have asked me to do that also, I would have done the same as I did right now!

Interviewer: Why?

Me: Because in that case, you wouldn’t have mentioned my sign’s condition(intact or destroyed). I would have cut the sign and then given it to you. But still it would have been the SIGNED paper!

Always remember one thing;

Having self confidence and keeping calm in an interview will help you to think on these lines in an interview and will land you in that job forsure.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Aryaan kapoor

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