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Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies (Black Friday 2022)


The Best Dedicated Web Hosting Providers

For a Blogger the toughest task is to chose the right hosting service. When it comes to business web hosting the task gets even tougher. This is because for a business/company, dedicated hosting is advised. This is because with dedicated hosting you can have a much more bandwidth and space along with faster speed. Dedicated Hosting is advised to those too whose needs can not be handled by shared hosting or VPS hosting. In Dedicated Hosting you will have the whole server dedicated to your website and you can handle traffic of as much as thousands of visit a minute. However, Choosing the best dedicated hosting company is a hercules task. A Lot of confusion arises on whom to trust and whom to neglect for dedicated hosting service. The market is full of dedicated hosting providers but you have to chose only one. The one company whose web hosting service is best and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Here is the List of 10 Best Web Hosting Service Providers:

10. GoDaddy:

When back in 1999 retired marine corp Bob Parsons decided to rename his company Jomax Technologies to GoDaddy, everyone was thinking that this company might not be taken serious. The internet bubble helped a lot to godaddy and with few years the company became the largest ICANN-accredited registrar surpassing Network Solutions and eNom. But GoDaddy didnt just wanted to stop at Domain registering. The company soon started their web hosting services with many attractive services. As being a trusted brand already, customer trusted on the hosting offered by godaddy. Godaddy branched out from Shared hosting to cloud server hosting as well. It provided Dedicated servers on 4 major operating systems - Fedora, Centos, Windows and Ubuntu. You try out the economy plan which costs around 99.99$ per month and offers bandwidth of 5TB along with 320 GB storage. If you're not satisfied with the services then feel free to contact the customer support and cancel your subscription.

9. RackSpace:

RackSpace is very popular name is cloud computing and cloud storage. So if you're interested in a managed cheap cloud hosting then Rackspace is a perfect choice. They provide service of both Virtual dedicated servers as well as bare metal dedicated servers The only thing that puts them down in their list is the price. They charge around $499 per month. The price is reasonable but if you can not afford it then don't worry there are other good options as well. However if you're a large company who wants expert to work with them on their website then i would strongly recommend you rackspace.

8. Liquid Web:

This Michigan based company was founded in 1997 by Matthew Hill. The good thing is that LiquidWeb focuses mainly on managed cloud Hosting while other company brands their shared or vps hosting.You will find a good variety in the services provided. You can opt for single core, dual core or quad core processor. Their data center is in Phoenix, Arizona. The most impressive plan offered by Liquidweb costs $279/month. You will get Dual core Intel Xeon processor with 8 GB ram and 5 TB bandwidth. The unique thing is that not only you get 1 TB primary storage of RAID-1 but also gets 1 TB SATA storage along with additional 120 GB kingston drive. You can choose between windows and linux hosting.

7. iWeB:

The most impressive feature that iWeb provide is the use of latest Intel core generation processors. You can get a dedicated server that uses Intel core generation i3 at a price of just $89 per month. Yes, Only $89/month. In addition iWeb provides 8GB RAM, 20 GB bandwidth and 2 TB storage. This offer is for Montreal based server. The location of their other server is - California, Dallas, Singapore and Amsterdam.

6. InMotion Hosting:

If you're unknown to fully managed Dedicated Hosting and want to give it just a try then i would suggest you to go for InMotion Web Hosting service. There are two reason for this first they are one of the cheapest providers of dedicated hosting. Their Clearance dedicated service package costs jus $79/99 per month. InMotion has been floating in the ocean of dedicated hosting since 2001 and in these 13 years the company has earned a reputed position in market. The company has divided its window dedicated hosting service in 7 classes namely - Clearance, Essential, Advanced, Elite, Commercial Class 500, Commercial Class 1000, Commercial Class 2000. If you're a blogger with more advanced need i would advise you to go for Essential plan which is affordable as well as high performing. However if you're a big scale company then you can go with any of the commercial class plan. You will get Intel Xeon 2.5 GHz CPU and 15 TB of Bandwidth. The RAM will vary according to your plan (16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB). Also storage will be 1TB for Class 500 and 600 GB for class 1000 and Class 2000. The cost will range from 419.99$ per month to 589.99$ per month. The major feature that InMotion is famous for is the Raid-1 high performance data storage. The location of the dedicated server is in Santa Monica, California.

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5. SingleHop:

SingleHop is a Chicago based Hosting company which was founded in 2006. The company was founded by two engineers Zac and Dan who earlier founded the company MidPhase. MidPhase relied on Shared hosting but Zac and Dan soon realized that shared hosting can not satisfy the needs of a growing business with thousands of customers. So they founded SingleHop which provided Dedicated Hosting Services. With more than 4000 clients world wide the company is often cited as one of the fasted growing IT company in the world. SingleHop provides 8 varieties of dedicated hosting. The dedicated servers of Singlehop are based in Chicago, Amsterdam and Arizona. The cheapest dedicated hosting that they provide costs $159/Month. The features included are 16 GB Ram, 2x500 GB storage, 2.8 GHz CPU (Quad Core) and 10TB bandwidth. If you're not impressed with these features then try their best plan which costs $369/month. You will get 10 TB of Bandwidth along with 500 GB space (Seagate hard disk), 16 GB RAM and 2X Hexa-core CPU (2.0GHz). Both Windows and Linux Hosting is available.

4. Dreamhost:

The Cloud Computing business was took by storm by a new company in 1997. It was New Dream Network's Dreamhost web hosting company. Dreamhost not only uses Apache Server but also uses Lighttpd and nginx servers. The dedicated hosting service got better in 2012 when the company started offering Cloud storage as well. There are 6 major plans offered by Dreamhost ranging from $109 per month to $249 per month. Dreamhost would have been ranked a little higher in the list but there are some negative points too. Dreamhost doesn't offer Customer support by phone. You have to pay extra charges for that. Overall the company provides satisfactory service and you can opt it if you're looking for cheap dedicated server hosting (Linux).

3. JustHost:

Customer's Satisfaction is prime motive of JustHost web hosting company. There are multiple reasons that makes Justhost a very good service provider. First of all the Dedicated Hosting service provided by JustHost is superfast with 99% uptime guarantee. Secondly you will get a free domain name from JustHost with their hosting plan. To make it easy for their customers Justhost has maintained FAQ and DIY lists of almost every cPanel task. Still if you get confused then you dont have to worry as you can contact the customer care 24/7. I would suggest you to go with the Standard Plan as it will satisfy all your needs. It costs $149.99 per month and you will get a Dual core Intel Xeon processor along with 5TB bandwidth and 4 GB ram. Also you will get 500GB RAID-1 HDD.

2. BlueHost :

BlueHost is the oldest Hosting company listed here. It was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton. At first Bluehost focused on Shared hosting only where a single server was shared a group of websites. However in 2012 the company switched on to VPS (Virtual Dedicated Server) and Dedicated hosting too. One thing that Bluehost is known for is that it provide cheap hosting plan without reducing the quality or compromising with the features. The cheapest plan offered by Bluehost is of 149$ per month and comes with Intel Dual core Processor along with 5 Tb bandwidth and 4 Gb ram. Plus you will get a 1000 GB RAID 1 Hard Disk. Good thing is that they also provide cloud storage free with their dedicated hosting plan.

1. Hostgator:

Hostgator is probably the most recommended hosting company in the world. Established in 2002 by Brent Oxley, Hostgator has become a leading company in the world of web hosting. Even the stats support this fact, As Hostgator hosts more than 9 million domains in the world. The company generated a turnover of around $35 million in 2013. I guess this is enough to tell how much reputed company Hostgator is in the field of Hosting Services. People mainly opt Hostgator for Shared hosting (or for VPS hosting) but Hostgator has earned a name in dedicated web hosting too. It provide both Linus and Windows dedicated hosting. There are 4 dedicated server plans - Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. The server are based in United States. The cheapest dedicated web hosting plan provided by Hostgator is of $174 per month (Basic Plan) but i would suggest you to either go for Standard or for Elite Plan. If you're a big company then Pro Plan is best for you which costs around $374 per month. You will get Quad core 3.3 Intel Xeon processor along with 16 GB ram, 25 GB bandwidth and 1 TB storage.

So this was our list of 10 Best Dedicated web Hosting Services. Which one have you used? Which hosting company would you recommend for dedicated server?

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