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The Best Ways to Become a Good Boss

Tracy is a freelance writer and blogger with twelve years of experience in writing. And he has since mastered the art of content creation.

I think before you can be a good boss you have to be a good person. When I have been a supervisor in previous jobs before I made sure I treated my employees the way I would want to be treated and I would never ask them to do anything I wouldn't do. I showed them I wasn't better than they were. I think this is the way a boss should be. Of course not all the time do you bond with a boss the way I did with mine. We had a lot in common and both loved to talk to each other and would help each other. To me she inspired me to be a better employee by being a better boss.

There are 10 Characteristics of a good Boss and they are as follows:

1. A good listener - To manage people you need to have the skill of being a good listener. This skill helps you assess the needs of your employees so you can meet them.

2. The Blame stops here - When confronted with a problem the boss doesn't blame the employees but takes on the responsibility.

3. Gets Their Hands Dirty - The boss joining and helping the employees meet a deadline to make sure that everyone knows what a team is you have to play on it.

4. Mentor - Becoming a mentor of their employees helping to grow and develop their team to be the best they can be.

5. Communicate - This is one of the most important characteristics of a good boss. The employees are always kept informed and doesn't make the department look bad by not being kept in the loop. This is also important for a boss to keep in touch with the employees instead of just review time.

6. Good Morale - With the good boss the morale is high in the department because they will all enjoy their job together.

7. Provides Resources - A good manager will make sure the employees have the materials they need to complete their job.

8. Knows What's Going On - A manager should be on top of what is happening in the own department and not have any surprises, unaware of issues and accomplishments.

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9. Recognizes Employees - A good boss should tell the employees that they appreciate them and just just as review time.

10. Understanding - A good boss is one that realizes that our family comes first and they should be more important than the job and still treats us with respect.

We all know that bad bosses are out there usually they are on a power trip and are consumed with taking all the credit from their department as their own. But we won't dwell on the bad ones but out the good ones.

As a freelance videographer says the best boss he ever had showed him respect and made him feel like a valued employee and a important team member through his actions, not his words. He encouraged us to do hard work, be creative and to value everyone for who they were so this inspired us to work hard for him as well as ourselves. Any time you needed to talk he was there for consultation and skilled at good constructive criticism as well as suggestions. The team always recognized the boss as the leader decision maker as a result of the boss being approachable and one that encouraged leadership.

One or two adjectives cannot describe the feeling of having a good boss but they do need to be consistent and predictable.

A lady from the hospital who is a supervisor says when her staff works late she makes sure they get rewarded by coming in late the next day or another day. This helps her have a more positive relationship with her employees.

Good bosses focus on getting the job done completely not by measuring the hours that an employee sits in the chair at the office.

For all of the professions the notion of a regular workweek is fading and life hasn't become more rigid. The family unit along with personal obligations and 9 to 5 work hours just as impossible. The most important thing to employees now is flexibility and that extends beyond the handling of schedules. It can also apply to the daily operations. A good boss is flexible about doing things and in doing so can open different possibilities of learning different ways to do things as well as learning to do them better. At the same time one of the advantages of this flexibility is learning what not to do. One of the most important things in hiring is flexibility. Guidelines should be qualifications and assets in job posting. Sometimes relevant work experience is more important than an education background and should be recognized by the boss.

It is hard for employees to mke the boss look good when the boss is behaving erratically and every situation seems to result in a unique decision. They will need to be your allie and not your enemy.

A good boss is one that is dependable and will defend your actions and will help you and stnd by you when there is problem. They understand tht every task that is given to you cannot be your no. 1 top priority and will work with you any way possible to redjust priority iists as necessary.

A good boss will keep in mind the overall value that ech employee bring to the organization. A single transgression by an otherwise ecellent employee doesn't demnd the sme response as the sme transgression by an employee who consistntly is making mistakes.

A good boss knows what projects might be coming and is willing to share this information and more about higher management levels with their employees.

Listed below are 10 reasons that bosses make good bosses:

1. Good bosses can be the enemy of efficacy and work to create an atmosphere of empower their team with time, techniques and resources.

2. Good bosses make room for everyone and foster a sense of community.

3. Good bosses invite creative thinking.

4. Good bosses can create an open environment so employees can voice concerns or frustrations.

5. Good bosses encourage career development.

6. Good bosses have no trouble running effective and efficient meetings.

7. Good bosses make people feel safe by building trust.

8. Good bosses find ways to help employees gain deep personal satisfaction so thy are inspired and excited to go to work and perform well.

9. Good bosses make sure people accept their roles and actions.

10. Good bosses show gratitude and know how to praise.

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