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Best Ways for Fiverr Gig Promotion

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I'm just in search of sustainable and legitimate ways for multiple income streams. I believe that sharing positively brings positivity.

Work from home online and get paid

Work from home online and get paid

What can be done on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website where you can get things done for you or for others starting from five-dollars.

Facilitation of the exchange of skilled labor by allowing workers to showcase and sell their skills to a global market is due to the emergence and modernized gig economy. (Huang, Yao & Yin, 2020)

  • You can write a 300-500 word article for people.
  • You can provide data entry services.
  • One can plan maps for Auto-Cad.
  • Put the content of your competency that you can complete in ten minutes on Fiverr.
  • Women can make introductory videos of companies, which is a very easy task.

In short, you can perform almost countless freelancing jobs on Fiverr.

Now you may be wondering, it is a waste of time. I would like to inform you that people are earning millions of rupees a month from this one and only website worldwide.

All you need is good guidance and ideas. This idea can be anything. Some people are making money by making banners.

If you can't believe it, visit now and see Mujib's weird ideas. You have to remember that you have to offer your work which can be completed in just five to ten minutes.

So that you can work as much as possible in one day and obviously earn as much money as possible. Many people are now wondering what we can do?

Remember that every time you make a five-dollar on Fiverr, you only get four dollars because 1 dollar is Fiverr's commission.

You can withdraw up to four dollars if you wish. You can withdraw money in two ways Payoneer and PayPal (PayPal is not available in Pakistan but there are some ways that you can use).

If you don't have preceding reviews or Gigs then it's suggested checking out how much your competition charges and setting your prices slightly below.

How Fiverr's Search Algorithm Works

1. Get Your First Order ASAP.

2. Do Proper SEO of your Gig.

3. Right Keywords.

4. Make trustworthy clients.

5. Increase your conversion rate.

6. Increase the turnover of orders

7. Keep online.

8. Become a Higher Level Seller.

9. Use Social Media.

”The riches are in the niches”.

Fiverr Traffic Gigs

Fiverr Traffic Gigs

How to be Successful on Fiverr?

Search a specific niche market and keep providing services for it in the long run. Most professional freelancers are doing this.

According to best sellers of Fiverr, when people go on Fiverr searching for something, they research gigs specific to there niche.

So, if you are a doctor, medical technician, lab pharmacist, etc you're gonna be looking for a relevant gig. So, create one gig that is specific to such a specific target audience.

For example, let's say you do resume writing, if your resume writing gig is the number one top seller, then try creating one for specific to a specific target e.g. If you get a lot of resumes from lawyers so create a gig and say,

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  • ”I will create your long resume for five dollars or whatever”.

Examples of other offers you can have for lawyers:

  • ”I will do your law practice script for five dollars”.

You can try to figure out a niche and do that and hopefully, it'll be successful.

Famous Gigs on Fiverr

Things like logo design, music video editing, marketing, SEO, etc are very famous on Fiverr. As one can observe from the first page of the website.

What are the best websites for the budget-minded entrepreneurs to find freelancers for their projects to crush all of that stuff?

Fiverr is the place that allows lean entrepreneurs to find freelance services and fit their budget and their timeline for whatever projects they may be working on.

Fiverr originally had a lot of the jobs on it for just five dollars and still, it is working on it.

  • Like you can get an intro video for your YouTube channel for five dollars.

That's still true today in fact it's stunning how many cool gigs there are for five dollars but it's also kind of grown.

However, if you invest a little bit more you can get some very serious impressive projects accomplished that go up from there and so there are a lot of different options and opportunities on Fiverr.

Further, some awsome gigs that you can make and target a specific audience on Fiverr are discussed below.

  • As highlighted above an animated logo for your videos or a logo stinger and that's what you see at the beginning of a YouTube video. It is usually around five seconds.
  • Another gig that is making dollars for freelancers on Fiverr is logo design, now maybe you want a logo for your channel or maybe you want a logo for just a digital product that you are making or a logo for one off-brand or something like that.
Make money online

Make money online

How to Rank Your Gig on Fiverr?

There's a way with which Fiverr rates the gigs in order from highest rated or average to lowest. Fiverr takes the help of customer reviews in rating but SEO can also help you in that.

SEO or Search engine optimization is synonymous with video search engine optimization.

Your video’s link on 75 different blog posts essentially creates a backlink to your YouTube video so that's just one of the ranking factors on Fiverr.

  • It can also be an SEO service for five dollars, you're going to get more backlinks to your video.

If you're trying to get your videos to rank high in search then there are other gigs that will do the SEO for your channel. That is the SEO of a specific video.

Meaning they'll find the best keywords and optimize your YouTube videos, and again I would really recommend always look for the highest-rated seller.

Rank your Gigs on Top of Fiverr?

Now, this is a commonly asked question, so some hacks on how to get your gigs last showing up on the first page of Fiverr.

Fiverr has the ability to give some financial freedom to you in your life.

Hacks on how to how to get your stuff ranked in Fiverr is like getting something ranked in Google.

It's kind of similar to your plot of writing a blog post so it's a tricky combination but once you learn how to do that. It makes a lot easier to get your stuff done successfully.

The attitude of the Fiverr Buyers:

Don't stereotype but mostly the people on Fiverr only spent five dollars now they're very serious and don't wanna lose these five dollars to whatever they're doing. So there are some tight people out there.

Without optimization or keyword searches, you're never going to get ranked on Fiverr.

Within seconds you can get keywords that you need to use in your titles, descriptions, and your tags in your gigs to make it so you get ranked in search engine optimization.

Fiverr Gigs Tips

Fiverr Gigs Tips

Make the First Sale Fast:

You need to make your first sale very quickly and this is the toughest part. ”It's easier said than done” because if you're not ranking on the first page then how are you gonna get for sale.

So, it's very tricky but here are some tips on how to get your first sale.

Your offer needs to be eye-catching and hence spend some serious time on your offer and spend some significant time on your logo and title.

All that matters a lot and it is very important because that's what potential customers see.

Setting up gig in your video, slide, or whatever you're doing there, makes it look as professional.

Use buyer requests and request to see if there's anything in there for you and actually reply to them and try to sell your gig for these buyer requests.

There's always somebody in Fiverr looking for a specific thing, if you can give them that specifically, then ask them that's another way to get a say.

You can just tell them like, “Hey I'm new and unlike professionals, I only charge five dollars for this gig”.

What other people might be charging 15 dollars or more.


Wrapping this up, I'll like to inform you that if you're getting traffic outside of Fiverr coming into your gig then Fiverr will rank you really quick.

Because they love to see people come in from outside of their platform to look for your gigs.

So that's just a tip on how to get you rank faster by promoting your own gigs outside of Fiverr.

The more gigs you will be able to create, more will you be able to earn and grow.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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I've been interested in Fiverr for a while now so this was a good read for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it with us all here.

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