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Best 3 New Freelance Platforms

INTRODUCTION: As digital technology is getting better and more advantageous day by day, online or digital (productive) opportunities are increasing to a big extent. Because of this, online ways of generating income as an entrepreneur or a freelancer are so many in the digital world these days. Freelancing is a very popular way of online earning. There are a number of familiar freelance platforms like fiverr, upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour, guru etc. Apart from these commonly popular freelance websites, there are many new platforms for online freelancing as well.

I am going to discuss here briefly about the top 3 freelance platforms (with mobile apps) available worldwide.

Gigworks: Gigworks is a very interesting platform which has an application for mobile devices. Their website is not optimal yet for using for freelance activities. Instead, you can do everything inside the application. The application is quite similar to fiverr’s application, with many other options like creating gigs and so on. It has a really good rating on play store.

24Task Freelancer: If you are experienced as a freelancer on’s application, then this particular freelancing application may be worth trying for you. It’s based on bidding to win just like So, in keeping with or peopleperhour, anyone can use it. Although there are many uncertainly suspicious jobs available on this platform, it is still a good and promising freelance platform.

Legiit: This is a new but good freelance platform. It has recently launched an app on the play store. You have to create service(s) on the website. You can use the app for receiving orders, communicating and delivering completed orders as well.

VERDICT: If you are looking for getting freelance work online and you want to work on new platforms with lower competition, then you should try these new applications/platforms. You are more likely to get work here.

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