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Best Free Websites to Submit and Promote Your Content and Writing

I have been doing content marketing for a long time, and I plan on teaching you what I know about promoting content online.


If you are looking to promote your content online, you would think that the goal would be to get it posted on as many websites as possible, right? Well, the goal actually should be to make sure that when you post your content on another website it’ll bring you traffic to yours.

I have been doing content marketing for a long time, and I’ve posted to many different websites. Not all websites are created equal. Some websites are worth posting to and some are not worth the time.

When creating content, a blog post, for example, you should create a few versions. A main version that you post on your own blog, and a few original, rewritten versions that you can use to promote the main version online. You can rewrite one blog post into two or three original posts and submit them to two or three websites while linking back to the original site. This will help promote your original blog post, as well as build a small community on other websites, which you can promote content to in the future.

I’ve gathered a list of what I think are the best websites that are worth the time to submit your content to for promotion.


Ninth Digital is a website that you can use to promote your content online. It's a website where writers can create a custom platform for their content.

Remember, it's always best to use original content when posting on other sites to avoid duplicate content problems in the search engine. Although republishing is allowed on Ninth Digital, don't republish the same article on more than one other site.

You can use Ninth Digital to help build backlinks to your website, as well as another place to build a community. Like with other communities, you can promote your content to them in the future driving even more traffic back to your website.

If you can get your content in their popular posts section on the homepage your post will receive tons of traffic.

It's easy to register and post content; nothing has to go through any applications. As long as your content is quality, it will remain on the site.


Medium is a great place to start when you're looking to promote your content online. The reason that it's one of the best websites is because you can republish content for quick promotion. Of course, original content is always going to be better.

If you're short on time, republishing your content in is a quick way to get a backlink, some traffic, and another post ranking in the search engine. If you change your title, you may be able to rank for two keywords - one for the main post and one for the republished post. Always remember to link back to the original post to avoid duplicate content problems. If you use Medium's import tool, it will automatically link back to the original article for you.

Another great reason to use medium is that it ranks very highly in the search engines. You'll notice that Medium articles can rank on the first and second page quite often. This is because they have good SEO and have a high website authority.

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You can also use Medium to build an email list and a following on the site, so that when you create content in the future you can promote your new post to those followers.

One thing you have to remember about republishing your content is that if you always do it users won't come to your blog because they already know it's the same content. It may be a good idea to only republish every other post instead of every post. Then on posts that you're not republishing, you can rewrite that to create an original post.


HubPages is another website that you can submit your content to. Your HubPages articles should be original and high quality.

When you first get started on HubPages you have to get at least five articles in their featured section.

When you write an article it will be either accepted or rejected. If your article is accepted, it will be in their featured section. If the article is rejected you may have to edit it or make it better in order for it to get accepted. The good thing is you can publish the article as many times as you need to to get it accepted.

Once your article is in their featured section you can apply to have your article published in their network of sites. If your article is accepted by one of these sites you will start to generate lots of traffic. These sites rank very highly in the search engines. many of the articles that I have gotten accepted on some of these sites have ranked on the first or second page of Google. They bring in a steady trickle of traffic to my website.

best-free-websites-to-submit-and-promote-your-content-and-writing markets themselves as a platform for creators to earn money from their content. In order to get your content on Vocal it does have to go through an application process. This means it should be high quality, original content in order to have the best chance at getting the content accepted.

One of the best things about Vocal is that you can still make money with your content even if you have a free account. You are also able to receive tips from fans. There is a paid option with extra features that you can upgrade to at any time.

Vocal is one of those sites that you can use to build a community for future promotion.

Since Vocal is one of the harder websites to get accepted to it may not be viable to rewrite each new piece of content, but it will be beneficial to post on Vocal every once in a while.


In Summary

Start from the top of this list and go down. Each new piece of content that you create doesn't have to be posted to each one of these sites each time. Instead choose one or two sites to repost or rewrite your content to to gain extra exposure and traffic to your original post.

Keep in mind, it is always better to have original, high quality content, even when marketing on another website.

Also keep in mind that traffic isn't going to come as soon as you make the post. Sometimes it takes a week or two for it to make its rounds or to be picked up in the search engines, which is where you'll get a lot of your traffic.

Good luck!

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