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Become A Bouncer






How to Become a Boucer

Visiting a nightclub sitting there as a patron and watching this very confident person moving across the room. Who is this person? The persona is quiet and in control. This is the Bouncer, looking at this person and thinking,” That is what I want to be when I grow up.” This is not a job for the faint at heart. Becoming a Bouncer is serious business and involves far more than acting tough and throwing someone out on their ear. The job of a Bouncer is psychological as well as physical. Many are searching for a career that utilize martial arts skills, body building and charismatic personalities: this is a bouncer.

Chapter 1: Learn the Psychology

Training to cool a situation before it gets out of hand is an excellent attribute for a Bouncer. There are many classes available and are useful in everyday life and in other career pursuits. Self control is critical when you are a bouncer. This not only keeps you aware of your surroundings but keeps others safe. This part of your job as a Bouncer is also a part of your ultimate goal. When you are a Bouncer it is possible to get shoved, or seriously injured while working crowd control, no matter, you must still maintain control and deal with difficult customers.

Reading books on the subject is a wonderful way to expose your mind to the many methods of learning the psychology of dealing with crowds. There is a time when a stern attitude is called for and a time to lean back. When trying to get a job as a Bouncer your every move will be noted by your potential employer.

The Psychology of body language is very important in a crowd and the employer will note if you are able to send the correct messages to a crowd. A trial period may be given and a more experienced Bouncer or the employer at a smaller establishment will give you their level of testing. The crowd may be heavier on some nights than others but your status as the Bouncer must command respect.

The Psychological abilities of the Bouncer should be second nature and every employer wants to know customers are in good hands. People sometimes feel they can drink more than they can actually handle, and cutting them off from further consumption may be necessary and the employer needs to know in this and other potentially volatile circumstances you know how to maintain control.

Chances are you will not have the job until you prove your mental skills to the employer. These will not just happen. Training with classes or reading will get you the knowledge needed but the training must be so well learned it is always at the top of your brain. People will give you trial by fire and you must have the mental equipment needed to take care of any situation. When looking for a job as a Bouncer remember the employer has established a place people enjoy coming, they want to have a good time and stay safe in the process. The employer is not out to hire a bully, a Bouncer is a true professional.

Chapter 2: Get Security Training:

First of all, have your qualifications in order. Have your certifications and paperwork to prove it. Maybe certifications are not required in your neighborhood, get it anyway. Make the extra effort to put yourself at the top of the pile. Have your certification for training. Police academy students take a certain level of training, if you cannot get this training calibre, let your training come as close as possible. In a bad situation you will feel like the police. Getting a job as a Bouncer requires the ability to take care of yourself and others.

This is a self defense job, only you are the extension of a customer in distress. Being harassed in any way is never the expectation of people going out for a nice evening but because there are those people who love to spoil it for everyone employers hire bouncers and you want the job. Physical classes are located in every city. Gyms are filled with people trying to get fit for many reasons so add this to your registry if you have not already. Being tough in a general sense is fine but customers take training too and yours self defense training needs to be a step above the game.

One benefit of extensive training is that added sense of confidence not over confidence. People come from a line of mental states and self defense to the other power gives you a grab bag of options when you need to help a customer find the door. This training keeps you aware that the problem may not end at the door of the club or bar. Sadly some do not understand a situation is over and will take it to serious levels. Self defense teaches you to recognize these problem personalities and to stay alert.

Qualifying yourself with as much training as possible may save you from serious injury. Never let your guard sown and never expect only one person to try to take you down. People go to clubs in groups and the desire help a friend is there even though they are wrong. Alcohol does that. People draw weapons and fight you with the buddy system so, an arsenal of self defense mechanisms is recommended with a watchful and quiet wit. You will feel safer if you can handle yourself and have a better chance of becoming gainfully employed.

Chapter 3: Stay within in the law:

This point gives you confidence when dealing with unruly customers in any situation. You know what you can and cannot do within the bounds of the legal system and therefore avoid getting yourself or the bar into legal trouble.

What the laws are in your city may vary from another but there are certain things standard around the world. Know the numbers of law enforcement and meet police personal handling your area. Some night clubs, bars, or events are trouble hot spots and getting some background on the place you are applying for a job would be wise. Knowing what you are dealing with is for your protection and the establishment. In a crowd it is hard to know who is who even with security wear on.

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Laws are not hard to learn. Municipalities are happy to tell what you can and cannot do. Police officers are happy to give group seminars on the best methods of working with officers in the community. So, finding out what you need to know is not hard. If you cannot get a group of your fellow bouncers to initiate a seminal call and find out and sit with another group. This learning experience may send you into a criminal justice class at a local junior college which are quite reasonable; opening roads to other careers. Learning laws and staying on the cusp of self defense leads to wider doors leading to any number of fields or more intense accomplishments as a Bouncer.

Chapter 4: Learn to Spot a Bad Guest: How to get a job as a bouncer, know when you see a bad guest. People sometimes get loud in a crowd. They may drink too much or show irritation. If left alone they may be fine but if the crowd they are with is irritating them a bit, they can easily get out of control. Learn to notice this group and the targeted guest. Many times people celebrating with customers will be able to diffuse any potential problems but occasionally the bouncer needs to find a method of distraction that will keep things calm.

Other will harass women out for an evening. Trouble has its own signature. Like a storm it is hard to miss and the Bouncer is the first line of defense. A bad guest has an un- healthy atmosphere about them. This will be noticed when they come in or problems will flare up like a sudden flame. People who seem too quiet or too easy to offend may be flint waiting for a rock.

These signatures are not ironclad. The best way to sharpen your skill at spotting bad guest is to talk to other professionals and listen to their stories of trial and error and learn. Finding information the hard way can sometimes be an expensive lesson. Customers have jobs and families and ordinarily would not cause any trouble but sometimes people have problems and do not know how to find an outlet. Experience will help spot these people, add that to a few courses in human behavior and you will be ready as much as a Human Being can, for the unpredictability of the human spirit.

Most people are looking for a good time but other, well, trouble is their first and last name. Some situations should be handled with the aid of the police. The job of the bouncer is to keep things from getting volatile. Employers appreciate a Bouncer working with them to keep their place a nice place to visit. Once you have spotted a bad guest be watchful for problems. People make going out fun. Wherever there are crows almost everyone wants to go there but sometimes personalities clash and the bouncer must be ready.

Chapter 5: Show Familiarity with Paperwork ID:

Becoming a Bouncer requires a sharp eye. Teenagers wanting to impress friends are bound to cross your path with fake ID in hand. Chances are they have meticulously worked the ID and their appearance to look like the genuine thing but you must stay sharp and study the telltale marks of real ID. The employer will be delighted with a well rounded employee. Serious consequences follow underage drinking costing some businesses their livelihood.

Catching fake paperwork is critical in the operation of extremely trendy night clubs. Young people want to be seen at the trendiest places. This badge of honor fuels the drive for finding the best possible fake ID possible to get in and to drink as much as possible. The level of alcohol lethal to the body most times has not been given a thought. But again, employers expect the bouncer on the job or applying for the job to be more savvy than their under age counterparts.

With the use of computer graphics people spend hours trying to perfect the art of fake ID’s, like any other profession people choosing to do this are as diligent as anyone else trying to perfect their craft. A fake ID is a work of art but it is fake and the Bouncer must be able to read and realize this will not work at the establishment. People with fake credit cards, drivers license, and other paperwork are not trying to break the doors of the jailhouse down so they will not give you a lot of argument is you are suspicious.

There are techniques to use to spot these fakes. People will become nervous if you ID check is taking too long. Features may be distorted. State seals may not be properly aligned. People carrying fake paperwork will generally have nothing else on them that will identify. There are many things to learn when you have a desire to be a Bouncer but the things learned will add to other fields if you choose to pursue them.

People go out for happy hour, patrons stop at the local pub for a drink or a cup of Irish coffee and most people stay within the bounds of the law, but there is that small percentage that will test your skills, and if you are not careful, cost you your job.

Chapter 6: Requirements:

Look professional and do not have a criminal past. Training is not always a requirement in some places but these may be hole in the wall establishments that may not be the most desirable place to spend your time. Seriously, The Bouncer position is a security position. You may deal with a black belt and being trained to defend yourself is critical to your health and the well being of those around you. Certification is mandatory in some places but not all. The interesting thing about certifications is sometimes when one municipality chooses a format others soon follow so stay ahead of the game and try out the new technology and get certified.

Chapter 7: How to Approach the Employer

: When going out with friends or alone frequent a number of potential places you would like to work. Research the clientele, the owner’s and the operation of the business. You want to be as knowledgeable as possible about the circumstance you are about to try to place yourself in.

Ask yourself if the employees seem happy working at this establishment, try and asses how employees are treated. This cannot always be done with one visit. Talk to people and get a feel of the environment and in the process find out if there may be an opening; if you want a position. After you have made your assessment introduce yourself to the employer and make it know you are interested in a job as a Bouncer.

If the job is not available at the time, visit occasionally as a customer and maintain professional behavior. Check periodically and if that club bar or restaurant is not hiring he or she may be willing to recommend you to another establishment searching for a good Bouncer. Once people become familiar with you and your style of behavior they are more willing to aid you in finding the position you desire.

Employers are people trying to make a living in a sea of millions. Each business has it personality offering a niche grows a special place to come and sit and relax. If you can appeal to this niche crowd your approach to the employer might be more successful. Pick a club group that fits your style and hopefully a group you understand. This method makes it easier to convince the owner of a facility you are the one to do the job as a bouncer.

Chapter 8: Find Places to Apply: Where to Find a Bouncer Position:

Night clubs are always in need of Bouncers. This is the standard place for hiring security but with so many things going on in the world, restaurants; small bars and large one night events are hiring Bouncer’s, if traveling is a part of your quest. Searching the web and finding the really large gigs may place you in demand for security. Get on the list of the big shows and when they are doing a show in your area you may find yourself with work.

Patio parties are another place were bouncers may be needed. Depending on the size, in active neighborhoods this is a necessary thing; the Bouncer. Word of mouth is still a good way to find employment. People who live an active social life sometimes know where a job for a bouncer is. The newspaper or an online social site is a good spot to search out Bouncer positions.

Private clients have parties with important guest and must be sure the people visiting their homes will be safe with no gate crashing. Catering agencies preparing a bash of his calibre may be open to telling you what agency is hiring the security for such an event. In most neighborhood there are groups that do all security hiring and it might be a good idea to register if you like working in that capacity.

If travel is not out of your comfort zone consider working as a Bouncer on s cruise ship or at a resort. The ships have clubs and casinos and they sell alcohol. Spotting a customer practical being carried to their room is not a strange sight on a ship. Casinos create another place to look for a Bouncer’s position. People drink and occasionally get upset when they have lost money. Big winners may need security help too.

Everywhere people are looking for work but if you know what route to take on a search you will be able to find what you seek. Bouncer’s work on a part time scale in some places but in large metropolitan areas may work a lot of hours. Communities are the same large or small. Small towns have an easier means of finding out what is available but large cities have a niche once you find yours the field gets easier to see.

Chapter 9: Get an Interview:

This process gives you the chance to tell the employer all about yourself and your qualifications. Much of the information will be on your resume or job application but you will have the opportunity to show off your professionalism. Keep the information you place on a resume simple and to the point. With hundreds of applications no one wants to read tons of information. The application or resume will more than likely be scanned over and a shot to the point app with direct information will be the most remembered.

Tell the employer why you want the job of Bouncer and why you think you can handle it. Being a Bouncer is a very people oriented job. The club or bar is a place for social interaction. The interview will show the employer if you are the personality they want working around their place of business.

Get all of the resources you can and get the interview. Plan to go to meetings that will enhance your inter view skill. Learn what to say and how much to say. Practice interview skills so that you will be prepared for any problems that might some up. There are a lot of things to so when trying to get the inter view. Search the type of clothing Bouncers wear. Notice the demeanor. Some people in security are not as open as people without the need to survey all of eh surrounding area. Becoming too friendly may be a disadvantage to the Bouncer so taking a step back when in an interview may be best. Use a judgment call but do not make the mistake of breaking inter view rules. One is do not ask about money, leave it open for negotiation.

Make a list of all the things you want to do when yon get the job. Make sure when you search for an interview the job is offering you what you need. This will create as happier environment for you and your new employer over the long run, while searching do not rule out other option including relocation. If you are in a smaller market you may consider moving to a different venue if you are serious about a career in this profession. Many people have started a career in a small town but have relocated for a larger market.

Searching for a job takes orderly planning techniques but this is not what always gets done. Set up your training schedule if you are just beginning and you will find the best ideas for getting you on your way in this field. Work with the best people in the field read and learn all you can to make you on of the most sought after people in the profession. Not only because you are the toughest but because you are know to think before you act. This kind of resume is a great way to get interviews, over and over the need to plan and study an element before getting into it emphasis the importance of preparing for an interview.

Chapter 10: Convince the Employer You Have the Skills

: Why should an employer hire you over the next guy? How to convince him; Note there are thousands of people experienced and un-experienced searching for thee same job you are. Training is not enough, experience is not enough, sometimes, and you need an edge. Sow the owner a serious interest in his business. Show interest in helping the business flourish. Once you have chosen your new home, for a Bouncer, stop by and say hello. You have voiced your desire to have the job as a Bouncer, now make yourself a part of the club. Offer to help with things when the business is swamped if it is just answering the phone. When a job rolls around you will more than likely, be on the list.

Convincing an employer why they should hire you when there is so much at steak if you hire the wrong person. Law suits can come toppling down on the head of the business if a hot head is allowed to run loose in the business. So employers consider carefully. Becoming a true professional does no happen overnight. There are seasoned veterans and it took years before some saw enough to call themselves serious Bouncers. Today with the many forums and organizations on the web no matter where you are it is easy to aspire to become a certified Bouncer. Access to the studies and Psychological training makes it easy to try at the fields you love including be coming a Bouncer. With web training a person can start to train way before graduating from high school to become a Bouncer. The training is there just waiting to anyone willing to put the time.

Sometimes life is just too busy to stop and decide on the way you want to go but if you want a career you want to make that stop in the road and pick a sensible direction. A Bouncer has a style to living that includes a good diet and lots of sleep. The faculties must always be alert and never wavering. The Bouncer cannot afford to make the mistakes the average person does. His skills of defense can easily cripple a person for life so he I must not allow himself the luxury of loss of control. The experience of becoming a bouncer is like no other. This is a rewarding profession allowing anyone in it to get out and mingle with a wide range of society, seeing them at their best and their worst in a variety of activities.

Being a Bouncer will take you around the world or it will supplement your income after your day job. Becoming a bouncer makes you an offer of versatility. This is something most people long for in a job and the Bouncer gets to do it in a fun environment. Get out your pad and write down all of the reason your new found boss should want to hire you to keep you or to promote you ass a Bouncer. Have you done all of the things it takes to qualify yourself or have you forgotten the benefits of being in the limelight.

Find yourself in some cases being invited to everything that is active in a community. Go places you never thought you would get to go simply because you are a Bouncer. Why do you want an employer to choose you? Because you have prepared yourself and you know you are the bet at what you do. Confidence and preparedness will get you chosen by a great employer, This is something that must show through all of your paperwork. It must be visible once a person lays eyes on you and if you are prepared this will happen.

Chapter 11: Demonstrate Good Judgment -When to Bounce Someone:

Knowing what to do, and when to do it, is not the easiest thing a person can understand, but a bouncer must have this down to a science. The world of a successful security agent is judgment, when to exert restraint towards people. Some people going out to clubs have health issues so assess any situation very carefully.

In many places people will be regulars but there are always the new comers, owners are always appreciative of new patronage. Many times they will blend right in but people are strange and can be unpredictable when new people come in. Every employee in the bar must maintain a welcoming atmosphere including the Bouncer.

When dealing with people no one person has all the answers nor is it possible to see everything coming but training and good judgment can give you a fairly educated guess. Valued judgment may not block the dust but you may avoid the landslide. Trying to decide whether to simply give a kind warning or to go in with a full force growl is always the call of judgment. If you are wrong the consequences will still come. Sometimes they are not bad but other times they are almost insurmountable. Recuperating from bad judgment is difficult in everyday life and when it must be done in a split second any added abilities that will work in your favor should be appreciated.

Club owners everywhere are struggling for their business survival and trying to find the best, options to help keep their business running and to get Bouncers that work well with their customers. Getting a taste of the Bouncer lifestyle can give you the bug. The life style is exciting and each time you work the story changes. Many people enjoy this world of music and intrigue. Work at this business you love with successful decision making qualities.

You can feel at ease when your decisions are helpful. You know your decisions are getting the job done in the most positive fashion. Good judgment keeps you working and your employer prosperous. Bad judgment reeks of irresponsibility and this is a reputation you do not want following you. Training and preparedness foils the problem of bad judgment. With skills you are able to assess situations and make sensible calls; solving problems.

Chapter 12: How to Get the Most from Your Skills:

People train for a job, study and expect great returns. A Bouncer is ale to teach self defense, offer consultant services on security and do seminars on subjects related to the job or his expertise. Getting everything out of the training you have so meticulously absorbed is a very real possibility. A job as a bouncer does not limit your capacity but opens up into a range of other options. The contacts made as a Bouncer can easily slingshot you into far more lucrative fields and the training you have so carefully invested in can go with you.

Working hard on skills related to this profession offers great was to enhance your skills for lucrative opportunities in a wide range of skills. Law enforcement is an option and more. Becoming a Bouncer may be the initial goal but with the wide variety of training the field is really a steppingstone into any career choice you desire. This profession is one of the best at maximizing your skill. A variety of subject can be used in the working of being a Bouncer. There is so much work mentally done medical training is an asset. People react in varied ways under stress and medical training teaches one to spot these physical and mental behaviors.

Your skills are great when you have multiple training you will not have the problem of stretching your budget. Your product skills can take you further than you might imagine. Keep a healthy weight, and keep training up to date and you will be prepares for most professional issues in Bouncing. Occupy your mind with studies that will enhance your skills and benefit your career.


Working anywhere is a challenge but becoming a Bouncer only adds a bit more excitement to the profession. The predictability might be rate with an Airline Pilot. Things move fairly routine but there are those moments when everything you have learned or were ever taught is required to hold things together. Bouncers deal with employees, employers and guest and they all take a special finesse. Dealing with people is not easy no matter what your profession and a Bouncer steps directly into the arena. The average person knows the background of a circumstance before they step into the line of fire but a bouncer is completely unaware, say, for his training, and needs to look out for everything; people do not always play fair.

People do all kinds of job, then finally realize what they really want to do with their lives, a Bouncer is an honorable profession filled with activity and adventure. It is especially appealing to young people and it is sometimes done around musical places. This works out quite well for people wanting a career in the music industry. The can get right in the thick of the club scene and sometimes make a few contacts. Overall, the job must be the main thought. It is why you are there and should be your primary concern.

People love clubs and they love music. The job of a Bouncer has to be a person that does not mind music or noise. If there is an aversion to music and noise is would work out to be quite miserable for the worker and the patrons. The Bouncer must take care of the waitresses and the other help that works in the area. It is easy for a server to have a hard time with a belligerent customer on a busy night but the Bouncer is there. Women go out alone and it is important to know the bouncer will take care of any unwanted advances. Getting out on a girls night out is preferred at a place with a Bouncer. Over and over customers expect the Bouncer to be available. This is a responsibility. Never drink on the job and the basic elements of the job will work for you.


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