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Be careful of the NON Profit SCAM Love holds Life Confessions of an employee PART ONE

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Richard J. Senato
Sean Quick

Tuesday May 20th- 8:55am I arrived at the weekly meeting at Panara Bread in Poughkeepsie NY, which is unpaid and waited 15 minutes for my boss Sean Quick to show up. I was told that I would be getting my schedule for the upcoming week as well as my setup which was going to be given to me by the founder Richard Senato. When the founder showed up he was in a rush and did not have anything that was promised to me. I asked Sean Quick what that meant for the week. He told me that he would make sure I got my Schedule before starting work. I also asked him that if I would be getting at least 30 hours this week and he told me that I should never have less then 30, unless for extreme weather. I again reminded him that I had turned down one full time job and that I also had an opportunity to work over the weekend doing temp work but I turned it down because I had already given my word to work for Love Holds Life and I wasn’t the kind of person to go against my word. He told me I had nothing to worry about. Due to the lack of training I was given as well as lack of a handbook or any written document regarding my job description, duties and responsibilities, I also asked other questions like how do I sign in and out?

What do I do with the money at the end of the day? I was told to track my own hours and send text messages regarding when I arrived and when I left a location. Sean Quick also told me that he was going to drive to each location to empty the box of money so that we didn’t have to drive to him or have to bring it home. When I asked him how I was going to get the set up Robbie Brown said that he could drive it to my house because it was not that far out of his way, but Sean Quick told him not to. I was told to wait for a phone call which I received later that night notifying me that Sean Quick was going to be training me the following day and that he would bring me the set up, but he did not have the location yet. A little while later I received yet another phone call telling me to go to Stewarts in Red Oaks Mills in the morning where I would be met by Sean Quick. A few seconds later yet another phone call to change the location yet again to Flory‘s Mobile in Lagrangeville.

Thursday May 22nd- I arrived at Flory‘s Mobile in Lagrangeville at 7:50am where I was told to meet Sean Quick who was going to train me all day as well as give me my set up for my event for the rest of the week. I called him and his cell phone was off and I did not have any other contact to reach anyone else in the company. I was being dropped off that day because my fiancé needed to use my car, if he left me there I would have been stranded in Lagrangeville for hours in the rain. If someone would have happened to me I wouldn’t have been able to do anything until hours later because I didn’t have a car.

I called Sean Quick 20 times and he never answered and after over an hour of waiting around I left. I drove to Fishkill to the office to see if I could find Sean Quick myself, and I did. He was unaware that I never received a phone call from the Rick Senato. Sean Quick apologized and said that it wasn’t going to happen again and that I was going to be paid $30 for the day. I also had to again tell him that I needed my setup for the following days. I had to drive over to the founders home to pick up my setup.

Friday May 23rd- I arrived at Stewarts in Red Oaks Mills at 7:40am and stayed there until 11:40am. When I started the event it was slow due to many issues but the weather remained good and money was trickling in. Around 11:40am Sean Quick called me and asked me how to day was going and I told him it was slow but money was going in the box, he told me that he was having a rough day because his other employees either did not show up at all or they were hours late for their event and he was too stressed out to work his event and he wanted me to move to his event because he saw how motivated I was and that I needed to work. I didn’t think twice about moving locations, I packed up as quickly as I could and drove to his location, which was a Shell Gas Station in Fishkill. I was never told that I was taken off the clock when I moved locations. Not long after moving locations it started to rain, but I still continued to work. Around 2:20 John, another employee that I never met before showed up telling me that the founder Rich Senato was on the phone for me.

I took the phone and spoke to Rich Senato who told me that I can not work in the rain and I had to meet up with Sean Quick to drop off the money. I gave the phone back to John to find him sitting in my car telling me I needed to go pick up his stuff and then drop him off at his house then drive to Sean Quick. I did all of this without any questions, even though I don’t know John at all and now he is in my car. I had to drive back to Noxon Road in Poughkeepsie to meet with Sean to have to sit and wait 40 minutes because he had to run home because he needed to charge his cell phone once again.. When he finally arrived I was able to give him the money and drive home. For the total day I believe I worked 8 hours and 40 minutes. I was never told that I was going to have to drive people around like a taxi, or would I have to drive and wait to drop off the money without being paid for my time. Love for Life is only paying me 5 hours and 45 minutes, not the 8 hours and 40 minutes I really worked for the day.

Saturday May 24th- I arrived at Sunoco In New Paltz at 8:50am and stayed there until 4:30pm. I started my day by setting up my table with my own balloons, candy and bubble machine, all items not paid for my Love Holds Life. The day was slow and the owner did not want me to go up to his gas pumps asking for donations which made things much slower. I called Sean Quick and notified him that I was not allowed to go to the pumps, he told me to do the best I can at the door and that he was down the road and would be stopping by soon to talk to the owner and see if he could change his mind. Sean Quick once again left me standing there without him coming to help me. I send Sean Quick a text message telling him that it started to rain and that the gas station was really slow and donations were not coming in. I asked him what I should do, he responded by telling me to just go home. I packed up and left at 4:30pm and went home. Around 6pm I received a phone call telling me that since I was new and that the locations were slow I needed more training and that I would be going to the Sam’s Club in Middletown and that he once again did not have the address for me. He gave me the contact person and time I had to arrive the following day. I told him it was not a problem and that I would see him tomorrow to exchange the money. He told me he would be coming to my location to pick up the money in my donation box.

Around 10pm at night I went to go and set my alarm clock to find that I had a text message from Sean Quick telling me that once again the Founder Rick Senato had called off all events and that there was nothing I could do about it. I was also told that he had an open door policy and if I wanted to I could call and talk to him about the situation, but not until the following day. So all I could do was go to bed and deal with it the next day. The total hours I worked today was 7 hours and 40 minutes but am only getting paid for 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Sunday May 25th- At around 10am I called Founder Rich Senato and asked him what has been going on these past few days and that things have been going crazy around here. He told me that he put Sean Quick in charge and it proved that he was unable to do his job properly. He said that he needed to know if Sean Quick can handle the responsibility. Rick Senato started to yell at me that things have been slow and people have not been trained right and that had nothing to do with me I was just caught in the crosshairs. I told him that I was told I would have at least 30 hours of work each week and that I didn’t get anywhere close to that this week. Rich Senato told me I was a liar. I told him that he wasn’t involved in either my hiring process or at the meeting so he had know idea what I was told. I also told him how disorganized Sean Quick has been over the past few days and once again he just made excuses.

He apologized to me but nothing else was done. After going around in blame game circles Rich Senato asked me how the weather was and I told him it was a beautiful day and I should be out there working. He finally told me that I could go back to Sunoco in New Paltz. Once again I quickly got ready and went to my location to once again set up my table, my candy, balloons and bubble machine. I arrived at 11:40am and worked until 3:10pm. A few hours later Rich Senato called me to ask how the day was going. This time I made a list of all of the people who were donating, were donated in the past, who were not interested in donating, and how did not have cash on them to show Rich Senato and Sean Quick the demographics of the gas station. When I told Rich Senato the numbers I had once again I got yelled at. Rich Senato started yelling at me that I’m costing him money because that location is not profitable. I told him it was the location you sent me to so how is that my fault? I also told him that since I can not go to the gas pumps it makes it a lot harder to get donations seeing as how most people pay at the pump. He argued with me, telling me that he has never heard of people not carrying cash on them. He continued to get frustrated and told me once again to pack it up and go home. I asked Rich Senato what he wanted me to do with the donations I had collected for the past two days. He told me that I needed to call Sean Quick and that he was down the road and I would meet with him and drop off the donations. I called him to find out that he was in Wappinger’s Falls. I called Rich Senato back and told him where Sean Quick was and asked what he wanted me to do now? Rich Senato told me that I could go home with everything and that he was going to contact Joe, who is a father of one of the children who Love Holds Life raises money for and that I would have to either drive back to New Paltz later that night for the following day. I told Rick Senato that there were two options, the first, that I bring the donations home with him and return them on Tuesday at our weekly meeting or, someone would have to drive to Kerhonkson where I live to pick up the donations because I was spending to much money on gas even with the mileage reimbursement of 14.5cents a mile I was told by Sean Quick. Rich Senato was not happy about at all, he told me that he was going to call Joe and see if he could meet me. I was called a few minutes later and told to drive to the Hess Gas Station in Highland to drop off the donations as well as the entire setup including my badge. Rich Senato gave me this story of how everything needed to be cleaned and that he just ordered me a name badge and I would get it on Tuesday. Later that day I spoke with Rich Senato again where we talked about the events that took place throughout my first week of work. He told me that this was the first time that he has ever heard about my situation. I asked him what he meant by my situation and he responded by telling me that where I lived was a problem for him. I said that it wasn’t I’m just tired of being treated as if I were a taxi service. He told me that this job is a selfless job and that im not that kind of person obviously. I said that is the furthest thing from the truth. I asked him if Sean Quick told him that I turned down a full time job and a two day temp job to work with his organization?

He told me that he was unaware of that. I also reminded him that when we met at our meeting on Tuesday at Panara Bread how excited he was to hear that I lived in Kerhonkson because he had a lot of account in that area. He also told me that he wanted me to only work in Ulster, Orange and Sullivan counties so I wouldn’t have to drive that far. He continued to blame all of the problems we had this week on Sean Quick, I responded by telling Rich Senato that he has some responsibility here too. He started yelling at me telling me that we are ruining his vacation in Florida because of all these problems. I replied by saying I wish I had the money to go on vacation, this job cost me more money then I made this week. Rich Senato responded by telling me that he didn’t pay for his vacation, the organization did. I said that he should treat his employees better because he has people like me to stand outside of gas stations and grocery stores asking for donations so he can make a good salary and go on free vacations. He told me that it was people like me who are bad in this world and that we are the only county where kids don’t have medical coverage and I should have know problem giving up my time, car and money for a good cause. I told Rich Senato to fire me if he didn’t want me working for his organization. Rich Senato told me that he wasn’t going to fire me because I was hired as a seasonal employee and he didn’t have to and that if there was room on the calendar I would be put on it. I told him that he didn’t need to lie to me and I knew he was not going to let me work any longer. Rich Senato told me not to contact him any further. I worked a total of 3 and a half hours and only being paid for two hours.

Monday May 26th- I received a text message from Sean Quick telling me the hours I was getting paid for, not the actual hours I worked. I told him that the hours were not right at all. I called Rich Senato and told him the same thing, once again he seemed bothered because he had to do his job. He told me that Sean Quick sent him an email with my hours. I told him they were wrong and that they needed to be fixed. I told him the hours I worked and he told me that I was not getting paid for the time I spent driving. I told him that I was told by Sean Quick that I had to move to another location to do his job because he was unable to do it so why am I being penalized for his inability to do his job. I also told him that I had to wait 40 minutes for Sean Quick because once again he had to drive home because he forgot something, once again not my fault. Rich Senato’s response was that he has never heard of a job where you get paid drive time, I told him when the job involves transporting his money all employees should be paid for their time.

I explained to him that I was under the impression that I would be paid for my time and work and that since my time and car was being used to transport his money I think it is fair to pay me for it. I also brought up the mileage reimbursement which Sean Quick told me about and Rich Senato said that he doesn’t pay mileage at all and that I need to submit it in my taxes. Again this is something that I was not told, Sean Quick tells me one thing when he hired me and again at our weekly meeting and then Rich Senato turns around and says the opposite. I told Rich Senato that I was never given a handbook or any paper which states my job description, duties and responsibilities. He told me tough, things are not done that way. Rich Senato told me that he had nothing to do with my hiring process and that everything Sean Quick told me was a lie. I told Rich Senato that I felt like I was taken advantage on and that I wish I never worked for them at all. I asked him if he could please get my check right. Rich Senato told me that I was going to be paid for 18 hours and 15 minutes and that I should be happy to be getting that much. I told him that I really worked 21 hours and 10 minutes and that I was not being treated fairly and that I didn’t think it was legal. Rich Senato threatened me by telling me if I keep complaining that he would hold my check for 30 days. I ended the phone call with Rich Senato even though I was not being paid fairly.

Richard J. Senato



Anonymous on June 29, 2020:

Richard and Carmen should be arrested for skimming off the top to maintain there lifestyle, he recently bought her a new Lexus after there divorce was final. he does a great job of maintaining his now ex-wife. It costs a lot to keep someone quiet, someone who knows they can expose you.

Something to think about....

Family friend on July 26, 2016:

This is sad that people would speak about a cause that clearly gives so much to those in need. My friend revived over $30,000 in one year without this organization they would be financially ruined.

anonymous on June 14, 2016:

love holds life continues to be a scam in the community in order to fill the pockets of those running it on the backs of those working for them. very sad for a real

Tt on June 04, 2015:

Get over it

anonymous on May 03, 2015:

I believe the above comment by Jake is an accurate reflection of where Love Holds Life is as a company a year after this first piece was written.

It is a valuable post for anyone to read that is interested to learn about this company's work.

Jake on May 02, 2015:

The above comment made by Jake was not accurate and I am redacting the entire comment. The comments made cannot be substantiated and should not have been posted.

Anonymous on April 26, 2015:

My comment was the last one, could you delete it and let me repost it as anonymous? I respect you posting this and realized I shouldn't have posted that with my name!

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