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Be Successful Selling Avon with these Avon Marketing Ideas

Be Successful Selling Avon

Are you an Avon Representative wanting have success and finding more customers resulting in getting more sales? Of course what sales person wouldn’t? Well then you have found the right spot to help you sell more and enjoy the freedom it brings. Below has a lot of tips and ideas for Avon Representatives and can be used for any sales person.

Are you wondering why would a young man who doesn’t sell Avon write about this subject? Well, my personal backstory for this is that I am in sales for the company I work for and a lady who does sell Avon in our office asked if I could give her tips on who to sell better. You see, I have found that selling is universal, everything has features and benefits that help solve your customers problems, fears or needs even if you’re an independent sales rep. So I decided to share what we spoke about below and how it helped her dramatically increase her sales so she could be more free, both time wise and financially

Reese Witherspoon Avon Ad


Avon Marketing Ideas

Using Avon’s Money:

Now that Avon is using higher profile stars such as Reese Witherspoon in their marketing campaigns, this gives you the star endorsement advantage.

When she showed me the Brochure pages that have a picture of Reese on them, I told her to make a list of all the shades of Avon makeup and any skin products number that she has on. Add them up and then make a complimentary insert to the brochure and title it something like look like Reese. Make Copies of the list and include them with all your brochures, not only does this help with sales but it differentiates your brochure from the rest.

Celebrities sell, and most people would like to look like a celebrity and by including that pamphlet you made it easier for them. I told her to offer a discount if every item on the list is purchased.

Look the Part, Business Cards help with that

Being an independent sales rep or Avon rep I know that business cards make a tremendous effect on how people see you. They are great to leave with people and generate potential leads. In the beginning of my sales career my mentor told me, "Never just hand out your business card hap hazardly – it’s a waste of your money. Give your business cards only to people who ask you for one” A trick you can use is to ask people for their business card first, by way of respect most people will ask for yours.

Always ask the person for permission to contact them. It’s a courtesy that shows professionalism, even though it’s implied that they want you to contact them. It is a way of being polite and you’ll be remembered for it.

Avon Samples


Use your Free Avon Samples Effectively

As corny as this sounds, when I used to send out flyers for a club targeting female clients for a lingerie show I would spray the invite with perfume. I found that attendance rates for those events were 20-30% higher then when standard invites were sent. I told her on her next time she sends invitations and brochures out to lightly spray them with an Avon perfume’s also told her to write down which one she used as you’ll get questions about the invites smelling so nice. This also engages another sense in the experience which has proven to help retain memory, so they will remember you.  

If I had a lot of invites going out I would lay them all out and spray them all at one time, instead of doing them one by one.

Avon Selling Techniques

How to Get and keep Repeat Orders

Sometimes customers will place one large lump sum order, and due to this they don't plan on re-ordering for a long time. This means that your profits will take a big dip on the off months, so how can you persuade them to place other orders?

I have found that if a customer has placed a large order, one trick I like to do is to place a 'offer' with their order for ten or twenty percent off their next purchase. I usually make it expire within the next five to six weeks so that they have to use it right away.
The offer looks more enhanced and professional if you print it out on cardstock rather then paper.

Avon Lady


Great Sellers keep Great Records and use them to break Records

Keeping records of your clients is one of the best ideas because have the ability to suggest things when their favorites products come on sale. I also shared that I write down things like birthdays, their children's names and even as far as what we last talked about. I keep in it on my computer or my note pad with all their other details like their address, phone number.

Although it seems artificial the advantage of making these tiny notes is that the customer will feel like you truly know them and care about them. People buy from people they like. I like to include a little gift in their birthday card. Mine and your customers will really be grateful for this!

Don’t Limit your Market Share, Guys are Customers Too

I always make the point to reach out to new markets; even if they are unrelated you can learn a lot and potentially uncover some great opportunities. So when this lady came to me I asked if she has any campaigns targeted to men. When it comes to Avon guys make great customers too. We are typically clueless to what to purchase for our significant other so we would be more inclined to suggestions and ideas

Keep in mind we won't be regular buyer but around holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day it's worth offering them a brochure.

Put it All Together and you'll have a Great Home Based Business

One of the biggest pieces of advice I could giver her is don't give up. If you want it to work, it will. It does take time to build up your customer base no different from any start up business. Make sure to write everything down including your goals. When you have something to work towards you'll increase your chances of attaining it. Also reinvest back into the business I don’t know any company that doesn’t do it. Smile, people do business with happy people, Be reliable. If you say you'll call - then call.

If you use even some of these suggestions you will find that you sell more and enjoy the freedom it brings


Dawn on February 17, 2020:

Can you sell online with international customers?

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Linda Wardell on July 17, 2019:

Thank you i need all help u can get.

Kumar on March 06, 2012:

Great Work - keep on sharing. Appreciated.

Kimberly Schimmel from North Carolina, USA on August 20, 2011:

I'm sending my daughter a link to this article. Thank you!

Nicole on September 24, 2010:

Very well put. I have been an AVON Rep for about 3 weeks now and am enjoying it. Yet I keep looking for new ideas as to how to Target my new clients....

Thank you so much!

If anyone is interested please visit my site. I can help you get signed up if you have now become interested in being a rep and starting your own business!

oliviajames on September 20, 2010:

I have sold Avon products and I did well marketing online with them.

eaglemapping on August 29, 2010:

My sis just spoke to an Avon rep this weekend and wants to sell. Sending her this link.


marshmallow_fluff on July 25, 2010:

I sell Avon and these can be very helpful! I believe the samples go along way and it brings in a lot of new customers for me!

Brenda Durham on July 23, 2010:


Good info for the business-minded person.

There's another aspect of every business including AVON---the personal side. One civil rights aspect of that part, I could write a whole expose about.

Dorothee-Gy from near Frankfurt/M., Germany on July 23, 2010:

Great hub, fun to read!

wolfpack5 from Alberta Canada on July 13, 2010:

Very good and informative hub. My wife is thinking about selling Avon, so thanks a lot :)

stars439 from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State. on July 11, 2010:

Wonderful hub. God Bless You

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