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Balancing Life and Work When Working From Home

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Some people struggle with working from home as they are unable to balance their work, home life, and commitments. A poor work-life balance could lead to many problems for your career, family, and health. As working from home blurs the boundaries between work and home it can be difficult to achieve a healthy balance so this article shares useful tips that you can use to better balance work and life when working from home.

Working from home could offer greater flexibility and freedom but only if you can manage everything properly. Being able to balance life and work could help you become more productive, have higher morale and be more in control of your life. This way you could get the most out of working from home and enjoy your personal life too. If you are struggling to strike a healthy balance between work and life try the following:

Set a schedule:
A schedule can help you manage your time better and help you achieve a greater work-life balance. Setting a schedule and sticking to it can also prevent you from overworking which is quite common when working from home. You could use a schedule to let both family members and team members know when you are available for contact. Plan personal activities too so that you
can recharge and relax outside of work too.
Make the most of breaks:
Working remotely could leave you with extra time as you no longer have to commute to work or deal with office distractions. This time could be spent on getting more work done and for some much-needed breaks. Personal errands could be run in these breaks so that you can focus on something different and get work/personal tasks finished. You could then free up some time to relax and enjoy life without worrying about errands or work.
Have a professional mindset:
No boss or colleagues watching you could make you feel a little too relaxed and you could end up procrastinating and wasting time. Work could end up piling up and completed in poor quality and so you may end up using time meant for family or personal activities to catch up. This could prevent you from achieving a healthy work-life balance. Set fixed hours and behave as though you are getting ready to go to the office.

Organize your workspace:
Having a well-organized workspace can make your life much easier. Your productivity and work quality can be affected by where you are working so choose a space that is quiet and free from distractions even if it is a small space. The workspace should have comfortable seating and preferably have natural light. Keep your desk tidy by having a regular cleanout so that you don't have unwanted items cluttering your desk.
Set boundaries with family:
It can be challenging to deal with family when working from home. Small children, in particular, make it difficult to concentrate on work. Communicating clearly could help you to create healthy boundaries between work and life. Have a workspace that is separate so that your family can get on with their life while you work. Make sure you plan plenty of activities with your family outside or work so that you can have a better balance in life.
Leave work at work:
Leaving work at work is easier when you work in an office but much more difficult when working from home. You are more tempted to check emails or spend time in your home office outside of regular work hours. You end up overworking and not spending enough time on other things in your life. To avoid this you should set and stick to a schedule. Do not check emails outside of work hours and use the workspace only for working and not relaxing.

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Take care of yourself:
Taking steps to improve your mental and physical well-being could lead to a better work-life balance. Ordering takeout's or choosing junk food is easy but your health could end up suffering especially if you work long hours. Try opting for healthier options by filling your fridge with healthy food or try to cook homemade food. Exercising regularly can reduce stress levels and boost your productivity as well as keep you fit.
Having a balanced work-life can benefit you professionally and personally. You feel more productive at work and relaxed in your personal life. The distractions and challenges that come from working from home can sometimes make it difficult to achieve a healthy balance between work and life and so you may find both areas of your life suffering. Using the tips above can help you make the most of working from home and achieve a better work-life balance.

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