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46 Sites to Get Backlinks in 2020

Melanie is a tech YouTuber who loves social media and is an expert on internet culture. She also runs a YouTube channel: The Curious Coder.


Getting traffic to your website or blog is perhaps the most important step in making sales or making money through AdSense. A great way to get the traffic you need is by employing the age-old techniques of search engine optimization by getting backlinks.

Backlinks tell search engines that your site is popular. Search engines, in turn, kick your site up higher in the search results (which means more traffic for your site.)

Fortunately, there are tons of places on the web that are willing to link out to you making the backlink process a cinch.

Each site is different and offers its own appeal to both marketers & writers like you and search engines. Each of these places offers their own perks (some of which even pay you for using their services for a nice added bonus.) So without further ado: where to get backlinks for your site!

Article Directories That Pay Writers

Article Directories

Article directories are amazing places to get backlinks. Unlike quick bookmarking sites like RedGage and Delicious, submitting content to article directories take a considerable amount of work. SheToldMe and EzineArticles are some great examples of article directories and are mentioned in their own sections in this article because of their uniqueness.

There are a huge number of article directories on the Internet; some pay users to submit content and allow for backlinks and some just allow backlinks (but are still great.)

The best way to take advantage of an article directory is to write a unique article related to your backlink and submit it to only one site. For more tips on getting the most from article directories, check out my article on writing for article marketing.

Revenue-Free Article Directories


EzineArticles is a classic example of an article directory and, besides HubPages, is one of the BEST places to get backlinks! Check out their site, yeah, it's ugly, but Google loves it. Therefore, it should be your new best friend for getting backlinks.

There are a few things that make using EzineArticles not so fun. The first thing is that they don't pay you for the content you submit. Also, each article you submit must go through their editorial process so they can make sure it meets their guidelines. That said, it's like yucky medicine -- it's not fun to do but pays out in the long run.

The best way to get a backlink from them is the write an article that is relevant to the keyword you'll be using as your backlink. They allow you two links per article, but your links should be 100% relevant to the article's topic.

It is better to get just one backlink than to put a link in the article that doesn't really fit with the article topic. DO NOT use the extra link to link elsewhere UNLESS the site you are linking to is relevant to your article.

Social Bookmarking & Social Networking Sites You MUST Use

Social Bookmarking Sites

There is a huge number of social bookmarking and social networking sites and each is unique. Not all social bookmarking sites and social networking sites offer do-follow backlinks, but even so, the ones with no-follow links are still extremely important and should not be ignored.

Reddit and Delicious are decent social bookmarking sites to use, but they aren't great unless your article becomes popular on those sites. Digg is helpful for SEO, but you have to be very careful as to not submit too much of your own work as it's considered a no-no in the Digg community.

Stumbleupon is great for getting traffic, but they can drive down how much you earn from ad clicks. Also, Stumbleupon users are highly unlikely to click an ad. I wouldn't consider it a backlink since the link from Stumbleupon to the article is scrambled and not the actual URL of the site/article.

Twitter can be very useful but is known for making all their links no-follow. That said, many sites aggregate what people write on Twitter and make links do-follow. Tons of RSS feeds, many also do-follow, are taken from Twitter. Furthermore, many reader services like Google Reader make links do-follow.

You'll want to post things on Twitter that others would be interested in and make sure you participate in retweeting things others say and give kind thoughts and words to others. This way, there's a higher chance that the stuff you post ends up somewhere with do-follow links.

Backlinks are a huge factor in getting traffic to your website or hub.

Backlinks are a huge factor in getting traffic to your website or hub.


RedGage pays users to submit teeny tiny bits of content. All users have to do is submit a URL, some descriptive keywords, a small description of the content, and you're done! The catch? Nobody will ever make an income off of RedGage and the links don't weigh very much. That said, it's an easy way to get some backlinks to your content.

Technically, RedGage is not an article directory. However, they don't mind if you have a long-winded description of your link. Also, since your link is likely an article, for all intents and purposes, RedGage is listed here as an article directory.

RSS Aggregator Sites

RSS Feed Aggregators

RSS feeds allow readers to be the first to know when their favorite blogs get a new post. The purpose of RSS feed aggregators is to give readers one place to read all their favorite blogs (and to help them find new blogs to follow.)

Many of these sites give do-follow links to the blogs in their directories, which is why it's great for getting backlinks to your blog. These aren't the strongest backlinks in the world, but they automatically update as you create new blog posts. You don't have to keep coming back to the aggregator site to add more backlinks as you write more content.

It's extremely important to note that the term "blog" here is meant to mean "anything with an RSS feed." If you're a HubPages user, just add your HubPages RSS feed URL to each RSS feed aggregator site!

If you don't know your HubPages RSS URL, you can find it in your profile under your picture. Most HubPages users' RSS feed URL is:

Just replace YOUR_USERNAME with your username here on HubPages.

Posting in Forums

Forums are a phenomenal place to get backlinks if you do it correctly. If you spam your hub in a post, the mods will just delete your post. If you find yourself a forum where the mods don't care and let everyone link out to anything, then your link won't help you.

You have two real options when it comes to getting backlinks on forums, you can use your signature line which is perfect since moderators usually don't throw a fit about the links people have in their signatures.

Your other option is to find a forum that is related to your hub. You'll want to make a few posts that aren't related to your hub -- just being friendly and replying to things people say. Then after you've at least made a small presence on the forum mention that "this article kind of describes how I feel BACKLINK_HERE." Just be respectful, no-one likes a spammer.

Looking for a forum? There are a huge number of forums all over the Internet. If you need help in finding a forum, I highly recommend making a quick Google search like "your_interest forum." All sorts of results will show up and you'll quickly find the perfect forum for your needs.

There are some things you have to look out for when selecting a forum. First, you'll want to make sure that the search engines can access the posts. This is easy. Just check and see if you can access posts on the forums without being logged in. If not, then the chances that a search engine has access the posts is slim.

You'll want to make sure the links in the forums are do-follow. There is a really handy free tool that will let you know whether or not a link is do-follow. You can find out about this tool (and other awesome SEO Tools) in my hub, Top 7 Free SEO Tools. <-- See that plug there, that's how you'll want to do it in the forums... nice and natural. :P

Do-Follow Blog Directories

Do-Follow Blog Commenting

Commenting on do-follow blogs is a great way to get backlinks. While these backlinks are generally light-weight, you can rack up a ton of them as blog commenting is quick and painless.

There are many directories that have tons and tons of "do-follow" blogs on them. I use the term "do-follow" loosely as many of the directory owners either don't regularly check the list to make sure the blogs remain do-follow or don't know how to check to see if a blog is, in fact, do-follow.

This is why I highly, highly recommend using the link checker add-on I mention in my 7 Must-Have SEO Tools article. This way you can quickly check to see if comments for each blog in these directories really are do-follow. Build up a list of the blogs that pass your do-follow inspection as they are a golden resource if they accept your comments, which brings me to the last bit.

Make sure your comments are on-topic and thoughtful. I manage a number of blogs and I delete a TON of comments where I can tell the reader didn't even stop for a second and browse through my post. Comments like "Great post, totally agree" are going to be deleted. Be thoughtful, offer a point or and idea and you should be fine.

Quick Poll

Link baiting isn't, by any means, a direct way of getting backlinks. Essentially it's writing content that so good that people will share it with their friends, family, or post around the net. 'Link baiting' was poorly named because it sounds like something scary and blackhat, but it is seriously one of the best ways to get backlinks -- by writing great content so that other people will get backlinks for you! It's perhaps the most organic way of doing SEO.

You can learn more about link baiting in the link baiting section of How to Write Effective Content for Article Marketing.


It takes just a few seconds to set up a Blogspot blog and it's a great way to get backlinks. I recommend having at least three articles on your blog for any backlink you get to be a good one. That said, they don't have to be works of art. Just stick up a few posts full of blah blah stuff that is related to your website or hub and you've got yourself a really nice backlink. I also do not recommend linking to more than one hub with each blog.

The fewer places you link out to, the more worthwhile the links are -- if that makes sense. Think of your blogger blog as the Nobel Peace Prize, it's special because it's really hard to get (few people win this award), if they start giving the award to everyone, it wouldn't be as special. Okay, that's a strange analogy, I admit, but you get the point.

Other Places

  • Yahoo Answers
    Write informative answers to questions and link back to a more in-depth article (on the same topic) you've written.
  • A WordPress Blog
    Create a free website or easily build a blog on Link to other sites from your blog.

Guest Posting

Is there a particular blog you enjoy reading? Many blogs allow writers to submit content as a "guest post." It's essentially like being a guest star on a television show, you just submit one article to the blog and your commitment is done!

Make sure your post is well-written and original. A guest post on a popular blog not only gives you backlinks, but gets you a bit of fame. You'll want a great article attached to your name, so you'll perhaps get asked back or have other blog owners contacting you for guest post opportunities!

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Phillip Anthropy from New York on September 10, 2020:

Nice and Informative blog post for improve website visibility on search engine. I found some backlink activities sites are not working mentioned in your blog post. Good and useful post.

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Hello Melanie!

All resources are fantastic as well as best to learn for beginners. Something had been missing from my head now I found what I was looking. I bookmarked this SEO weapon for later uses.

Will Bailey from tarzana, CA on August 16, 2017:

EzineArticles and Press release has been hit by Google updates. I've used EzineArticles in the past and haven't seen any improvement. Hubpages are good and get you some quality backlinks but you need to work your way up and have at least a minimum score of 75 to get do follow backlinks.

So, don't think of quick fixes and always try and create value for users whichever platform you use.

Marc Anthony Rodis Nengasca from 617 West Montauk Highway, #5005 West Babylon, New York on June 08, 2017:

This is very useful to webmasters promoting their website/blog. Thanks for sharing this!

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An excellent post that provides tons of useful information. This article is a must for blog developers who are trying to generate useful back links.

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on September 22, 2016:

The latest many of us are using for back links with mixed success is Flipboard. We create magazines on various topics and then 'flip' our hubs to the appropriate magazine.

Melbel, you need to remove Squidoo, no longer an option.

beaddve1800 from Toronto on June 18, 2016:

I think Squidoo is now under hubpage?

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on February 08, 2014:

Yes, these are still current. I update these regularly.

Judy Specht from California on February 07, 2014:

Do you know if this information is still current?

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on February 05, 2014:

In my prior comment below (2 months ago) I mentioned that I use EzineArticles. I now have to update that. I just deleted all my articles from Ezine because Google's Matt Cutts recently stated that Google does not like sites, such as EzineArticles, that are article directories.

After hearing that, I did some research and discovered that the links from Ezine seem to be hurting my pages on my site that they were linking to. Those pages were not getting Google traffic as well as the others. So I'm curious now if I'll see an improvement after eliminating my Ezine articles.

SpaceShanty from United Kingdom on February 04, 2014:

When I saw the title I thought this Hub was going to be a bunch of outdated linkfarms but all the information is GOLD!!!!!

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on November 21, 2013:

I use EzineArticles to write additional information about my products. Then at the end of each article is a back link to my business site. I don't really get much traffic from it. I guess I give away too much in the article. So the reader does not need to follow the link for more. Problem is that we need to make the EzineArticle worthwhile. If it's not, then it's ranking is hurt, and the entire effort becomes useless.

Hezekiah from Japan on November 05, 2013:

Good advice there, thanks. Ezinearticles gave me a few good back links in the past. I think I need to update the URLs there.

Robert Burroughs on October 23, 2013:

Great article, I am reading it in sections, I already signed up for ezinearticles and submitted my first article. I am going to read this slow that I can take in all your advice. When I am done I usually like to read the comments to see what others have to say. I have found additional information in comments, that is why I read them. I am going to share this on my Facebook Writing page.

Justin Stretch from Virginia on August 12, 2013:

Be careful with putting backlinks to your website. The new updates have shocked the system, and the wrong low quality and unrelated backlinks will kill your rankings, hopes, and dreams..especially if you are an affiliate marketer.

mecheshier on June 28, 2013:

Great post. Very informative. Voted up!

Henlus on June 27, 2013:

Thanks for the long list. However, I'll advice readers not to be jack of all trade. Select a few sources and concentrate on them until you get result. That is when you start expanding your reach to other sources.

Seet from California on June 20, 2013:

Buzzle no longer accept links in their articles. Just a heads up.

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on April 10, 2013:

It's not okay to submit the same article to multiple sites. That could potentially cause trouble.

Matt on April 09, 2013:

Is it ok or recommended to submit the same article to numerous websites?

sean crawford from los angeles on April 08, 2013:

Hello fellow hubber, Im trying to determine what method offers the highest quality links between guest posting and article directories. I was also confused as to the difference between linkbaiting and article submission.

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Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on February 08, 2012:

Yes, however, you can remove the token as soon as your hubpages account is approved. The token is just used to prove that you are you! :)

CONSCIOUSNINJA from Planet Earth on February 08, 2012:

this is a very informative, detailed hub. i am currently going through the lists you have above and signing up for the various sites to create some productive backlinks to my hubs...

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one question i wanted to ask though - when submitting my Rss url to sites like technorati, they are asking me to post a random collection of digits and numbers on my post - isn't that likely to make my hub look like it is below par?

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