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BIR eFPS Review

Bureau of Internal Revenue

As BIR said "The eFPS will help taxpayers to avail of a paperless tax filing experience and can also pay their taxes online through the convenience of an internet-banking service via debit from their enrolled bank account. In addition, since eFPS is available on the Internet, taxpayers can file and pay for their taxes anytime, anywhere as long as he or she is using a computer with an internet connection". And that's great right?, yes it was.. at first you might think that its complicated, but its not, the more you used to it, everything is fine and will make you realize the convenience of filling taxes not going to your Revenue District Office(RDO) to file Manually and take a line.

However, not all of us here in Philippines knows how to use internet and that is unlucky of them, BUT, BIR people emphasizing that they are willing to teach those unlucky people. Is it really happening? Well, not all RDO has a friendly environment, which means that they are NOT smiling while attending on your queries, the usual picture is frowning and not even looking at you while you are sincerely asking for some help and answers. It was sad that is the reality, most RDO we have here in our country is unfriendly and stressful to visit due to the numerous people who complains, argue and even chatting BIR employee while taxpayers is in a long line waiting to be serve.

Goal of BIR

The goal for implementing eFPS is great, but it was not executed in a right timing. They have issued memorandum to be effective immediately, they've thought that few months is enough for the people to know all the things needed in applying and adjusting on the said system. That is the reason many taxpayers was misinformed, stressed and did not meet the deadlines. And because BIR saw everything they even made a memo to extend the online filling, thanks to them, even in last moment they've decided that.

As a User and taxpayer, the convenience is really the highlight of eFPS, the goal they have said before is what I'm experiencing now, I hope that not just me, all taxpayers must feel the comport filling at home or office, and I hope also that they even enhanced their system to accommodate the number of taxpayers who are mandated to use eFPS.

Log-In Site



Registering at eFPS ( is simple as it may seem, just go to their site and fill out all necessary info needed, just make sure before starting you have a valid and active e-mail address, here is the step by step:

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  1. Click Enroll to eFPS
  2. In Enrollment Form Select if you are Corporate or Individual
  3. Supply all necessary information like the TIN, Registered Name, Address, Date of Incorporation or Registration, and reason of eFiling.
  4. Then Click Next, and again supply all necessary info needed for the registration, just NOTE: that the data should not have special characters like coma, colon and &. It just that it was sensitive that It can't accept those special characters and that is alright, as long as your have the correct TIN.
  5. Submit your application, then you will get an e-mail saying that your enrollment has been received and a verification code is included, please take not of that and again back to eFPS site to input the said code.
  6. Lastly, another e-mail saying that your application has been received and the status of your enrollment including the list of required documents (letter of Intent and Certification) to submit to activate your account.

Submitting the Required Document

After completing the required documents:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Certification
  • Photocopy of 2 Valid ID of Taxpayer (not mentioned on the BIR e-mail, but necessary)
  • Photocopy of 2 Valid ID of USER (not mentioned on the BIR e-mail, but necessary)
  • Certificate of Registration 2303 (not mentioned on the BIR e-mail, but necessary)
  • NOTE: If corporation you should also bring Secretary Certificate that indicates the authorized person (see below sample of Secretary Cert)

go to your Revenue District Office, take a number and wait to be serve, don't forget to be patient, as I said before most of RDO representative is unfriendly, just think that they are so nauseated on their everyday work, doing the stamping and encoding of TIN (lol). The RDO Representative will just check the completeness of your document, then he will check via system online the enrollment of your account, right on that moment he will activate your enrollment.


Upon submitting the complete documents, and the BIR received it, right on that moment the representative will activate your enrollment, he will then confirm to you that your eFPS is activated and an email was sent to you. Then, check it online on your office or at any computer shop, use the User Name and the Password you have enrolled and always remember not to forget the security question you have made.

In My Opinion

In the end, the enrollment is somewhat stressful, BUT, its worth it, due to the convenience you will get on filling online, not to worry to fall in line, spent hours waiting to be serve and once you filed your return you have 3 working days as allowance to pay your filed tax.

Note also that eFPS is not mandated for all taxpayer, however you can voluntarily to apply. Here are the list of the description to know if you are mandated to use eFPS:

  1. Large Taxpayers duly notified by the BIR; Top 20,000 Private Corporations duly notified by the BIR;
  2. Top 5,000 Individual Taxpayers duly notified by the BIR;
  3. Taxpayers who wishes to enter into contract with government offices;
  4. Corporations with paid-up capital stock of Ten Million Pesos;
  5. PEZA-registered entities and those located within Special Economic Zones; and
  6. Government Offices, in so far as remittance of withheld VAT and business tax is concerned.

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