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A Perfect Pitch

A Perfect Pitch

A Perfect Pitch

What is it all about?

You are a:

  • New startup
  • An existing business
  • A well-settled business empire

If you are looking for finance, mentorship, or any sort of help from the big giants out there then you must prepare a presentation and present it in a way that they are forced to give you what your objectives are or at least consider you when they are evaluating other guys with fancy stuff to present.

Pitch Itself

As per my limited knowledge, your pitch should have a hook!

The Hook

If you want your audience to give-in your way, you can lure them in by throwing a hook at them, like fishermen use to catch a fish. The hook can be of 1 or 2 opening sentences or an act presented very shortly to get the full attention of your target audience.

Following are a few examples of the hooks you can begin with:

  • Create a scene
  • Share a fact
  • Leave your audience in question at the start
  • Build a relationship by telling a personal story
  • Create a misconception
  • Write a quote

Note: Do not confuse the hook with an introduction. Once you have hooked your audience you should introduce your topic.

Pitch it like there is no tomorrow

Pitch it like there is no tomorrow

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What else!

Get to the point fast

Your target audience may not have the whole day to listen to you while you make your point. Just be sure to do it fast but not fast enough to make it look like a rush.

Create a need

One obvious question in your reader's mind will always be there and that is, do I really need this?. Create a need as early as possible so that your reader/listener knows whatever you are presenting is his/her need.


Do not forget to state your competition and what makes you different from them. A businessman who knows about his competition can work on his own business better by learning from other's mistakes.


Do not use too many slides but you must know that a picture is worth a thousand words! Do not forget to add pictures yet not getting carried away by adding snaps that do not relate to your content. Keep it very precise, keep it meaningful.


If you have got stats to back your words then do not forget to include them. You know numbers don't lie!

Business Model

Up-till now your audience must be eager to know your business model, the revenue generation idea, and the thing that will keep you fueled up while you provide your service to your customers.

Where do you stand?

Tell them where you stand and where you see yourself in the future. Do not hesitate to show real numbers they would appreciate your honesty and this may end up building a trust system.

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