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Army Ranks: PV1, PV2 and PFC

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Junior Enlisted Ranks

The Army has two grades of Private. Private 1 and 2, or PV1(E1) and PV2(E2). These two ranks are the lowest enlisted ranks in the Army. They are, in most cases, the ranks that a man or women will initially enter into the Army with. The "E" signifies the "enlisted" ranks and go from E1-E9.

The rank of PV1 is denoted by no insignia while the rank of PV2 is denoted by a single chevron, or "stripe".

There are certain cases, such as education, civic organization attendance record, training and referrals, that a person may enter the Army as a Private First Class (PFC/E3), Specialist (SPC/E4) and even a Sergeant (SGT/E5).

PV2 Rank

PV2 Rank

What Does A Private Do?

Any successful military, or army, will be made up of many conscripts (draftees) or volunteers at the lowest levels. This does not mean that they are undervalued or taken advantage of. On the contrary, national and military leaders recognize the value of a highly trained and cared for army.

In the case of the US Army, Privates are the given the best training and led by the best Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers that the Army has to offer. What exactly a Private does will be based on their MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). If they are a cook then they cook. If they are an admin assistant or infantryman, then they do those duties.

PFC rank

PFC rank

Privates Are Developed to Succeed and Grow!

Any good military leader knows that he is only as good as those which he or she supervisors. Any success or promotion that a leader experiences in the US Army is overwhelmingly due to the performance of their subordinates.

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In the US Army, Soldiers are developed by their supervisors and leaders to be the next great leader. This benefits all involved. The lower-enlisted Soldiers receive the training and guidance to succeed and be promoted. The Leader feels gratification in the development of his or her Soldiers while at the same showing themselves as great Leaders. The Army itself benefits by having a constant circulation and growing pool of professional, motivated, dedicated and highly-functioning troops!


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