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Thriving Through Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is. Learn to dance with uncertainty to create magnificent and new possibilities.

Things are changing. Making decisions and taking action have become more complex for business owners and leaders in all industries and markets.

Normal business practices based on your past success are not working anymore. The old way of measuring value is becoming irrelevant.

In the current environment, you can no longer conduct your business as you have in the past. Due to the worldwide health crisis, millions of businesses are faced with uncertainty and the necessity of having to pivot in a hurry just to survive.

The pandemic has weeded out many business players that were stuck in past reference points and had a survivalist mentality. Not adjusting to the new environment or simply being unaware of other possibilities accounts for many of these business failures.

The big risk today is staying with a fixed point of view about how things are supposed to be or what they were in the past, rather than being present in the moment. If you are blinded by your fixed points of view, you won’t see the new possibilities until it’s too late.

Cultivate the ability to change and transform on a dime

New possibilities in business always come from changes that are taking place right here and now. Every day brings new possibilities, new risks, and new challenges. It brings requirements to do things that you did not think you would have to do.

To meet the challenges and to take full advantage of the possibilities, you need to cultivate the ability to change and transform on a dime. The time for choosing to cultivate this ability has arrived and it is pulling at us with great urgency.

The ability to change and transform on a dime comes from the capacity to adapt as needed and to create flexible structures that are appropriate and suitable for that moment.

How many fixed points of view that you have defined as meaningful are the things that keep you from being able to change and transform on a dime?

If you have no fixed points of view, you can be aware of everything and change pretty much anything. As long as you are hanging on to your fixed viewpoints, you cut off your awareness. You can never see what's actually true.

Your business and your strategy

Leading your business amid the global health crisis requires a multi-faceted approach. It is crucial to review your business strategy and objectives to be in tune with the business landscape which has been altered.

Take the time to re-evaluate your business and your strategy. Evaluate the changes you’ve had to make to determine what has generated new possibilities … either financially, operationally, or relationally.

If something doesn’t work out the way you wish, ask: “What can I do differently that will create a different result?” This process can breathe new life into your business.

It takes the willingness to be aware of everything, which allows you to perceive different possibilities.

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This is about functioning from awareness, possibilities and choices. It’s about questions: OK, what are the possibilities here? What choices do I have? The willingness to look at what else you can create will keep your business in forwarding motion.

Doing business-as-usual may, at the very most, keep your business surviving, but at the same time, it prevents your business from blossoming and flourishing. If you are not happy with your circumstances right now, please recognize that you can make new choices and begin to change your circumstances for the better.

The sooner you relinquish a business-as-usual mindset, you’ll have more awareness to create a different possibility. There is a completely different reality available to you if you are willing to choose it.

All you need to know is that if your business is not what you want it to be, then there is a different option available.

Strategies you can do

There are some general strategies you can do to seize these new opportunities and possibilities.

1 Function in the moment, where you can change things as needed

Let go of any fixed idea about how things are supposed to be. Be willing to receive new possibilities that you have never considered before. Can you change your business model to better operate?

Start asking. What else is possible? Then ask: What do I have the capacity to create and generate right now that I never had before?

2 Review your cashflow forecasts

Do you have an accurate knowledge of the daily, weekly, and monthly financial numbers taking place within your business? It’s vital that you are very aware of your cash flow. Think about what you can do to keep the cash flow coming in.

Start asking - What else can I create and generate today that would be fun for me and will keep the cash flow coming in?

3 Recognize what you can do to create something different.

Think differently about the way you live your life and the way you operate your business. Take a few moments to ask: What else is possible?…. · What choice do I have here?… · What can I choose different?

When you function from question, choice possibility, and contribution, you will become aware of something in the wind that is whispering change that you cannot fathom.

What if your functional point of view in life were; “What else can I add to my life? What else can I add that would make my business be even more generative and prosperous?” When you start functioning from there, you get a totally different point of view about the world

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