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Best 5 Mobile Apps to Earn Money Online Doing Micro Jobs

Introduction: Micro jobs are pretty simple tasks anyone can do. There are many websites that give opportunities to earn money by completing small gigs or simple micro tasks online without investment. For example, microworkers, picoworkers, rapidworkers, figure eight – they all pay for completing micro tasks available on their respective sites.

There are some apps for doing micro jobs on mobile platforms which offer simple crowdsourcing opportunities and good paying tasks which are aimed at powering AI or making internet better.

Here, I am going to discuss a list of top 5 mobile apps to earn money without investing online:

Clickworker: This app is one of the best mobile apps for android as well as iOS. There are different types of tasks, many of which are relatively high paying; like taking photos, shooting videos, recording voice, filling surveys – these are some types of work available on clickworker. Minimum payout here is 10€. And payment method available for withdrawal of money is PayPal.

Neevo: This is another application where several tasks are available every now and then just like clickworker. Some of the tasks available on this platform are exclusive to desktop. And this platform is relatively new. A very good advantage of this crowdsourcing platform is that it has no minimum payout and payment is directly transferred to the worker’s PayPal account.

Yandex Toloka: This app is really good and also popular. Here, small paying, simple and easy-to-understand jobs are available frequently for workers and tasks are updated pretty often. And the minimum payout is as little as 0.02$. And several payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer etc are available here for withdrawal of earnings.

Microwork: This is a really interesting application for new workers. This application is published by General Blockchain Inc. Simple tasks like clicking photos, shooting short videos and similar other jobs are available here according to worker’s location. Although opportunities vary at different times. Minimum payout here is only 1$. And payment methods are PayPal and Ethereum.

Hive Work: This one is a pretty good app for hard-working, talented and attentive workers giving them money in return of their accomplished tasks. Example of tasks available here are: image labelling, bounding boxes, categorization and so on. It's also a pretty simple and good platform for those who like and feel comfortable to do these types of work in their spare time.

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Verdict: These are some of the good apps available for mobile devices which anyone can start working on to make money online in their free time. And there are several other applications like the above ones as well. So, these are some really good applications for anyone who is looking for good part time earning opportunities without investing money.

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