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All You Need to Know Development Ideas for Personalized Service Startup With the Help of Uber for X Platform


The success of the business depends upon the niche customers and other end-players. Today most of the users are looking towards the online service that gives more convenience and improves the service revenue. However, the journey of business success will not be as easy without the help of an application according to today’s market condition.

Why the Majority of Personalized Business Models Based on the App?

On-demand apps are a luxury service that makes the users feel like a highness. The personalized on-demand app service is considered as the in-demand industrial trends and rapidly evolving the market revenue in various sectors. With the help of Uber and apps like Uber, there are many new services that have been launched and running successfully today.

Whether you want a hairdresser or lawn service everything has been made possible and simple with the help of the on-demand app like Uber. In fact, personalized services have been increased in the market due to the interest of the people. And this brought many entrepreneurs to think about the new personalized services in various industrial sectors.

There are several reasons why people are feeling more comfortable to use a mobile app solution to fulfill their personal needs. Here, I have listed a few of the reasons according to the market survey on the personalized on-demand application from the potential customers as follows.

  • Flexible and full-freedom - Hand over the service flexibility to the users will increase the user’s experience gradually. According to the survey, it shows that 86% of the potential customers are willing to pay an additional amount when they have received a better customer experience than before. The on-demand application services can achieve success with the help of the business models, to keep the user’s experience as the primary objective while developing application-based service. Hence, make sure the business model is the right one for your personalized service.
  • Improves efficiency and saves time - On-demand applications are considered as the fastest process that allows the users to get their needs as fast as possible. From the starting to the end, the app gives full-fledged service to the end-players with a smooth workflow. These on-demand apps let users save their favorite service providers. The users are able to book the service now or later easily without any issue. This lets the users decide their needs at the right time. Therefore, the users are able to modify the service according to their needed time. This brings more efficiency in the on-demand personalized service with just a few taps on the app.
  • Accessible and easy to use - According to the on-demand industrial survey nearly 52% of the world population is using the on-demand services. This shows the demand for the on-demand app service and its usability. Today no business or service can not survive in the market without the help of an on-demand application. The users are able to interact with the on-demand application service from anywhere at any time quickly. Moreover, mobile applications are considered as a handy tool for users to use and engage with their respective service providers. Since it is built and designed for the customer-centric to gain better market share.

These are some of the reasons why people are looking forward to an application-based service. If you’re an entrepreneur, then make sure your application is able to provide all the above-mentioned reasons. Other than that, the business model plays a major role in the on-demand application service.

Choosing the Right Personalized Business Models

The on-demand application has two types of business models for the upcoming and present entrepreneurs in the field.

Commission based business model

  • Most probably many entrepreneurs used to choose the commission-based business model because of its flexibility. This business model acts as a linking layer for the service provider and customers. Just by developing the application platform will help the users to take place in your application.
  • Make sure the commission-based business model has good feature tools to enrich the booking experience of the users to gain more revenue. Most of the entrepreneurs failed to give equal importance to the end-players and it ended-up in loss of revenue. In this, the commission charge can be fixed by the admin for each booking.

Upgrading the business to on-demand based business model

  • It’s not like that of the commission-based business model, the entrepreneur must take the charge for everything that takes place in their application. In this business model, the admin must take care of service efficiency and visibility. This can be gained by the unique design of the application interfaces.
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  • This business model is adaptable for the entrepreneur who is already running the service in the traditional method can upgrade to this business model. In this, there is no commission charge and the whole responsibility was handed over to the admin. With the help of the on-demand application, you’re able to take the business to the next level.

These two business models have different revenue schemes but able to gain a good profit easily with the help of enriched features.

Improve the Personalized Service Application Efficiency with Advanced Metrics

  • Modern login method - Social media integration is considered as the modern login method in the on-demand application. Days before we used to type the details to start the service but today we are able to quickly start the service with our social media accounts itself. This increases the visibility of the service and saves time.
  • Accurate tracking option - Once the service has been booked, the customers are able to track the respective service provider with their application. This feature will show the real-time status of service provider updates. To make the service more reliable, the feature will also display the estimated cost of the service and service provider’s arrival time.
  • Make it now or later - The users are given the freedom to book the service according to their needed time. There is no restriction in booking the service therefore the user can book at any time. The book later option lets the users schedule their service providers with dates and times the service is in need of.
  • Multiple payable options - After the service, the users have to pay for their service through the online. It doesn’t mean that everyone wants Ewallet or online payable options. Most of the users still prefer direct cash. Therefore, the on-demand apps give both the preferable choice to their users.
  • Service feedback - To make the service more transparent the on-demand application has this feedback system. This feature will be used once the user pays for the service completely or after the service completion. This service feedback helps the admin to know about the user’s comments on service improvement.

Various personalized service startup that is available in the market today

Many industries are evolving with the help of on-demand applications.

  • Fashion industry - Fashion industry never fades, days before only the top celebrities and rich people are able to hire the personal hair designer and home salon. But with the help of an on-demand application now everyone is able to hire a hair designer, personal shopper, home salon, and other fashionable services directly at doorstep.
  • Home-based services - Most of the home services are done by the woman, they are managing their homework and office work parallelly. This has been made simple with the on-demand application with various personalized home services from maid booking to lawn service booking. This has enhanced the home service industrial value in the market.
  • Healthcare sector - Like the other sectors, the on-demand application has also taken place in healthcare too. Here, the patients are able to book their caretakers and other pharmacy services from their home itself. This gives full convenience to the patients and they are also able to get their lab reports directly at their doorstep.
  • Transportation sector - There is no doubt the transportation sector is the top in the on-demand market statics. In the transportation sector, the users are able to do all sorts of rides like a four-wheeler, two-wheeler, electric car, and other modes of transportations. The demand for transportation brings many more new ride options to the people in the market.
  • Fitness and entertainment sector - In the busy life schedule, we aren’t able to get ourselves motivated and fit. Therefore, the on-demand personalized service app has brought many fitness and entertainment services too namely yoga trainer booking, musical trainer booking, self-defense trainer booking, etc.

The above mentioned sectors have high demands on the market and the on-demand application lets the entrepreneur reach the expected revenue as that of the market survey. Choosing the right sector’s demand in your region will help you to get visibility more quickly and get branded soon in the market.

Final Say

Personalized service startups are most welcome in the on-demand industry. Make sure you have a good business plan to start personalized Services with the right application solution. With the help of the right personalized service app development, you’re able to reach the targeted audience easily and soon.

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