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All You Need To Know About Blogging Platforms

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Blogging Platforms

Blogging Platforms


You guys have heard about blogs and the platforms to write your first blog. If not then I will tell you everything about selecting the best blogging platform for you to start your blog. So basically, a blogging platform is something like software where you can write your content and share it with others on the internet. You can manage everything at once and the content you publish on a blogging platform is called a blog. So the question is what is a blog? So the blog is to present some useful information to your audience in writing. It can be of anything and any topic as per your skills.

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What Actually A Blogging Platform Is?

A blogging platform is like where you can write your content, manage and publish your content online so your readers can read it in a blog.

So we can consider blogs as different from other websites because the content that you published on a blogging platform is known as a blog and your blog is shown in sequence order that means the posts you have published are shown first.

How does It work?

In a blogging platform, the people can create, publish the post. You can also see the date of the post that you published along with the credits of the author who wrote the post. These platforms made everything very simple for people to write the content of different categories so that it is easier to search for the post in one blog. Also, it allows you to add multiple keywords as it is also another way to look for different topics.

Before, the programs you decide for building a site that you would use for a blog were totally unique. However, today, there is a ton of cover: A web designer or writing for a blog content management system (CMS) will actually want to make both ordinary website pages and blog-type pages.

The most well-known course of action most sites today use is to have a blog-based CMS (like WordPress) that takes into consideration the making of the static pages on their site and a blog that can be refreshed consistently.

Let's Jump on to check out the popular Blogging Platforms.

You will get many different companies to deal with and they offer both free and paid service for hosting and publishing blogs. If I talk about some free blogging platforms here you select Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and Medium.

If you just want to share useful information with your audience then a free blogging platform is the best for you to go with. And if you are looking to make money from your blog for your business purpose then avoid free platforms, you should pay and select the self-hosting blog which is on WordPress. So this means you can do your own hosting setup for your blog with your own WordPress Installation. You can do anything in your blog. It means all the control of your blog is in your hands..

Here we will discuss three blogging platforms that you can use to start your blogging journey.


If you are very serious about starting your blogging journey and you want to manage everything on your own then here you can go with the self-hosting the best blogging platform designed for you. I must say that you will not regret the future of this platform and many experienced bloggers prefer as their first choice.

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Why is the first choice is because it is an all-out content management system (CMS) and you will have full control of your blog without any limitations that are forced by other platforms. You have the code all alone, you can change the designs, usability, and everything that is working on your blog. You can also monetize your website with advertisements, you need and most awesome aspect all, it is the most SEO well disposed of since we should change everything in your site.

Every successful blogger hosts their blogs on Self-hosting to control their blogs and you will seldom discover an exemption. The only thing you have to consider is your effort and some learning on your side. You will get lots of free WordPress templates to install but for that, you need to check some tutorials about the setup and installation process. Along with templates you need to put effort into learning about how to create an account with a hosting company, learn some basic steps of coding, and other administrative tasks.

Investing a few bucks in the self-hosted WordPress is perfectly best for you to manage all your blogs in one place. The most amazing aspect – you own the site that you make and no one can guarantee the content as their own.




Blogger or Blogspot both are the same and it is the first choice for the newbie bloggers because it is free to start and you just require your Google account. There are millions of blogs hosted on the blogger platform. It will allow you to create your blog with the URL -

You will also get the option to add the custom domain yes i.e so your site will open in the custom domain which you have added. If you don't have high skills in designing then don't worry you will get some best inhouse free templates to get started but the designs are not as attractive as you need but it is good to start. Blogger will allow you to change the designs but not full control of your website because you can fully change and customize the looks and design of your blog.

Note- Blogger is not for serious bloggers who have an active high passion for blogging.

The benefit of selecting a blogger for your blog is simple: you can start with a Google Account and it will require just 5 minutes for the setup process, perfect for the newbies once again not for serious bloggers.




Medium is also another blogging platform and it is well known for its long structure content curation style which most writers at Medium have embraced. It is the best match for the people who want to share some interesting stories and not really talk about a specific subject or specialty. Think about Medium as what might be compared to Tumblr. Medium is known for its long structure content which is introduced as stories, encounters, and diaries.

Just like Blogger and Tumblr, it is free for everyone to sign up and start writing your stores. You don't need to take stress about selecting a hosting for your website and deal with every one of the specialized parts of running your blog or site. Only one drawback is there with Medium is there is no option to change the look and feel of your blog since all the blog configurations appear to be identical. It is highly unlikely to add outsider content, advertisements, or various content in your blog, so usefulness is restricted here also.



Key Points To Remember

  • Blogging platforms are a service where you can manage and publish your handwritten contents and share them with everyone on the internet.
  • Your contents will be published consecutively along with the date and name of the author.
  • Many free and paid blogging platforms out there and includes many good functionalities.
  • Blogging daily can help people to search your business in the internet world and you can also earn a decent amount of money from your blog.

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