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Algorithm Facts You Must Know Before Posting on Instagram

I strive in every article to explain complicated concepts in an understandable fashion.


Instagram is not only used to share pictures, videos, and stories. It is not only for making entertaining reels or funny posts. There is a reason that the current format of Instagram supports a lot of commercial activities. Because of its visual nature and the fact that it connects you with millions of users from all across the world, it can function as a marketing tool quite efficiently.

Whether you are an individual professional or a huge enterprise, you must understand just how to use these social media platforms for your benefit and promote your offerings to your prospects. If you have other e-Commerce marketing initiatives in place, Instagram is going to easily complement all of them.

A lot of users spend a considerable amount of time trying to understand how the algorithms of the app work. Do you know that according to a recent study, more than 72% of Instagram users willingly make purchases after seeing something on someone's feed or posts?

The most popular categories of products that can be promoted on Instagram are clothing, makeup, supplements, shoes, jewellery, accessories, furniture, and a lot more.

Let's understand a few factors before you post on Instagram next time so that your content reaches a large audience from all across the world and it can function as a marketing tool quite efficiently.

1) Where Your Interest Lingers The Most

Platforms like YouTube has been using it for a really long time now. Instagram can easily predict how much you care about a specific post and where your inclinations are the most. This is generally based on your past way of behaving and any sort of similar content that you view or consume whenever you use the app. Consider yourself a regular Instagram user and being in that limit, you end up liking a video or exploring relatively similar content, the following time you open the application, your feed will be showing you the similar content. Instagram just guesses that you are going to like that content as well.

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2) Maintaining Relevance Of Timelines

You must know that Instagram always show recent posts in your feed. So if you are using the app, you will see less posts that are excessively old. The feed isn't returning back to a chronological order at all. Instagram is going to show you latest content instead of just throwing old content at you. No matter the level of engagement that those posts were able to generate, it will prevent old feeds from showing up.

3) Comments And Tags Help Build Relations

Do you have any idea how important it is to gather comments, likes, shares, and views? You need bring those posts in front of the people that matter. It is important to like and comment on posts of your users so that you can receive the same favour in return. It also gives you a good idea regarding when your audience is active on Instagram and during which time of the day it is more useful for you to make a post in order to get maximum engagement.

4) How Often Do You Open The App?

The entire behaviour of the app depends on the number of times you open it over the course of the day. In the event that you are a frequent scroller, the application will show you posts from your last visit. Then, at that point, your feed is pretty much going to become sequential in light of the fact that you have previously seen the content when you opened up the application last time.

5) Follow And Get Followed

Keep in mind, in the event that you have less followers, this implies that you are following a small number of people on Instagram. The more individuals you follow the more choices Instagram will have with regards to topping off your feed with content. The same applies to your prospects and users as well. You should inspire them to follow you so that you appear in their feed without fail.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is exceptionally a very entertaining and engaging platform. If you want to promote your content strategically and effectively, you should figure out how the algorithm functions. This was a brief look at only that. Hope you get more followers, likes, and customers after reading this.

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