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The Solution To Your Financial Ordeal

Emmanuel Nuga is a prolific writer. Who believes so much in self productivity. He advices people to explore their God given ability.


I will advise you to read this article to the end if you are really desperate for change in your finances.

Seriously, one of my early discoveries in life is this disheartening irony of hustling so hard for a penny and in turn takes the penny to relieve yourself of the pain the hustling inflicts on you, may be the remaining penny takes care of a fraction out of the many responsibilities at hand, that is if you are neither a family man, ill or your landlord is not in any urgent need that might warrant him demanding for an undue rental payment prior to the time you are supposed to pay your rent. So is the case of so many labouring working class.

What The Heck! It Is Never Enough

Low monthly income earners are estranged from living satisfactorily. As they found themselves indebted to huge debts even before the arrival of their monthly income which swallows the insufficient income they had longed laboured, exhausted hours, weeks and months in rigorous labour to work for. You will agree with me that your monthly earning is not enough to satisfy your existing needs. Let alone combating a huge capital demanding urgency.

But how far have you journey in diversifying your source of income in order to have enough instead of just depending on one source, and how do you go about it even while you work as an employee? All of these determine the advent of your resolutions.


Salary, A Bait In Disguise

Probably, you're wondering what makes it a bait in disguise? First of all, you will agree with me that not all workplaces are pension regulated; that is once a worker reaches the exhausted age of workability he either retires or the work retires him. He is however given some gifts as an appreciative symbol for services rendered. No pension and nothing further except the gifts, period!. Unless a person has an investment to fall back on before retirement, he will have no course to worry much about finances. But what if there was nothing like that? Probably, The only option left is whether to borrow or die slowly while managing all that he has worked for. Such is the predicament of men who retire from work that is not pension regulated. And now coming out is like being eventually let loose from a bait by which they've been entrapped. Under which they've barely survived, fed and sheltered, and now left alone to combat the rest of life managing.

In a nutshell, I already had this ambition of becoming my own boss. This was a thing I concluded in my mind. Moreover, I knew quite well that I have got what it takes inside of me to be financially self dependent. Without any compromise, in order to create enough time to build my potential, I quit! although I did not quit my teaching profession completely. I have clients I lectured and tutored at my own convenience from which I make my earnings. Not still enough though. But however, it provided me enough time to work on my initiative which was nothing else except the ability to write; a profession I've longed to familiarise myself with since my early age and right now I am currently working on the publication of my books. To conclude, you can make something out of nothing if you can only give yourself enough time to explore the opportunity both seen and unseen. Just follow on

There Is Yet A Downside

You may ask; what if my workplace is pension regulated, is there still any downside? Yes there is. And what could that be? The possibility of your workplace going bankrupt or closing up completely, government instability and mismanagement of public funds, irremediable money consuming disease, economic recessions or literally a denial or delay in payment. To mention a few, I suggest you assume the rest. These are simple facts that make the former seem like a bait in disguise.

The Effect of The Global Pandemic

The effect of the outbreak of the COVID‑19 pandemic, the associated lockdowns and the related economic downturn was a bash on retirement savings schemes, providers, regulators and supervisors,.

Which also lead to:

  • Future lower incomes in retirement and important dysfunctions in the market.
  • A decrease in the value of assets in retirement savings accounts from falling financial markets;
  • An increase in liabilities from falling interest rates in retirement savings arrangements with retirement income promises (e.g. defined benefits retirement plans, and life annuity arrangements);
  • A lower capability to contribute to retirement savings plans by individuals, as they see their wages reduced or lose their jobs, and by employers suffering financial distress;
  • Operational disruptions as a result of working remotely;
  • Cyber-attacks, frauds and scams directed at individuals, regulators, supervisors and providers of retirement savings schemes (e.g. pension funds);

Get The Central Idea Clean and Clear

Am I against monthly earnings? Not at all, neither am I in any way sceptical about it. Of course, you have to work even if you anticipate becoming your own boss or self-employed. There is definitely a starting point, working to earn at month ending is one of them if not the surest point. But my central point of argument is, what have you done so far above just depending on monthly income that doesn't give you the satisfaction you are craving for? Or do you wait for a miracle to happen? Maybe not really.

"Your inability to venture into a quest for the advancement of your life all balls down to your level of understanding and information?" (I put this in quotes because I am still coming back to buttress on this point). But note; you don't have to make a lot of millions or saved billions in your account to live sufficiently.This is absolutely not the best definition for wealth. No! You can have wealth and be deprived of health and peace. But your pursuit should be aimed at satisfaction, freedom and peace. Satisfaction in what sense? Making the best use of your life and time for yourself and the lives around you.

My Own Side Of The Story

During my years in a traditional earning job. I didn't enjoy an optimal satisfaction in what I was getting every month ending because I've got a lot of financial needs to address and since I knew I wasn't going to stay long in the my place of work and besides, whether or not the work was satisfactory I had made up of my mind earlier before, that I will not used the whole of my life serving an institution.

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Have You Done The Needful?

Note; It is not my idea to refer you to anywhere, my primary objective in this article is to guide you. Bet me if you will align yourself with the following you will be grateful you did.

As quoted before, all balls down to your level of understanding and the information you are acquainted with.

I know so many have been striving to work online but it's like the opportunities out there don't seem to work in their favour. While some who had barely managed to get one to augment their income are not getting much from it.

What you know is what you know, what you don't know you don't know. And what you need to know to live the kind of life you desire to know must be sorted in order to know.

So the question is; what do you need to know and how do you know what is it you need to know? A question you only have an answer to.

— Nuga

Let's Think Outside The Box

At this juncture, expect a different idea. Normally, I would have just suggested you try exploring the opportunities online which is advisable in respect to what the topic of this article is all about.

(If you will, check out my next article which I titled "The ordeal of making money online distraction" . I will be releasing very soon. Pretty sure you can't afford to miss this one, because it is very informative. While trying what to do online)

This is moreover the usual approach online gurus deployed in bringing the idea of online money making to light for people who are looking for ways to augment their income. But since I had once been in this shoe, and discovered what works different from what many deceitful gurus proclaimed online. I asked myself what if none of those suggestions never work for you? Because I know many who are striving to get a presence online but it isn't working out as expected.

Keep this at the back of your mind, whether you believe it or not a time is coming when the online money making trafficking will be so congested in which as a result many online businesses or online money making websites will start operating on a highly restrictive policy all for security purpose. So then the fact balls down to the little you know is what you know, what you don't know you don't know and what you need to know to live the kind of life you desire to know must be sorted in order to know. So the question is; what do you need to know and how do you know what is it you need to know? It is no other way than to ask, research, think and dialogue on what really work for you on the long run to make a better life and a better income.


One Secret Of Wealthy Men

I show you one major secret among few secrets that makes men wealthy, even the billionaires of our days. Do you think they just wake up one day and then go on to start doing what they do today that earn them a lot of money or you think they are those kind of wanderers who just dabble into something someone assumed to be the easiest way of making money without adequate findings? No! It is in this generation of ours many are so obsessed with making the money very fast and eventually going back to square one.

Their success begin from personal reorientation which is Asking, Thinking, Researching and Dialoguing on what their best choice is and what works for them to make a better life and a better income. And to be quite honest with you, until you get this right with yourself getting the opportunity online will take you nowhere irrespective of the variety of opportunities trending online.

Change Your Mindset

I remember a man who needed something better than what he was getting from his job so he decided he was going to take enough time to think about it. During his off days at work, every morning after waking up from bed, he says his prayers, takes his bath, has his breakfast, gets dressed up and sits on a chair before a table with a cup of tea, a pen and a paper. He locked himself up for weeks, every morning he was thinking and digressing until he finally came up with an idea. What was the idea? He decided to turn to the selling of clothes and this business kept making him a lot of millionaires today, with this he gainfully employed people who worked with him because he had a massive store. This is someone I know very well. This was his way of escape from the Agony Of Monthly Income Earners.

Ask, Think, Research and Dialogue. You will get the right Answer.

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