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Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Various Verticals: How it All Works


Affiliate marketing or traffic arbitrage is a way to make money, especially for entrepreneurs who have their websites and want to generate leads. With affiliate marketing, you advertise or recommend a product through affiliate links, and when the user clicks on it and completes the target action, the advertiser pays you a commission. Many monetize their website or blog since online shopping is very popular.

In many ways, profit depends on the choice of affiliate programs; thematically, they belong to a particular category- the vertical. Each vertical has its characteristics: the topic of the advertising offer, the target audience, and traffic sources. So how to figure it out and choose the best offer for yourself? We have prepared a guide to 4 verticals in affiliate marketing to make this task easier for you. With the help of that, you can generate more sales leads.

1. Finance

This vertical collect offers in such categories as microloans, bank cards, forex, binary options, and earnings on cryptocurrencies. Finance is one of the most profitable verticals; here, a $500 per lead bid is common, and it's not a limit. But it will be more challenging to attract a client to a crypt than to an offer with sneakers.

The target audience is mostly men 30+. The audience is divided into those who want to get easy money and those interested in business and IT. Microloan offers are designed for an audience that, for example, wants to solve financial difficulties before payday or spend money on holiday.

Traffic sources:

  • mailings in messengers and email,
  • contextual advertising,
  • social network,
  • Youtube.

2. Dating or shopping

Here we are talking about sites and applications for dating or eCommerce. You can promote these sites using paid advertising to get positive results. Ecommerce sites can be easily promoted through ad networks on search engines, or you can also use social media channels to reach your target audience by creating a buyer persona.

It can work the same for dating apps where people's desire to find love is inherent in everyone, regardless of social status, work and hobbies. That is, we are talking about a large audience. Age can be anything from 18+, but the main clients are people 25-45 years old. A male audience dominates dating sites, but when compared by age, the older, the more equal the gender ratio: after 45 years, the figures are approximately the same.

Traffic sources:

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  • social networks
  • contextual advertising,
  • push notifications,
  • Telegram channel.

3. Health & Beauty

The Health and beauty category deals with rejuvenation, dietary, beauty tips, supplements, remedies, weight loss and pain in the joints, etc. Health and beauty topics are relevant to the widest target audience, so you need to focus on the product itself for successful actions.

Typically, a clue in identifying potential customers is the problem that the tool aims to solve. For example, a rejuvenation cream is unlikely to interest girls under 25, and a remedy for prostatitis is more interesting for men. Therefore, your marketing strategies will target the audience of both categories to get positive results.

Traffic sources:

  • teaser advertising,
  • social media targeting
  • blog,
  • SEO.

4. Technology

This vertical combines tech, gadgets, technology, auto, Artificial intelligence, etc. Advertising and making money on this vertical content locker will be helpful. With the help of high-quality content, you can inform, educate your audience and advertise your products because most of your audience is educated who are dealing with tech. To gain access, the user is prompted to complete a task from the proposed list, such as participating in a drawing or visiting the advertiser's website. The advantages of content lockers are that they are an alternative to annoying ads and passively monetize the site. It increases your business credibility and strengthens the brand value. Moreover, this is a diverse target audience, thanks to tech that can bring a good income.

Traffic source:

  • Contextual advertising
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Email marketing


If bids per lead are $500 in one vertical and $1 in another, does one vertical is more profitable than the other? In arbitration, everything is not so simple: the rate per lead depends on the cost of attracting it, and it is often easier to attract 500 users to download an application than one to invest in cryptocurrency.

Each vertical is profitable. If you are considering which one to choose, at first, it makes sense to focus on topics that are familiar to you: this will make it easier to promote the offer. It is also worth considering traffic sources and the subject matter of your site if you plan to use it in a campaign.

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