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Advantages of being a content writer and choosing content writing as your career

Content writers are shaping the face of online content as we know it today. Content writing is now a career choice that you can make to take up a full time profession that pays the bills and a lot more

Content writers are shaping the face of online content as we know it today. Content writing is now a career choice that you can make to take up a full time profession that pays the bills and a lot more

There are advantages of being a content writer that make content writing a lucrative profession and career choice. Before you read on, you must check out the disadvantages of being a content writer because I don't want to mislead you into believing that you can earn money and become rich overnight by writing online. However, content writing as a full time profession definitely fulfils the dream of many to work from home and make money online. Here are the advantages of being a content writer.

Content writers have a worldwide community – There are no physical boundaries of work

Not many would have imagined a decade or two back that there would be a real-life career choice of becoming a content writer, where you can deal and interact with clients and customers from around the world without having to move an inch. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of content. To give a quick example, a content writer in Melbourne, Australia may be servicing the content needs of clients based in New York, USA. Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to the 21st century!

Content writers are exposed to world of knowledge

Inevitably, content writers need to engage into hours, day or even weeks of research for their projects. Whether it is content writing for websites, articles, blogs, newsletters or publications of other types, the writers are left with the mammoth task of research and development of content that suits the needs of various projects. This is a great advantage for people who are intellectually driven and for those who like each and every day of their lives to be a new learning experience.

Content writing allows you to work from your home office

Most careers and professions demand you to be in a certain place at a certain time. This is not the case with content writing because if you do choose to be a writer, you have the freedom to work from wherever you want. You can work from your own office, your home office, your bedroom, your garden or even work while you are travelling. As you can see, being a writer gives you a lot of flexibility.

Content writers can be good online entrepreneurs

One of the first step to being an online entrepreneur is to know what drives the content business on the big bad world wide web. There is no better way to experience that firsthand than being a content writer. Content writing as a profession can be a great stepping stone for people looking to be the next big online entrepreneur.

Content writing allows you to enjoy the good things in life

Is your 9 to 5 job draining you out and taking over all the other important priorities in life like family, friends and relationships? It's a pity. Professional content writers on the other hand generally are able to maintain a great work-life balance because of the very obvious flexibility that they get by choosing writing as a full time profession. This means taking time out for family, loved ones or friends without having to worry about taking a day off and pissing off the boss.

Content writers can choose their own assignments

Freelance content writers have the option and flexibility to choose their own projects and assignments. Content writers are not limited to a single direction and focus when it comes to developing quality content. As you can imagine, the internet is a host to literally "everything you can think of under the sun" and content writers usually take advantage of this fact to gain expertise in various areas.

Writing can finally pay the bills

Writers, it is time to rejoice. Gone are the days when even the greatest writers would slog and face tough times throughout their lives, only for their writing to be spotted after their lifetimes. Content writing now gives budding writers to continue earning money and maintain a revenue stream while they work on their big projects or their passion for writing. Good writers get spotted and appreciated instantly in the online community.

Although HubPages is not your typical content writing job, it is a platform where you are a writer and a publisher. If you think you've got what it takes to start earning today by writing online, you can signup here! Check out some great writers in my profile on HubPages who keep the community alive with their terrific writing skills, knowledge and insights.

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shin_rocka04 from Maryland on June 23, 2012:

I'm really starting to understand that power of content writing. I have a few of my own blogs and doing outside work I'm able to really expand my knowledge on a number of subjects. It helps to keep my own content fresh and creativity. Good hub.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 08, 2011:

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Your points are very valid. It does take time to earn any kind of a decent income but with time and effort it works! The residual income is nice. Do the work once and get paid over and over again through the years for one's efforts.

princesswithapen (author) on September 24, 2011:


I've put together points which truly outline the real advantages of being a content writer rather than lines which promise "make money overnight" or "start earning thousands in months". I'm glad you liked it.

You deserve to be on that list.


Eiddwen from Wales on September 15, 2011:

Hi princesswithapen,

A great hub and very useful to many I am sure.

Also I have to say a very big thank you for including my name as one of the great writers.

I am very touched and thank you so much.

Take care


princesswithapen (author) on September 15, 2011:

No worries, mckbirdbks.


princesswithapen (author) on September 15, 2011:

Vinaya Ghimire

The joys of writing online are special because you get an instant audience. That itself is something very special and I bet, which every writer appreciates. I'm glad you liked this hub.


mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on September 15, 2011:

princesswithapen: What an unexpected surprise. Thanks for including me in your well written Hub.

Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on September 15, 2011:

Wow, its a great honor to be listed here. I have been writing for more than 7 years on newspapers and now I'm discovering joys of writing online. Though I have not done something substantial, I'm happy to learn from my fellow hubbers. This is very useful hub. I'd want to come again.

princesswithapen (author) on September 15, 2011:


You really shouldn't be surprised. Your love for writing and research shows in your hubs. I'm sure no one will disagree when I say that we all at HubPages look forward to reading many more of your hubs.

I read the update on your last hub and glad to know that you got your stolen biography issue sorted out.


FloraBreenRobison on September 15, 2011:

Wow. Thankyou for including me in your hub. I am honoured. I love writing and have always loved research.

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