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Accounting Software For Beauty Salons

Mohammad Khan Yusufzai is Masters in Management, specializing in Economics, Finance and Marketing, with corporate & lectureship exp.


According to Statistica, the Hair Salons industry is currently valued at around $46.2 billion in the US. And it is expected to grow at around 17%. Using modern accounting software such as Online Check Writer can help your hair salon bring its A-game and capture the lion’s share of the industry’s profits.

What Is Accounting Software?


Accounting software is a tool that helps to automatically manage book-keeping and accounting requirements of the business. Simply put accounting software helps you to automate the accounting process.

Thus, accounting software is a computer program that helps in the entire accounting process of a business, from recording to reporting. It makes accounting calculations, procedures, and analyses easier to perform. It reduces the workforce needs as it can automatically post the transactions as and when they happen. Therefore, it ultimately helps a business in costs and time savings.

Why does your hair salon need accounting software?


Accounting can be a very time-consuming and daunting task for your hair salon. And it gets more and more complex with the growth of your business.

Accounting software helps you to automate the entire accounting process. Therefore your role is just to provide inputs. Accounting software will take on from there and perform all the remaining transactions.

For example, accounting software will automatically record a journal entry, every time you pay a bill through your bank account.

Benefits of Having an Accounting Software for your Hair Salon


Here are the most common advantages of having specialized accounting software for your hair salon:

Makes Accounting very easy


Accounting software is designed to make accounting as easy and non-technical as possible. What it means is that you don't need to have some degree or certificate in accounting to operate the accounting software. Even some basic knowledge of book-keeping is sufficient. That means you or your employee can do the necessary book-keeping for your hair salon.

Enhanced Security


As a business owner, you want to keep a lot of things private. Your ex-employee or competitors may use vital business details such as vendors, customers, or purchases. Unsurprisingly, a paper account is easily readable by anyone. But with accounting software, you can set passwords to your accounts. You can also limit what parts of your business accounts are accessible by whom.

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For instance, your New York outlet cannot access the accounts of the Chicago Outlet. Likewise, only you can access the Final Accounts of your business.

High Level of Accuracy


You might be a legend in calculations of large numbers. But this is hardly going to help in keeping all your accounts up-to-date. A single accounting transaction involves entries in at least two accounts. So, Accounting is much more than calculations. Accounting Software keeps all the necessary entries and book-keeping procedures accurate. They will never miss updating a single account. Not even by mistake.

Automatic Invoicing


Invoices are a really important document for your hair salon. They initiate the payment process from your customers. Making invoices manually is very time-consuming. Moreover, if you made a mistake, it may result in losses for your salon, or you may even face legal consequences.

Accounting software such as Online Check Writer offers to create automatic invoices. Thus you will save a lot of time and your hair salon will look more professional.

Proper Monitoring of Finances


Accounting software helps you to keep track of all the bills in your hair salon. Thus you know how much you are paying every day, every week, and every month. You can easily figure out which expenses are unnecessary. Thus accounting software makes it easy for you to keep a check on overspending and misuse of finances.

Helps your Hair Salon with IRS


Dealing with taxes is already very cumbersome. You have to go through all your business spending and expenses. You keep matching incomes with the expenses. And a tiny mistake can even land you in legal trouble.

Having accurate and up-to-date accounting records, systematic financial statements, and reports sure does help a lot at the time of filing taxes. Some software also offers to calculate the tax amount automatically.

Integrated Payment System


Good accounting software offers not just an accounting solution to your hair salon. It’s a complete package. Take Online Check Writer, it’s a complete payment solution for your hair salon. It has all the features that your business needs, such as unlimited check printing, ACH payments, Accounts receivable management, Invoicing, Payroll Processing, automatic bill payment, and a lot more.

Operating Cost benefits


Accounting software helps you save a lot of costs. The cost that you would otherwise be spending on hiring extra staff, accountant fees, report creations, and paperwork. It automatically updates the effects of any business transaction across all the accounts. Naturally, this results in saving time as well. The time that you can otherwise utilize in focusing on your business goals. Thus, not only an accounting software helps in saving costs, But it also helps you to improve your overall productivity.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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