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A Trucking Company Played Me Like a Fool

Went through the entire hiring process of a reputable trucking company.


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Imagine a credible trucking company hired you and provided the good news that you're traveling nearly 600 miles to Gary Indiana for free CDL training. And, after you've completed training, you'll become a flatbed delivery driver making 40 - 100 thousand dollars a year. Now imagine that driving 18 wheelers was a passion of yours and you were extremely excited about a career change, especially when you've been making $17 an hour at your current job and couldn't afford a decent house or apartment in the Northern Virginia area. Your luck seems like it's about to change. Now imagine a trucking company, at the last minute when you're under a week away from flying out to your training, fires you. They take you through an obstacle course for nearly four months to get the job, get your hopes up really high, and then shut the door in your face just when you're about to walk in. I'm sure this trucking company is laughing their butts off at me. Lol!

But it's ok, I'm sure I wasn't the only job candidate who has had a problem with trucking companies that waits until you've purchased a plane ticket for hundreds of dollars, bought new work gear (nearly $1000 in cost; it's wintertime), and allows you to tell all your friends and family the good news and then kills your spirit at the last minute. Right?

I mean, the trucking company actually gave me a list of steps to take in the hiring process. They told me that in order to proceed with one step, the step before it had to be done. And, buying a plane ticket was required to obtain important information regarding my hotel stay and shuttle. They sold me into believing I was actually going to Gary, Indiana for training as if they've fully completed my background check and I was in the clear - bummer.

The frustration

After having positive, enjoyable conversations with a recruiter at Roehl transport and going through the process of getting a DOT screening, having a medical staff member cut three pieces of my hair out for a more thorough drug screening, studying for my CDL permit day and night for months, waiting in a DMV line for hours to take the CDL permit test, and filling out and signing tons of paperwork for new job hire, Roehl Transport tells me that after talking with a former employee they don't feel like I'd be a good fit for their company. Well, why tell me this bad news when I've already prepared for out-of-town training, and I'm just five days away from flying out of Virginia, which you approved? There's no reason why a company that has been around since 1962 should've been so irresponsible and make the mistake of not notifying a job candidate at least one month in the hiring process if they aren't a right fit for the position, especially based on past job history investigation. Why call job references one week before the candidate is flying out? I know the company knows better; they know the possibility of leading someone down a heartbreak path like they lead me on, was likely. My Roehl Transport review is simple: they played me like a fool.

Now I'm stuck returning all of the items I bought from Amazon for the trip to Indiana for CDL license training. And because I bought my ticket from Delta Airlines, after canceling the trip, I was only given company credits for a future flight that I have to use within a year. My family is disappointed. I'm disappointed. And Roehl, well, Christine and I had a good relationship, but because whatever a former employee told them, she just switched her good attitude towards me like night and day.

I didn't even get a chance to defend myself. She gave me a number to a manager, who I called, but it has been almost a week since I left them a message and they still haven't called me back. My work history isn't severe to a point where a job would totally just disregard me as a human being. Well, unless it was during my time working for Coca-Cola Consolidated. Lol! Oh boy!

Roehl Transport likely denied my employment based on my termination from Coca Cola Consolidated

Well, first let me start by saying that the negative experiences with Coca-Cola Consolidated stemmed from my lack of training. They threw me out as a merchandiser before I was ready and it showed. However, I have to say that Coca-Cola gave me three chances before they terminated me. But the disappointment that really struck me the hardest was the day that Coca-Cola Consolidated fired me was the day that I figured out how to do my job properly and I was ready to transform into a better worker. Darn it! Lol! I was too late.

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I worked for Coca-Cola Consolidated for about 6 months before my end. My flaws were working too slowly, not organizing the product correctly, and talking improperly to store managers. I'm almost certain that the reason why I was denied employment to Roehl was because of my conversations with store managers as a merchant for Coca-Cola.

Never in my life had I been talked to so disrespectfully by a human being. I mean, the store managers at grocery stores are so disrespectful you start thinking about the movie Scarface, visualizing gruesome scenes inside of your head - "say hello to my little friend!" It was bad. And I wasn't prepared to deal with such ignorance. With the harsh demands came long prolonged thoughts on how to overcome these small-brain people. And with that extensive time, it took me out of my comfort zone to work effectively and efficiently as a merchandiser that required concentration when dealing with organizational activities around the clock - stocking shelves and stacking pallets with products.

Store managers reported me quite often to management for talking back and at times their disrespect of demands would be so potent that it felt like they physically wounded me. It was like the part! of m! e as a person/worker that gave me the skill and strength to do my job to perfection was dying a little every day I had to deal with grocery store managers. But luckily I continued to improve my work ethic and skill but it was too late, unfortunately. But at times I was slow and disoriented.

Surely, Coca-Cola responded to Roehl's question about "why I was terminated from the company" with "because of his aggressive response to disrespectful grocery store managers" (but not in those words, obviously). Lol! And Roehl felt as though I would carry that same attitude with me to their company. Fair enough. But if Roehl will call me back and let me explain, I can give them a better understanding of the predicament that I was in. If they're taking Coca-Cola's word without giving me a chance to defend myself then it's likely that Roehl Transport staff goes through the same type of disrespect when picking up loads from warehouses. So, maybe I dodged a bullet.

Just in case you're wondering, here is a list of some of the items I bought to prepare to drive tractor-trailers for the winter (clothing and shoes for truckers)

In addition, I bought other flannel shirts, wool socks, hygiene items for the hotel stay, a travel bag, and more.

Roehl's decision was respected

I totally understand that Roehl has a company to protect and hiring a person with a history of talking back to the disrespectful demands of clients isn't accepted. Although I wasn't trained to understand my job to a point where I can respond to disrespectful demands properly, I should've approached the rude situation differently. Because of my mistake, it cost me a great opportunity with Roehl Transport, unfortunately.

The time of the hiring process when Roehl decided to reveal the bad news regarding employment history was not respected

However, Roehl was in the wrong just as I was with Coca-Cola Consolidated. Roehl Transport lifted my spirits for four months as I expected to join their team after working as a delivery driver making 17/hr, and shot me down like a dog in the street. If only Roehl ran a full background check in the first stage of the hiring process, surely they wouldn't have killed a full uplifted spirit that was also included with happiness from friends and family. Just based on the order Roehl conduct the hiring process that unfortunately makes candidates prepare for a trip hundreds of miles away (spending tons of money and time) before running an employment background check ( a week before flying out) tells me that Roehl will rub your past mistakes in your face to make you suffer some more for your screw up. What a piggybacker. Lol!

Roehl Transport review from me isn't pretty. I just hope that others who apply for Roehl Transport suggest to them to run the employment history at the beginning of the hiring prices so that they do not get played as I did. I forgot all about my Coca-Cola Consolidated termination and I had no idea that it will come back to bite me in the buttocks. I didn't realize how serious that particular termination was for my future. I guess Coca-Cola left out the part when speaking with Roehl that they used on-the-job trainers who couldn't speak good English to train me. Oh boy!

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