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A Sound Life Calls For Positive Behaviours


The first part of human life is that when human lacks with quality of judgement. What he sees, hear, and listen, he embraces it without investigating. Owing to observing at an early age, a human develops his behaviours. These behaviours can be good or bad.

Different Stages of Life:

Life has different stages; in one stage, human life under the umbrella of his parents. Afterwards, he gets freedom from this umbrella. In different situations of life, we react according to the nurturing of our behaviour. According to Shakespeare, life is a theatre, and we are here to perform our role in life. We decide the behaviour of a person when he discusses his personal affairs with us. When we investigate his life, we find that he adopted those behaviours at an early age.

We adopted so many forms of behaviour when he had not the quality to judge what is right or wrong. Now we have to focus on our behaviour and flourish what is good and avoid what is wrong in our behaviour.

Some Negative Forms of Behaviour:

Criticising is one of the most dangerous negative behaviours. Keep this behaviour away from your life; otherwise, it will lead you to disastrous consequences. The majority of people uses all their abilities in searching for the weaknesses of other people. This behaviour might cause your loneliness in the future. Moreover, disgracing other people is terrible behaviour that keeps you away from happiness. Furthermore, this kind of behaviour is against the quality of a great leader.

Not trying to learn new things is also lousy behaviour. Living a life without purpose is such a horrible mistake. Keep this behaviour away from your life. Do not lead your life on a dark path.

Why Improvement is necessary for Behaviours?

Make a list of your behaviours and try to cover five incidents a day. For instance, write down your reaction when someone breaks the glass of your window. Cover 30 to 35 behaviours of your life and make a critical analysis of them. Afterwards, improve what should be improved in your life. Set aside some harmful behaviours and develop beneficial behaviours instead. This habit will lead you to a high level of success in life. Otherwise, your life will be destroyed for good.

Brightest Behaviours of History:

There are many graceful behaviours in the history of mankind. Due to following those behaviours, we can transform our lives in a significant way. Analyzing the examples of great personality such as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Jack Ma is a great way to adopt positive behaviour. Inspiration from such personalities can give the right direction in life.

Do Not Be Hypocritical with Yourself:

Forgiveness therapy is a great way to release stress and eliminate anxiety, but unfortunately, we do this exercise with complete or partial hypocrisy. Many times, we forgive another person, but we grow malice inside our heart about him. We think this is dangerous for the person who is the enemy. We are wrong. Malice is dangerous for no one but our selves. Keep this bloody thing away. Otherwise, it will let you alone face profound consequences.

According to modern science, greed is such behaviour that harms your overall reputation and health. Undoubtedly, we believe that greed is a curse, but we do not realize that we are growing the attribute of greediness in our life. This ignorance can destroy our prettiest life. Be honest and be helpful to others; it will help you in a significant way in the future.

Some Methods for Positive Change in Behaviour:

According to your behaviours, you can apply some critical steps in your life for the better result in your future.

  1. Make yourself beneficial for others.
  2. Keep yourself away from greed, malice, and harmful effects of society.
  3. Be Honest, at least with yourself.
  4. Try to enjoy the beauty of life.
  5. Help those who did not help you.
  6. Do not try to judge others without any reason.
  7. Get inspiration from successful personalities.
  8. Know the value of life.
  9. Give your life the right direction.
  10. Upgrade yourself and try to become better than ever before.

Select any three of your chosen methods, and you will become a successful person in life. It is up to you to change your life. In conclusion, make a list of behaviours of that person you want to be. Afterwards, ask yourself about the goal you want to achieve and live a remarkable life.


Viper Tracy on April 03, 2021:

Good and motivational article

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