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A Recipe for Success: Minding Your Own Business

I always — yes, always — have articles to write.

So I end up thinking and rethinking the subject of the articles I need to write. As a result, I have the inherent nature of minding my own business.

And unfortunately, I can come across as distant and unsociable. Others also think I’m unfriendly and I’m anti-people. [I have an INFJ personality (INFJ-T personality).]

I’m actually not. I’m just here — minding my own business.

I didn't think much of this before. But, I learned it's an advantage. Because I have a penchant for minding my own business, I learned I have better odds of success.

The History of Minding Your Own Business

The phrase "mind your own business" ("mind your own" or "MYOB") is a common idiomatic expression that means to focus on one's affairs and not interfere in the affairs of others.

It is a way of telling someone to stop prying on the personal matters of others or giving unsolicited advice.

Often, people use the phrase "mind your own business" casually or humorously. But they also turn to tell someone to respect boundaries and privacy.

In some situations, it's a way of protecting oneself from unnecessary conflict or stress.

How Minding Your Own Business Sets You Up for Success

Minding your own business can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. It allows you to focus on your own goals and priorities (rather than being distracted by the affairs of others).
  2. It can help you to avoid unnecessary conflict or drama, as you are not getting involved in the affairs of others.
  3. It can help you to develop self-discipline and self-control, as you are not giving in to the temptation to interfere in the affairs of others.
  4. It can help you to build and maintain healthy relationships, as people are more likely to respect you if you respect their boundaries.
  5. It can help you to be more productive, as you can focus on your work and responsibilities without being distracted by the affairs of others.

Fun Fact: The Mind Your Business Coin

People may know The Fugio Cent as The Franklin Cent. It's a type of coin produced by the United States in 1787.

It was the first official coin produced in the United States. And Benjamin Franklin designed it.

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The Fugio Cent is an essential part of American numismatic history. It explains why it's highly sought after by collectors.

The Fugio Cent is a copper coin that features the image of a sundial on one side, with the words "Fugio" (meaning "I fly") and "Mind Your Business" inscribed around the edge. The other side of the coin features a circle of 13 linked rings, symbolizing the 13 original colonies, with the words "We Are One" inscribed around the edge.

The Fugio Cent came in relatively small numbers, and as a result, it is now quite rare and valuable. Often, you can find it in numismatic exhibits and collections.

5 Tips to Help You Mind Your Own Business

Here are some tips for minding your own business:

  1. Respect others' boundaries and privacy: Recognize that everyone has the right to private thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Avoid prying into the personal matters of others or giving unsolicited advice.
  2. Focus on your own goals and priorities: It's easy to get distracted by the affairs of others, but stay focused on your own goals and priorities. Set boundaries for yourself and make time for the things that are important to you.
  3. Avoid gossip and rumormongering: Gossip and rumormongering can create unnecessary drama and conflict. Avoid engaging in these behaviors and instead focus on your affairs.
  4. Practice self-control: It can be tempting to get involved in the affairs of others, especially if you feel strongly about a particular issue. But practice self-control and resist the temptation to interfere.
  5. Seek support if needed: If you're struggling with "minding your own business," it can be helpful to talk to a trusted friend or family member or seek support from a mental health professional.

A Funny Story about Minding Your Own Business

One funny story about minding your own business involves a nosy neighbor who always seemed to be poking her nose into the affairs of others. She would often stand at her window and watch as her neighbors came and went, and she was always quick to offer unsolicited advice and opinions on any topic.

One day, the nosy neighbor was staring through her window when she noticed her neighbor across the street was having a garage sale. The nosy neighbor couldn't resist the temptation to go over and take a look.

And before she knew it, she rummaged through the neighbor's things and offered her opinions on everything (from the price of the items to their condition).

As the nosy neighbor was busy minding her neighbor's business, she didn't notice that her front door had been left open.

Suddenly, she heard a loud crash and turned to see that her prized collection of porcelain figurines had been knocked over and shattered on the floor.

Here's the moral: Mind your own business because you never know when you might be too busy poking your nose into someone else's affairs to notice what's happening in your backyard!


I have comments on how other people live their lives — another reason I remind myself to mind my own business. I don’t want to give unsolicited advice unless they ask for it.

I mean, I feel like I know better. But I also know that how people choose to live their lives is none of my business.

So here I am — minding my own business.

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