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A Proven Way to Build Good Habits

Let's develop a new habit

Developing good habits. Where are we now?

Hi, myself Deepa...
Today we are going to discuss a step-by-step procedure to develop a new habit.

First thing is, you need to make a list of which all habits you have, which all habits you want to add, and which all habits you want to eliminate from your life. As I state every time, we need to be aware of our current situation, before taking any action to improve it further.

It is applicable, not only for developing a new habit but also for any new enhancements to make in your life. Say if you want to study a new subject, then also we need to find our current position.

Defining a time and location to the HABIT

Now you have to present the habit, that you need to develop, a time and location... Say for example, if you need to start doing exercises, then instead of saying that you will do exercise from tomorrow, you need to establish it specifically, like I will do exercise every morning at 6 AM, for 15 or 30 mins, at the gym/home

Habit Stacking

The next one is called 'habit stacking' i.e., pairing your new habit, with your current habit... eg: After Brushing (current habit), I will work out (new habit) every day in the morning...Or say, After Dinner, I will wash the dishes and clean the countertop...Brushing and having Dinner is already an established habit that, we are joining the new habits...

Thus we are defining the new habit using habit stacking, another example being - After I return home from the office, I workout

Make changes to your Environment

Next is changing your environment to support your new habit. If you continuously see something, then remembering the same is easy, and thus habit associated with that can be easily be formed.

So if you want to develop the habit of drinking water more often, then you need to fill up the bottles and keep them at places where you can see them all the time. The same goes with habits like
1. start studying something or
2. read books,
Then that needs to be visible. Again, if you need to write or plan, then you need to keep your planner/diary in places, where you can see & use it immediately...

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Temptation Bundling

Now next is, as I mentioned Habit Stacking, this is Temptation Building... that is to tempt yourself. Say you love to check Facebook, but if you set a rule that I will check FB, only after my kitchen work is over in the morning, then you are using temptation bundling to develop a habit that you need, by bundling it with a habit you want i.e., you are defining a habit you want( to have dinner ) along with a habit that you need to (will read 2 pages of a book)

Consistency Is the Key

Next is we need to work towards consistency. Important thing is to develop a habit; improving the same can be done at a later stage. The importance is to do the exercise every day - it can be half an hour or 10 minutes. Doing it every day is the key.

Consistent on what you do, will help to establish a habit - how much is not important at this point. Are you doing it every day? is the question. Improvements can be made after the habit is established.

Using a Habit Tracker

Next is to track your progress using a HABIT TRACKER. this will help to motivate yourself. For anything you do, if you track the progress, then there is the possibility to get motivated; if you are on the right track and the other hand you can review what is going wrong if you are not on the track.


Don't give up

At some point, there may arise emergencies and we may lose track. So this lack of perfection or the break that happened, in developing our habit, may pull back and we may feel demotivated... So don't force yourself to be perfect in everything... Successful people will bounce back, soon after the emergency and that is what we have to do...

if we are forced to stop, what we are developing, please bounceback, as soon as possible and don't get demotivated due to the mindset that you were not able to be perfect. By making tiny changes every day, you can develop a new habit and these are the points I took from the Book - Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I cannot discuss everything here, so you can try reading the book for more insight. It speaks about tiny changes every day, consistently... I'm trying some of the points effectively in my life and thought to share those with you as well.

if you find this useful, consider supporting it. See you soon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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