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A Pet Grooming Career

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Ms. Millar has owned and operated a pet grooming business in California along with writing here on Hubpages for years with great success!


Your Innate Ability

Do you get along with animals easily? Do you have an innate feeling of comradery with animals you meet?

Some people aren't animal people. It's really no fault of their own, animals just don't fit with their personality.

Then, there are others who have had a bad experience with animals. Maybe with a dog bite, cat scratch or intimidating family pet. They have been left with adverse feelings towards animals.

These people would be best off looking for a different career path that doesn't involve animals.

Those people that find, without even trying, animals are attracted to them and they feel good with their furry friends for company, are the perfect candidates for a grooming career.

Truly enjoying all breeds of cats and dogs, plus a healthy dose of patience, is the main criteria a person needs to posses for a job like this.

Australian Shepherd Before & After


The Pet Industry

The pet industry is booming! There's no doubt about that. Dogs and cats have always been the most common companions for humans. And that doesn't look like it is going to change anytime soon.

Millions of dollars are spent each year on pampering pets. Pet treats, toys, apparel and grooming are all on the hot list for pets.

If you naturally connect well with animals this is a career option for you.

United States Spending On Pets

Consumers in the United States, collectively, do not speed hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars on pet supplies, but billions of dollars, each year, on their pets!

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According to, a Germany based company that specializes in market and consumer data research, reports that in the U.S. consumer spending in the pet industry rose from 17 billion in 1994 to a whopping 99 billion in 2020!

There is a massive amount of money being spent on pets in the U.S. and there is still a need for pet services. There is a shortage of people grooming pets, pet sitting services, exercisers, and more.

The pet industry pie is huge. There's plenty of pie for anyone with some skill and desire to slice a piece off for themselves.

Toy Poodle Before & After

Toy Poodle Before & After


If you haven't been trained in the art of pet grooming, or find yourself learning how to groom from work experience, there are several schools ready to teach you.

Pet grooming school can be pricey. They can be short term (merely weeks to be certified) to months or a year. There is no regulation, or entity these schools need to answer to.

If you do opt for a grooming school do inquire whether you will receive certification or not. Some schools do not offer certification so ask. You may want to make an internet search to determine if your particular school is recognized by anyone in the grooming industry.

The only certificate that resonates with people in the grooming industry is the Master Groomer certificate. Anything less than this certification holds little respect.

You do not need to be a certified Master Groomer to succeed in the pet grooming industry.

Before & After

Before & After

Certified or Not Certified You Can Make a Great Groomer

For now, pet groomers do not need to be certified to groom animals. Unfortunately this lack of requirement attracts unethical people that have no business touching someone's pet let alone grooming it!

Fortunately, the few people that are only seeing dollar signs as a groomer are weeded out rather quickly. Pet owners can see a poor grooming job straight away. Pet grooming is a career you build with your reputation.

If people mentioned above work for a pet shop or pet center of some sort word-of-mouth will identify the shop and clients will have their pet groomed elsewhere. You can't hide poor work in this industry.

On the other hand, you can build a strong grooming business, or groom for a business, certified or not, with great success if you are meticulous with your work, educate yourself by searching and studying pet groomer techniques and tutorials, and do your very best work cleaning and clipping pets!

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